27th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

This code is filled with such high frequency light, there is so much information streaming in with this one that the mind cannot hold or grasp, it bypasses it. It is directly connecting with the Divine spark/light within you, thus words to attempt to humanly describe only serve to take away from it. Use this Divinity Code throughout this 2022 year if you feel you need a ‘light burst’ to fill your cup and remind you of the powerful light within you, the powerful love that you are and are always connected to. The Divine Self.

If you feel drawn to this beauty message me. Exchange is only $22AUD, digital copy emailed, to make it more accessible to all. If printing, lamination and postage are required add $12AUD within Australia or $37AUD outside of Australia/International.

Please do not share, copy or download unless exchange has been made to honour and respect my work and the Codes Light.

Much Love, Lee. xxx

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