About Me..

Hi I’m Lee,

I have always, from as young as I can remember, been on a ‘spiritual journey’ seeking more knowledge and understanding, connecting to what sits as truth to me within my heart.

As a little girl I always had a strong belief, a fascination, that when we pass that is not the ‘end’ for us. 

Devouring any books I could get my hands on, from Spirits and Ascension, to the Maya, Incas, Ancient Egyptian afterlife beliefs. I joined intuitive development groups to expand my abilities as a teen.

It was when I received the message to start meditating that I really found a way of connecting in to the stillness within me, and this is where I found my deep connection to my inner being and to Spirit. Opening my channels.

It was the quick traumatic passing of my father from lung cancer that was the catalyst to put myself out there, to be my authentic self, to live my authentic truth. And for that I am forever grateful.

I have a very deep connection with all animals and nature. I am a certified Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Reader, qualified Reiki II Practitioner and at the end of 2019 reconnected with my ability of being a Light Code energy holder, transmitter/creator. This is my passion, my calling! Working through my heart to bring through these powerful Light Codes to assist others to shine their Light.

With the highest and greatest love and blessings,  Lee xx