Head over Trust?

30th August 2021 0

’Brain/head feeling a bit full today, got a lot running around in the mental mind? Take a step back and ease up on yourself don’t push to get all the things done you feel obligated to do or at least look at what is really necessary and what can actually be left to another day.…

By SoulLee Connected


28th August 2021 0

The image of the waves washing up onto the shore and then being taken back out again. This is what we are being guided to do with our emotions, our inner realm. To allow things to arise and present themselves whether joy, peace, anger, doubt, allow them to wash in and rise up to our…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Trusting – Todays Message

27th August 2021 0

Responsibility for how our life is in the present and how it is unfolding, radical acceptance of the self just as it is, without judgement. If you have been mentally held within a voice of doubt lately around your abilities, your ability to bring forth and follow your souls light then prepare for this to…

By SoulLee Connected


26th August 2021 0

Freedom, a word that holds so very much around it at present. I am not going to play into talking about the current issues that have tested our own meaning of freedom deep within, and that which has played both in our inner and outer worlds. The message today is about continuing to find your…

By SoulLee Connected