A Welcome Message of Love

6th January 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message received this afternoon spoke of the greater freedom that we are all going to feel this year, hallelujah say all so be it. This greater connection to and sense(ing) of freedom comes as we are now more than ever aware that holding onto and repeating what we know on all levels does not serve us, we have learnt this like never before over the last few years. That which keeps us restricted and within the old patterns within our lives, that does not allow room for expansion, opening and greater love to be embodied is not what we want now or going forward. For we are all ready to move into higher levels of Light, of Love, we continue this process of transformation. These last few years have felt to many isolating, separating, they have brought to the surface deep grief connected with this current or past lifetimes of abandonment, limitation, lack of love, support, connection, unworthiness to name a few. The Divines message here is that you are through the thick of it, this year will be lighter, it does not mean we all wont have our things to work through and that there will be a lot collectively that is revealed, Mother Earth is still shifting, and we continue to see this play out, but it will be and feel lighter within your heart. (This is the best way I can describe what I am being shown and sensing/feeling from this message).

Continue to take opportunity within all to come into the heart as this will serve you well this year, continuing to act, speak and listen from and through the heart space, your space of connection with All there is, with the Angels, Archangels who are very much present with us. For those that work or are of service within any form of energy work, Light work be aware (and this is not to be alarmed for there is light and dark in all) that keeping your energy clear and using your sacred tools and practices will serve you well to not allow yourself to get depleted as this is when the ‘dark’ can find its way in and cause a little mischief. This will be important this year to many

Left hand on your heart, right hand over left, say –

“I (say your name) choose, I magnify in 2023 the creation of Joy”.

“I (say your name) choose, I embrace love in every challenge and within every triumph”.

After you say each line take a nice deep breath into those words and see them expanding as light being blasted through your entire being, your entire body and out around and through your auric field.

With Love to all xxx

(Image courtesy of Unsplash.com)