Honouring the Self – New Moon

6th September 2021 0

Mindfulness of the ‘themes’ that are playing out within those you connect with today and through this week. For this is what is really popping its head up for you to look at, to either practice standing in your power (in love) and new way of being, taking all you have learned and integrated and…

By SoulLee Connected

Fathers Day

5th September 2021 0

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia so this can be a day of really varying emotions. Celebration for some that spend the day with their fathers in love, those not being able to celebrate and see their father due to our lockdowns at present, those that no longer like me have their fathers walking the…

By SoulLee Connected

The Inner Child

3rd September 2021 0

The inner child comes in loud and strong today and she asks us to look within and feel into the heart, for many the heart is holding from childhood that hasn’t been expressed or released. Are there unresolved, unspoken, unvoiced emotions that may have been surfacing within other experiences lately? Our wounding’s from childhood can…

By SoulLee Connected

Love is at the core of ALL

2nd September 2021 0

Today some of you may be feeling as if you have been thrown into the washing machine, some within a heavy duty wash cycle and some a gentle wash. A sea of rising and mixed emotions, old stuff surfacing, the old stuff you yes yet again thought you had dealt with. BUT and there is…

By SoulLee Connected