How Do I Know if a Code is For Me?

How do I tell if a particular Light Code is for me or not?

Each individual Light Code holds its own unique vibrational frequencies. When you focus on a particular Code your energy connects to it for a moment, it offers an energetic ‘’invitation’’ and it is in this moment that you may perhaps feel the connection if it is for you, or not.

This may be in the form of an emotional reaction, a body sensation, a tingling. Or you may feel it activate a particular chakra (energy centre), so for example a stirring in the solar plexus or tingling on top of your head, the Crown. Perhaps even you may feel a bit light headed or dizzy, or it may be a deep unexplainable knowing.

Any reaction is an invitation to work with this Code. There is nothing wrong if you do not feel a reaction from a Code it simply means perhaps it is not for you. It is all free will, free choice if you choose to work with a Code or not, it is simply an invitation.

Specific Light Codes come through with many invitations and are usually brought through to assist with things the Collective is feeling at the time. The need is felt and the energetic assistance is brought through. See the Specific Codes brought through so far ”here”.

Personal Light Codes are specifically brought through to work with a particular individuals energy bodies on many deep layers and levels. Therefore, these Light Codes are specific to the individual only and assist and meet with where they are at on their evolutionary journey. Go to the Personal Light Code page ”here”.

Some Codes come through with one invitation only and await their Keeper, the individual who connects with this Code will feel a strong pull to work with it. Visit the Keepers Lounge ”here” to see all Codes currently awaiting their Keeper.