Head & Heart Unity

16th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Worrying what others will think of your choices, your uniqueness, your goals and ideas, your beliefs comes through today with the message to keep following your heart as when we feel we may be judged or are being judged the mental mind can easily come in and start running the show bringing forth all the little reasons the ego creates of why we can’t, wont, aren’t good enough, and that it’s so much easier to just stay as you are, to not open or shine as it feels safe and comfortable and others feel comfortable with you staying put as it suits them or allows them to feel comfortable to stay also (not everyone).

Keep working towards what enriches you, keep stepping out and trusting yourself, testing the waters, its okay to come back in to shore and gather yourself your thoughts and integrate the learning you have just experienced, bit by bit you are doing it with each expanded thought, decision, choice, expression and action is creating and moving you forwards. Soul seeks greater freedom for you, expansion, Soul wants to express who it is who you are in all its/your beauty, your magic. Trust you are being closely guided for you are. Again the days the moments that don’t feel so great are okay, allow the step back, allow the space to move through it, allow the integration time of the work you have been moving through for you need to pause. Keep working on changing those little ingrained routines and old ways that fill your days but don’t allow for anything new, that keep you within the same old same old. Be aware at this time of the ways the Universe is telling you something isn’t working anymore, that doesn’t fit with who you are and are becoming, that is not in alignment anymore, we are being lovingly shown all the time as we keep stepping up what we have moved beyond. Baby steps, little changes as you work to keep shifting out of the old and into a more expanded and newer expression of who you are. So exciting as so so many of you have been shifting in the most powerful ways you are starting to feel and see the flow on of your efforts.

The head and the heart want to come into greater unity to not be seen as two separate entities but to come into a greater ‘marriage’. This is not ignoring what the mind, the ego brings up for us but no allowing it to run the show completely either for it can be such a saboteur and procrastinator, but our minds of course serve us in many positive ways also. We want it to feel more comfortable and open to greater connection with the heart so we have our wisdom activated and our love activated merging together. From this space making our choices and decisions, taking actions steps, or guidance to wait, pause, reflect a little longer and/or await more information. When they are more connected and in flow with each other we feel more supported, grounded, centred and solid, safe in our choices.

With Love xxx

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