Sat 16/1/2021 – Message drop in & Micro-Code

16th January 2021 1 By SoulLee Connected

Feeling many collectively holding on to that which is wanting to be released. Its like a battle between the old and the new, between freedom and the familiar. Ways of being, thinking, doing wanting to shift into a great ease of flow, allowing a space of being open to your intuitive flow vs the mental mind track.

Many holding what they carried from last year and this will be brought up and shaken this month of January, as well as some very ancient ways of being as a planet, playing out especially on the world stage. In this case remember to hold your peace within, hold your ships course so as not to allow it to get sucked into that which is playing out, that which is really not yours. Be the calm. Remember for those that are empathic to check what is yours and what is not you maybe carrying.

If you would like the Disconnection wording to disengage from all that is not yours whether from another or Collective, drop me a message in the Contact Lee form and I will send to you.

I see this resistance showing up as pockets of density/blocks along the physical spinal column. It is presenting as snake like, wrapping around the spinal column, restriction. It is restriction of the self that wishes to spread its wings, to soar, to be in and experience greater flow and ease.

Use this micro code to assist you if you feel called to. Allow your eyes to softly focus on the Code. Feel as if you are breathing it in to your heart space on your inhale, do this a few times, close your eyes and see its frequency run as a column of white and pink light the length of your spinal column. Ground it to the earth if you feel guided. At the same time you might like to allow it to sit as a ball of light gently pulsing in your heart space. Be your own guide to any sensations, emotions and intuitive nudges.

Much Love xxx