A message for all 30/12/21

30th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Each and every one of you have released, shifted, lifted and chosen to be even better versions of the magic that you were already this year. Whether you feel it, or not yet, see the effects of it in your reality, or not yet KNOW that you have moved through some incredible growth, empowered and expanded in ways you aren’t and won’t be able to be fully aware of, but know this, you will come into a space that all that you have moved through this year will be felt in every cell and fibre of your being. You Divine ones are magical beyond your human comprehension.
This message comes incase you’ve forgotten and especially for those that may be deep within the human earth experience, to remind you of what Source sees, that which you are, Love in physical form. Know the blessing you are. 🙏💫