Collective Light Codes

Light Codes hold energy in its highest form, always containing a seed of Light connected with Source. They are energy patterns, a sacred geometry of shape, colour and light frequencies. Brought through with the highest of care, love and pure light.

Collective Codes, unlike Codes that are for one Code Keeper only to specifically work with their energy, come through to assist as many as are willing to connect with them. Collective Codes usually present when their is a need for their energy to assist many in the Collective, and will work with each individuals energetic makeup always for the highest good of the individual.

Like a key for unlocking a door, Light Codes function as an activator, transmitting the encoded light information and frequencies they hold to the many layers and levels of your body, mind and heart systems.

There are three types of Collective Codes available ~

Specific Purpose ~ The Codes in this space have come through to assist with a specific purpose. For example ‘Heart healing’, ‘Releasing what is ready to let go of’. They will work with unique energy of the individual.

Individual Codes ~ These Codes have come through seeking their connection with an Individual Keeper (one person only). They emit a specific signal and their right Keeper will be drawn, feel a pull consciously or even unconsciously but feel magnetically drawn to work with them.

Free Use Codes ~ These Code have come through for all in the Collective to work with freely if drawn to do so. Please honour all Codes you choose to connect to. You may download, share and work freely with, however please credit when sharing through social media or other means.

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