A Little Introduction to Light Code Activation’s and Light Frequency Coding

A Little Introduction to Light Code Activation’s and Light Frequency Coding

What are They? – Light Codes hold energy in its highest form, always containing a seed of Light connected with Source. They are energy patterns, a sacred geometry of shape, colour and light frequencies. Codes can be channelled to assist the receiver with whatever is needed and relevant for them at the time, to bring forth transformation and growth, always for the receiver’s highest and greatest good. Whether that purpose be for clearing, releasing, integration, transformation, or something else. It is always what is needed in the moment and brought through with absolute unconditional love and Light.

Like a key for unlocking a door, Light Codes function as an activator, transmitting the encoded light information and frequencies they hold to the many layers and levels of your body, mind and heart systems.

It is however always the responsibility of the Light Code receiver to do the work. Your Code will bring things to your attention that are ready or needing to be shifted that do not serve your highest and greatest good. They will be brought to your awareness where needed to be and it is then your free will choice whether you choose to do the work or to ignore it, to connect to what is coming up for release, clearing or activation and at times it may not be a comfortable space to be in. This is the work. This is the work for the Souls growth.

How Do I Work? – I am a Light Code Creator, Transmitter and Transformer. I bring in Light in connection with Source and create a container to hold it so it can be felt and received by others. I collect the energies and transmute them through Code design for a specific purpose.

I co-create through my higher self and higher consciousness as an open channel, working through my heart and solar plexus chakras to bring through unique and specific energetic Light Codes.

Different Types of Codes

Personal Codes ~ Specifically channelled to assist an individual, at the request of the individual. Designed to work with the individual’s unique energy only. These Codes usually bring in messages and guidance specifically pertaining to them alone.

Collective Codes ~ Specifically for the Collective, and usually come to assist what many are dealing with or are having come up at that time energetically.

Specific Codes ~ Brought through to assist with a specific theme. E.g. Heart Connection, Releasing Fears, Ancestral Healing, and so much more. More than one person can use these Codes.

Working with your Code – You may or may not ‘feel’ the energy of the Code, or make sense of it, you do not have to, Codes are not designed for your rational, logical mind. Know it is being perceived, acknowledged and understood by your higher mind and on a cellular level by your physical body. We as humans really have such a limited language and perception, and this is why the logical mind needs to be left out of it and to just allow whatever comes through to be. The more we bring the mental mind into it the more the messages and connection can be skewed.

  • Please honour your Code and place in a space to allow you to see it, to allow it to infuse your space with its unique frequencies. Make copies if you like so you can place in more than one place.
  • Use your Code image as a screen saver or background image on any of your digital devices.
  • Place your Code under your pillow at night to connect with you in the dream space and in the moments just before sleep and upon waking when the conscious mind is at rest.
  • Place your Code on a part of your body, a particular chakra perhaps, wherever you feel drawn to. Allow yourself to be guided intuitively with this, to know what feels right for you.
  • Meditate with your Code, either sitting or lying down as in a meditative state you are at an optimal vibration to activate and integrate the energies within the Code.
  • Most importantly, know there is no right or wrong way to work with your Code. Find what works and feels right for you, this is the key.

The idea is to use ALL your senses to communicate what it is that you are receiving from the Code. How does it make you feel? Does it produce a feeling in the body? What comes into your mind first off without over thinking?

Does it produce any emotions within you? Any sensations, heat, tingles, dizziness, ears ringing? Does it bring your attention to a thought or a point in your body, a specific chakra perhaps? As I said there is no wrong, this is about delving in deeper and connecting with your body and the messages that it is giving you. Opening your intuitive senses even more. The more you use your intuition, like a muscle, the stronger it will become. You are only reconnecting to what you have always had all along.

Be aware you may notice things occurring in your physical experiences and your thoughts the more you work with your Code. Messages, signs, synchronicities, be open to all around you, observe. Some things you may be aware of on a conscious level, some on a subconscious level, all for Divine reason.

Be open, trust what you receive. To truly be able to allow the full potency of any Light Code into your energy field you need to be able to surrender to a deep level of trust. Trust what you receive is right, for it is. Trust your knowing.

You may like to use this process to connect with your Coded Activation

  1. Start by closing your eyes.
  2. Take a long deep breath inwards and try to completely fill your lungs. Holding your breath here for a few seconds (if comfortable to do so) before slowly exhaling long and deep, clearing all the air from your lungs.
  3. Repeat the breathing a few times.
  4. Feel yourself coming into centre within the body and when you feel ready, gently open your eyes.
  5. Allow them to rest lightly on the image of the Code. Allow your eyes to scan over the patterns, shapes and colours. Don’t try to analyse or translate what you see, just observe and be like a sponge, soaking up the encoded frequencies.
  6. Repeat this process as often as you like for as long as you feel drawn to.


These Light encoded artworks are not intended to substitute any professional or medical assistance so please if you are experiencing any form of physical health or mental health condition consider seeking a certified practising professional. By choosing to use these Coded tools You are acknowledging that it is Your choice in the use of Free Will and take responsibility for Yourself and your process.

If you have ANY questions at all please feel free to message me or email me soulleeconnected@gmail.com I am always here to answer anything that comes up for you and to support you on your Light Code journey. Remember there is no such thing as a ’silly question.’

With Love, Light and Blessings to you ~ Lee xxx