Welcome to SoulLee Connected

Welcome to SoulLee Connected

Are you wanting to explore your spiritual side?

Do you want to dive in and explore a deeper connection to your inner being but don’t know where to begin, or how on Earth to get started?

I offer sessions that help you to connect with your inner light, to tap into your inner knowing and spiritual guidance. 

Do you want to let go and release old fears and patterns, turn off the mind chatter and disconnect from the to-do lists and daily busyness?

Do you want to learn to love yourself for the magnificent light-being that you truly are?

No matter what your beliefs, be it Guides, Angels, Spirit, The Divine, God, Consciousness (whatever resonates in your heart for you) I welcome you to sit in a safe and supported space.

I welcome you with an open heart. Please have a look around my site, and contact me if you feel drawn to, either for an online Course enquiry, Spiritual Meditation session or Women’s Circle with me; or if you would like a personalised guided meditation recorded for you.

I am working on the Online Courses at the moment. They are designed to assist with forging a deeper connection to self and Spirit.

Love & Blessings

Lee xxx