Observe & Choose

26th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep observing and practicing keeping judgement at bay, notice when it arises and catch yourself, it is so easy for the mind to slip into being critical or judgemental without you realising it but you are becoming more Intune with the energy of judgement and so are able to recognise it and make choice from that point at a much quicker pace. Continue to question your perception and notice feel into where it is birthed from, love or fear? Is it seeing through the eyes of the ego, the wounded child/self and if so can you intentionally choose to bring in love to soothe it in that moment of awareness. That is where your power lies, now.

Keep choosing your inner journey, your beautiful unfolding into greater levels of Love, Light and harmony to be the priority in your life. The mental mind is being illuminated, it is powerful, a powerful creator so again observe, be aware of you with all your senses and how your thoughts are being received within, what are you creating, what are you allowing to be present, what are you giving power to, what are you choosing, what stories are you running? Are they past or future, bring them back to the now, allow your focus to be here dear heart.

With absolute love, Lee xxx

(Image courtesy of unknown)