Personal Light Codes & Personal Light Code & Reading Packages

2023 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Ya know my higher guidance was Deep deep…, uplifting, inspiring, supportive, a flow tears that can fill an ocean floor and so much more… ~ Tina P – USA

2020 – 2023 Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Thank you my Dear Lee, You have created a safe and loving space for me to clear limiting beliefs and remember who I am for the past three years. Your codes are powerful and your Higher guidance reading packages are always in alignment for me at that time. I recommend Lee to everyone seeking the truth. You are a blessing to your community. ~ Amanda – Trinidad and Tobago

2022 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Hello dear Lee, I have honestly been blown away with all the information, codes and messages that came through. Wow! My tears are still flowing. This is a true Gift from God. I still feel it resonating in my entire being. The energy is shifting.  I have no words to describe to you how grateful I am for this Divine reading Lee. So much falls into place right now. I’m gonna take these days trying to let it all slowly sink in. I’m still speechless Lee. I can’t thank you enough for using your Gifts and being this beautiful open channel and bringing through the Spirit of God, my inner Child, My higher Self and even my Grandmother. ~ Anne, The Netherlands

2022 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

There’s so much to say about Lee and her powerful work that she offers to the world. I will be quite frank and say, “Yes, it IS an investment that you are making into your current and future life, but it is a worthy investment.” I bought my personal light code with the Higher Guided Reading. I do not trust everyone to read for me as I am a reader as well, but I was guided to Lee, and now, I know why. She has such a gentle, yet powerful warrior spirit, and she truly listens to the guidance that’s being offered through her. I’m writing this testimonial about 2 months since I received my package in hand, and my life keeps getting better and better. Part of this evolution is through me just following Lee’s and my Higher Self’s directions to do the inner and outer work. Lee continues to answer any questions that I may have, and I’m truly appreciative. Lee is the TRUTH, and you won’t be disappointed if/when you choose to exchange your money for your investment into a more whole unveiled you. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side.” ~ Natasha, USA

2022 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

I just wanted to tell you that i am so grateful for this reading.  I am so full.  That’s the best way to describe how I feel in this moment.   I have never experienced anything like this, but i knew it was going to be life changing for me.  This experience exceeded my greatest expectations.  Thank you for the gifts, it means so much to me.  It took me all day to get through the entire reading because i had moments that touched me in such a powerful way that all i could do was cry. Thank you for being the vehicle for such a great blessing to my life.  Lyrica ~ MD, USA

June 2022 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Lee, I have been speechless for days since you gave me my reading and light code .  Thank you for everything.   I will be in touch soon. Pamela ~ OH. USA

April 2022 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Ohh, my Dear… your words touched me so much that tears were flowing down my cheeks each time I read it. So much came up and keeps on coming up. Thank you for your time and all your words, nurturing perspectives, and for helping me to connect to a whole new world around “I am already OK/perfect”. You seem to have a very good perception/sensation of what is going on inside of a person and you seem to know what one might need most. I did not expect the Light Codes and my Personal Reading to have such healing power and potential (it seems to be a brilliant technology which bypasses the mind and works all the way to the deepest levels… exactly what I was searching for!:). Petra ~ Slovenia

April 2022 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Greetings Lee, Wow, I am currently speechless and am in awe. My Light Code, wow! Gorgeous. The reading…pure amazing. Thank you again. This is such a blessing and I’m so appreciative to the extra gifts. – A. Rosano – USA 

April 2022 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Thank you! Wow after reading this I feel A-new and Humbled. WOW Still grasping and making this my blueprint towards my Highest self. What an experience, it felt like you were right in front of me. Thanks a million. Deep Bow Lee – Marie L. – USA

March 2022 – Personal Light Code

Hello Beloved Lee! Oh thank you so much for my beautiful Light Codes and messages. You completely understood and expressed the yearning of my Divine Light Being. I’m so happy and grateful!  Receiving your messages and Light Codes have uplifted my Soul! I can’t thank you enough.   You truly are doing Source’s Divine work. Kimberly T. ~ USA

March 2022 – Personal Light Codes

Our Personal Light Codes have joyfully shifted us and consciously moved us to depths and heights our souls have never experienced in this lifetime. You helped us to unlock, surrender, and release old and outdated patterns; while embodying the light and newness of our soul’s journey. We are forever changed Light Beings and for this we wholeheartedly thank you! K. & K. Thomas ~ California, USA

March 2022 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading

Thank you from my deepest heart for such a detailed reading. As I began, I could feel my whole body respond with heightened energy.  I found great resonance in your remarks, as well as what you channeled. Charlene V.G – USA

February 2022 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading

Beautiful Soulful Lee! Thank you so much for my Higher Guidance Reading. I woke this morning to the love filled messages with joyful tears of peace and freedom. The messages you received are 100% truth, your reading is spot on. So my beloved sister, I thank you for your beautiful reading and clear message from God. I will always treasure this gift of Love. You are truly a wonder! Margarita S – USA

December 2021 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Lee I thank you! This is so much more than I could ever have imagined.  I am so filled right now with gratitude and feeling extremely blessed. I am loving my package and all the blessings. It’s been so long that something has excited me so much.  I feel like I’m truly on my way to my true authentic self. – Valerie – USA

November 2021 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Lee I am so Grateful n Thankful for reading, light code and gifted codes. 
I just wanted you to know that I’m also in awww of this Higher Guidance Reading  and whom came through for me and everything that was shared through you for my Greatest and Highest good. – Tina – USA

November 2021 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

OMG they are simply gorgeous – as soon as I saw the light code an immense surge of energy was experienced. – Patricia – USA

August 2021 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

If I could have given a 10 star or more it would not have been enough. Be aware you will have to wait for your reading BUT IT IS WORTH IT. Blessing to Lee.  She is absolutely amazing.  This is truly the type of reading/guidance I was needing, and I think most people need.  The reading was by pdf but it is like sitting with a dear friend and teacher who guides you to your own connection and the power within to trust yourself.  You can read it again and again and make more shifts. I felt the shifts begin and a more positive and patient outlook to move forward. I love my personal Light Code.  It is so energetically embracing and loving.  I am so glad I was guided to you.  THANK YOU for sharing your gift with me and others. Thanks to my guides, Beings of Light and Higher Self who came through you.   B. Prante – USA

August 2021 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading Package

Lee, I just want you to know that these readings are such a gift. Again, Thank you. Thank you. ~ O. Abiola

June 2021 – Personal Code & Higher Guidance Reading

I have read your reading and boy it resonated with my entire being. Your reading touched on points that I’ve known for years. Thank you so much Lee for all of this. My heart and mind are slowly creating the space that I need to move on.
Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This reading is my life, all of it, and I am very grateful to you for bringing it through for me. The Light codes are absolutely beautiful and I cannot stop staring into them. With so much love. Wanda (USA)

June 2021 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading

My Beloved Lee, Thank you seems limitless to express my feelings and emotions of gratitude in our work together these past few months. The gift, Spirit, has bestowed upon you to be an open vessel for my angels, guardians, guides, and ancestors to relay back to me their messages via my Personal Light Codes and Guidance Readings has been remarkable to say the least. Your ability to communicate in all forms has been very loving, gentle, compassionate, and non-judgmental which created a sacred space for a true soul connection for which your company’s name (Soullee Connected) embodies. You started me on this unique healing path never leaving me out there to wonder alone. I always feel your hugs and you wiping away my tears when I am working my Codes which are so beautiful in their one-of-a-kind representation. Thanks, for creating a community for wondering souls—I am HOME!!!  I Am ALL that the Divine Created Me to Be, S. M. Beasley – USA

June 2021 – Personal Light Code & Higher Guidance Reading

Lee, I have read and reread my reading and it is beautifully on point and gives me confirmation on so many things and at so many levels; including my decision to move forward with my creative path. I recognized so much of what was described. I know that it will take me a while to digest all that guidance. THANK YOU! With love and light, Cybil (USA)

May 2021 – Personal Light Code & Guidance Reading Package

Thank you thank you thank you Lee. I so very appreciate this. I am having a divine experience, in deep meditative states of being. I have everything I need in this work you have given me. Such a blessing this gift you have. That God has given me through you! – Martha B. – USA Thank you thank you.

June 2020 – Personal Light Code & Guidance Reading Package

I had only just learnt about light codes in the last year or so and this year I joined some of Lee Didco groups where she shares her light codes. They really are something else :). The energy they hold is very powerful and divine. I have 4 different personal codes from Lee and every single one has helped and supported me tremendously. Lees connection to her work and gifts are so accurate that when the messages and guidance comes, you know it was meant for you. Lee Your light truly is a blessing to us all thank you. X  Tash T (NSW Australia)

Elise on 20 Apr, 2020 (from Etsy shop purchase) 5 out of 5 stars    

Couldn’t be happier with my personal code from this super kind lady. Attention to detail and thoughtfulness shines throughout all Lee does. The personal message received with my light code was just beautiful and detailed. There are a lot of light codes out there to purchase. Use your discernment! I couldn’t have asked for more from my purchase and feel the connection I have with my code growing all the time. I sleep with it next to me and it is my screen saver. It calms me and reminds me I’m not alone I will treasure always! Thank you for my gift also! 💜 Elise, UK

Audrey on 30 Mar, 2020 – 5 out of 5 stars    (Etsy shop purchase)

WOW… just wow! I have been waiting almost two weeks to be able to leave a positive review for Lee. Now I realize that words are truly inadequate to describe the experience I have had from this shop. I purchased on a whim with no idea what a light code was. I was positively blown away by Lee and her intuitions. The experience was incredible. I feel like I have a soul sister on the other side of the world. Lee’s customer care is stellar. I anticipate a long relationship with SoulLeeConnected. Thank you. 

Lee’s codes have been powerful anchoring points for my self-healing. My first code helped me traverse my inner knowing and acknowledgment of my power. It was very supportive while at the same time insists t that it was time to get down to business. I finally instilled firm boundaries and I respected them-a major shift in realizing if I didn’t respect my own boundaries, how could anyone else? It was a very transformational period that followed that code. I reached out to Lee for a second code, with a specific request: help with my inner child. I knew I was having difficulty supporting her. I’m still working with that code (and honestly my first code as well). It is so beautiful, supportive, and loving . . . With a touch of warrior goddess thrown in. Healing with that code truly has allowed me to release my fears surrounding receiving love. Working with my inner child will continue, but this code has allowed me to see that where I’ve thought I was protecting my inner child . . . I was really keeping her from what she truly needed. I can’t recommend Lee’s codes enough. They been transformational in a gentle way, and I know I’ll be continuing my healing using her codes in the future. ~ Nicole, USA

I received the most beautiful Light Code from this magical soul, I was guided intuitively to her and I cant recommend enough. She really wants you to thrive as an individual and connect with whats important to you. Such a beautiful individual. Since receiving my Personal Code/Activation my intuition feels more pronounced. I received so many signs that validate I’m on the right path and my inner knowing and my heart chakra is expanded. Please check her out @ SoulLeeConnected.com. – Elise, N.S.W.

Specific Code Releasing the Shadow & personal assistance code for heart opening assistance relief

I just wanted to share my experience with a code or two that I recently received from Lee.

I had been experiencing asthma; a tightness in my chest and throat for about 4-5 days, almost living off my ventolin. I am normally well controlled and knew that it was more than just asthma… I knew it was me not allowing myself to release a particular situation out to the Universe. I was holding on to it so tightly and not allowing myself to receive, it had manifested as this tight, wheezy, uncomfortable chest.

When I received The code from Lee, the wheezing actually became worse… because Lee is so incredibly loving and intuitive, she messaged me to see how I was going and I told her it had gotten worse. Lee told me this was because the code was actually working on releasing what needed to be released and to meditate with it further. So I did!

Again, the wheezing became worse and I had a massive coughing fit! THEN my chest loosened and opened up and I could actually breathe again!! Wow 😲

Lee also sent me another Glyph to compliment the first one, kind of working in conjunction with the two. As soon as I saw it I felt it open my heart space and I could see the light literally shooting out from within my heart!!

I am beyond thankful to Lee for her amazing gifts… You are such a beautiful Soul Lee 💛

Can’t thank you enough to be able to feel the openness within my heart to be allowed to receive and release what is no longer serving me… JUST WOW 😲

Sooooo much love to you Beautiful 💛💛💛💛💛 – Beth, NSW


beachbelle on 26 Mar, 2020 – 5 out of 5 stars    (Etsy shop purchase)

Beautiful and unusual gift. Lee is a pleasure to work with and is so caring about her clients. Thank you! 

Personal Reading & Light Code Package, Release Code & Releasing the Shadow Code – Lynne G.

Oh My God Lee 
How powerfully potent is this !
It was pulsating towards me and as my clear realisations and releases came up it felt like it reversed and blew them out and away .  So quickly too .  I’m feeling so much lighter and with no judgement on myself just clarity. 
My connection to this energy is so strong.

Love Lynne xx USA

When I saw the Code for the first time I was really “wowed’!! I don’t know how else to explain but when I say it spoke to me… IT spoke to me! Absolutely a must to contact Lee about these Codes! The synchronicities that occur with this Code is incredible. Make it your mission to get your personal Light Code.

Sacred Light Code & Full Reading Package – I loved my soul Code, still connecting to it, though felt I’d always known it 💛 my reading from Lee it was absolutely relevant and gave me the guidance I needed to understand why I’m meant to be where I am right now. Inspiring and revealing . Highly recommended thank you so very much Lee. With ♥️

Lynne, QLD, Australia

Sacred Light Code & Full Reading Package – I asked Lee for a personal Code and a reading which I was so grateful for. Some of it made sense at the time but as I knew it would, the words of the reading resonated later on when things began to get a bit wonky for me. The words held me up. I don’t trust many to do readings for me but Lee’s was so helpful and lovingly supportive so that I know I can recommend her work in good faith. The Code brings me joy each time I view it and I have made it my phone screen saver so it keeps my vibe high which I am truly grateful for. I am an energy worker and frequency holder and Lee’s work is on a level that reaches so deep it is truly magical. I am so grateful that our paths crossed. Thank you so much Lee.

Naveen Light, Founder of Koki Zen, QLD

Ra on 13 May, 2020 5 out of 5 stars    (Etsy Shop purchase – Personal Tattoo Code) – Lovely person. Keeps you updated in the process and what she provides is amazing. Thanks 

Thankyou Lee for my amazing Light Code and the inspiring messages that have come with it. I was in a quandary and unable to come up with a business name for my new venture but also stuck with other issues so I contacted Lee and wasn’t really sure what I was looking for – a business Code or a personal Code – I just didn’t know. The Code that came back to me through Lee gave me the inspiration to not only name my business but also reminded me that my business is really just an extension of me personally.

Lees insights were spot on and gave me goosebumps while reading them. We have never met but Lee’s ability to tap into who I am and what my passions are is incredible. Lee has the most caring and generous heart which I discovered more of through this process and I will always be grateful for her kindness, compassion and care.

When the time is right, I will not hesitate in getting another code done by Lee. Thank you so much Lee. ~ Joanna, WA

4 Week Support – Light Codes & Guidance Readings

’I have had the pleasure of Lee’s light code readings and her light codes are magical. Everything that came up in the readings were spot on. I was amazed. It was as if I had sat down and discussed it with her. It was lovely to have confirmation that I was indeed moving forward in the way that I should. She is light and love and speaks from the heart. Her readings are gentle and magical at the same time. I highly recommend her services. 👍❤️’’. ~ Lesley E.

It is with pleasure I write this. Lee provided me beautiful authentic divine love messages and energy codes that I absolutely love, which resonated very much as I went through a transitional time lately. Her messages encouraged me on this life’s path and provided strong affirmation and guidance. I highly recommend contacting her if you are in need, she is such a kind and beautiful person, thank you so much Lee . ~ Moana W.

Thank you, dear Lee, for your beautiful and connected work with me over these past four weeks. Each code was powerful, supportive and contributed to my deeper connection and integration to the energy of my guide, to myself, and to the Earth. I feel strength, courage, and a knowing that the universe offers its support. The messages you wrote were clear and meaningful, and I resonated with them. Thank you so much again, and I look forward to working again with you in the future <3. Keep shining!!
Lots of love, Daniela, USA

Animal Readings

Omgosh what can I say about Lee in just a few words. This amazing women has helped me move through the painful loss of our fur baby.
For years I relived the grief and pain of losing him daily, the complete heartbreak totally consuming me if I didn’t keep it in check.
Lee’s connection with him was amazing and the accuracy…. what can I say, she knew things that only I held in my heart.
Her channeling of his messages released me from the grief. Allowing me to move past the pain and the freedom to remember the beautiful times we had with him.
I can not recommend this amazing women enough !!
I am so blessed to have her touch my life and will always be truly grateful

Meditation Classes

Lee’s meditations were easy to follow, simple in transforming my state quite easily into a deep and restful connection to lightness and self. I found myself to be very grounded after the session which is important to me. I felt connected to her words and very comfortable in the Group. highly recommended.

– Rebecca

Beautiful sessions guided by Lee, who oozed warmth and support. Each session was completely different and taking me to deeper levels of relaxation and journeying. I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of the Group energy, magnifying the experience.

–  Debbie

Guided Meditations

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you shared your meditations with us. They are just beautiful. I have done the cord cutting one a few times and although I have known about cords etc nothing quite as powerful as your meditation. The situations/people I cut cords with popped up again a few hours after meditation so I just completed the process again.
I love how you aren’t in a hurry you gently guide us to be embodied & grounded. You have a special gift. 💜🙏
Thank you. 💐

– Melanie

Oracle Card Guidance Readings

Audrey on 24 Apr, 2020 – 5 out of 5 stars    (from Etsy shop purchase)

Once again, Lee has exceeded my expectation. The reading was thorough and hit the target on several points. She is quite intuitive and accurate. I would recommend her services without the slightest bit of hesitation. There are most certainly future readings for me. 🙂

I saw Lee’s offer of a mini reading and it couldn’t have come at a better time.
Being a mini reading I was expecting a paragraph or two at the most.
She pulled several cards for me all with special messages pertaining precisely to my situation. The last card she pulled was about my children and it was just perfect to give me the reassurance to keep going in my current direction. Lee was professional, she communicated with me really well and exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Lee, I will definitely recommend you to people looking for some support to help them on their journey. Best wishes – Shelley xxx

I would like to comment on the amazing guidance and assistance I have received from SoulLee’s readings. She has always read with guidance and soft sensitivity; and her messages are clear, wise and divine. She has read cards, flowers, a photo and ‘nothing’ other than her sense / feelings for my situation – every time the resonance is very strong and has left me feeling safe, secure, strong and understood.

I recommend her to anyone needing guidance. Don’t be bothered by distance, we are opposite sides of the country and have never actually met…. this stuff isn’t limited by time or distance.’
Thank you from the depth of my soul.
Namaste 🙏💝

– Bronwyn

It’s a rare gift to make a “connection” with someone via technology. Emails, text and websites could disrupt or even deny any sort of message. 
But somehow Lee has the ability to truly “connect” with ones being through all of that noise!

Let Lee connect to your “be-ing”, you will be glad you did!

Dave Mclaughlin, U.S.A.

My reading from Lee was absolutely relevant and gave me the guidance I needed to understand why I’m meant to be where I am right now. Inspiring and revealing . Highly recommended thank you so very much Lee. With ♥️

Lynne, NSW, Australia

Lee has the most beautiful gift 🙏🏼 her readings come through with complete connection allowing guidance and insight. You feel her love come though too. Highly recommend any work from this beautiful soul 🙏🏼🌸💖

Intuitive Healing Energy Sessions

I have had two healing sessions with Lee and both times Ihave been amazed at how she has been able to pinpoint with accuracy things inmy life and issues with my body physically – although we have never previouslymet.

Lee’s ability to connect with me on a deep soul level has been very profound and meaningful, even more so as these sessions were conducted via distance Zoom Video.

The messages and insights I have received through thesessions have provided me with a reassurance and level of comfort I was notexpecting. I really valued the sense of peace and calm following both thesessions.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lee. ~ Joanna, WA

Thanks again for some wonderful input and giving me the time and energy to give myself permission to look after me.

After a series of three sessions with Lee I now have more clarity and confidence to progress with and set clear intentions for my future.

Lee has assisted me to become more calm and after each session I felt a renewed energy, as well as being relaxed. 

Highly recommend her services to assist anyone with healing or self reflection on the direction you want to take for your future.

Thanks Lee. ~ Christina, Perth WA