Individual Codes ~ Awaiting their Keeper

The Light Codes in this space are held here awaiting connection to be made with their individual Keeper/s, the individual/s that feel a pull and feel drawn to work and connect with them.

New to energetic Light Codes? Not sure if a Code is for you? ”Click here’ to read more on this to help guide you.

You may or may not ‘feel’ the energy of the Code, or make sense of it, you do not have to, these light encoded bundles of energy are not designed for your rational mind. Know it is being perceived, acknowledged and understood by your higher mind and on a cellular level by your physical body.

There are many ways you can use your Code. Place under your pillow or on a specific part of the body to allow the energies to integrate. They are also perfect to sit with in meditation as this is an optimal space for allowing the energy to activate and integrate. You can use the Code/s as many times as you wish, make copies of them, place in areas you will see them frequently.

You will only receive a portion of the energy (Light) available to you through each Code through the website. This is to protect the Code from being misused (no exchange received/downloaded and not purchased). This portion however should be enough to allow you to feel if you are drawn to purchase a specific Code or not. The full frequencies will be available to you upon purchase.

TRANSFORMATION ~ Powerful phoenix energy woven with sun energy. This baby is going to amp up the transformational energies within and around you. Are you ready? Calls for self responsibility for all that presents. This in no way means that the journey within this Code will be rocky but it will bring to light what is blocking you that is sitting in your immediate field so you can choose to shift and move through it. This is what enables you to get to your next step, next point. Like an energetic kick but of course it is always free will choice to shift or to stay where you are.

What do you receive? ~ A digital copy of your selected Code along with any messages and information that has come through at the time of its creation. This will be emailed to you after purchase. Note that digital images are great for all devices to either use as a screen saver or background image. A laminated A4 or A3 (see sizing below) copy of your Code will be posted to you via Australia Post sent express with tracking no.

Code sizing available – A4 29.7 x 21cms (11.69 x 8.26inches) or A3 29.7 x 42cms (11.69 x 16.53inches)

Interested in purchasing one of the available Codes seen here? Please contact me via the Contact Lee page or CLICK HERE, letting me know which Code you are interested in. I will then forward a PayPal link to you. You can choose to either receive just the digital image or digital along with a printed, laminated and posted copy also. Added cost for postage depends of whether you reside within Australia or International and the size of your Code required.