Control or Flow?

19th September 2021 1

We are being guided to see where we may be still trying to control, trying to hold on to or direct the outcome of a situation, another person within a relationship, a plan, to be what we want, how we think it should be rather than how it is wanting to flow and appear naturally…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep the Dream Alive

17th September 2021 0

A strong profound flow of love sweeps around us today, and when I feel in to it its message is not give up, lose hope or feel into despair within all that is occurring within the world, for that would be easy to do at times, yes?! This is the exact message today that what…

By SoulLee Connected

Choosing the Heart

15th September 2021 0

Keep consciously stepping along your path holding greater awareness to your choices, actions, thoughts and words so they can best align with your heart. Bringing your conscious awareness to your choices in each moment to pause and feel into the reactions and thoughts that come up within you in your day within certain situations, people,…

By SoulLee Connected

Focus, Rise & Throat Chakra

14th September 2021 0

Be open to receive today, there is an influx of light that has come to support all, you may feel an heightening, an expansion today of your senses. The messages, your intuition may be clearer as you receive this light blast of love. Connect to your spiritual self, your inner light and you may feel…

By SoulLee Connected