Personal Light Codes

Personal Light Codes are activations, channelled through higher consciousness or Source, and are designed to work with your unique energetic vibration. Personal Code Activations are channelled to work with an individual’s energies only, encoded for a specific individual. This is what makes them a ‘Personal’ Code, whereas some can be encoded to work with many people, Collective Codes.

Personal light Codes are uniquely channelled for you alone. They communicate with the many levels and layers of your body, mind and heart systems and can assist you to awaken to more of who you truly are, unlock dormant gifts and potentials within you that are already held within your energy body and DNA. Personal Codes work to assist you to come into a greater resonance with the higher frequencies of light available to you.

Personal Light Code Activations are light coded communication, information and energy which enters directly into the subconscious. It bypasses the mind and human understanding, which is limited, and speaks directly to the energy body, the Spirit and Soul.

Light Codes can help release what is no longer serving you and assist coming into a greater alignment with your Soul’s path. They communicate and speak through your heart.

What would you like your Personal Code to assist you with?

It may be the releasing of old patterns of behaviour, breaking the cycles that keep you from moving forward. Awareness and understanding around what may be holding you back; support, clearing, clarity, protection, raising your vibration, bringing in more Light, support for the physical, emotional, mental bodies, shadow work, to name a few.

All Codes radiate and are brought through in the highest love and with absolute care. Always for your highest and greatest good in the moment of receiving.

If you have any questions at all about your Personal Code please send me a message via the Contact Lee page and we can have a chat. Please feel free also to email me if you have any specific requests with what you would like your Code to assist you with. If you don’t have a specific purpose for your Personal Code it will bring through what is best serving for you in the moment of creation.

What will you receive?

  • Via Email – Digital copy of your Personal Code.
  • Express Posted –
    • Mini Reading detailing what and how your Personal Code will be working with you, along with any intuitive and/or channelled messages received at the time of its creation.
    • If you choose an A4 size you also receive an additional A5 copy of your Personal Code, both laminated. If an A3 size is selected you also receive an A4 copy, both laminated of your Personal Code.
    • A little information about Codes and ways you can work with them

You can read a little more about Codes, how I work to bring through these special ascension tools, and ways you can use your energetic bundle ‘HERE’.

Examples of Personal Light Codes brought through – Click on each image to see it in its entirety.

SIZING – Your Personal Code can be purchased in either A4 size – 21.0 x 29.7cms (inches 11.69 x 8.26) or a larger A3 size – 29.7 x 42.0cms (inches 11.69 x 16.53)

If you have been referred to me by the magical IYANLA VANZANT please note this page is for purchasing a Personal Code only, if you are wanting the package she recommends which includes the Higher Guidance reading. ‘Click here’ to be taken to the right page.

ALL Code prices now include Express Postage with tracking due to postal delays experienced with Covid 19. This is the fastest method available to receive your Code. Please make sure you click on the correct postage amount for either within Australia or International.

Purchase a Personal Light Code – Inc Express Post & Tracking

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me via the ‘Contact Lee’ page.

** Please note due to the level of orders received at present and the time of the year there will be a minimum wait time of 5 weeks ** (as at 15th June 2023)

As soon as you purchase your Personal Code you have made a beautiful commitment to yourself and I believe the energies start to come in and form for you from that moment. Trust that the wait time for you is perfectly orchestrated for divine reason and will be the exact right timing for you. Trust the process.

  • Please be aware that when connecting in to start your process of bringing through your messages/Higher Guidance and Personal Light Code that I may be guided on rare occasion that I am not to bring this through for you at this time, or at all. Please do not take this as rejection or personally for there is always Divine purpose at play in all things and I reserve the right to trust absolutely the guidance and Light being received through the Higher Realms and will inform you if this is so. In these rare cases a full refund will be returned to you and/or partial refund if guided to only bring through a part of the process for you at the time. Always with absolute Love.