About Lee

For Lee it has always been about the heart, everything came back to love, even before as a child there was any real deeper understanding to accompany this thinking. Completely fascinated in all things ‘spiritual’ since her youngest memory at age three, Lee has been on a path of seeking understanding, expanding truths, learning, and self discovery which has taken her through both her deep shadow and the Light.

An empath and animal connector it was a few years ago, whilst continuing to walk her own healing journey, that she fully opened to her true purpose in this lifetime, she had done the work to be able to now use the tools, knowledge and gifts she held within to help others. It is her ability to hold a space of the deepest compassion, understanding, and pure love for those she connects with that sets Lee aside from many that serve in the ‘spiritual community’.

“It is my heart-felt wish when I connect and work with you to bring to you all I can to assist your journey of healing, empowerment and awakening, so you experience and open to more of who you truly are at your core, your essence, your Divine self. I serve purely from a space of truth and absolute love”.

“I create with my heart centre and co-create with the heart of the Universe, the Divine Source of All, and the heart of the Earth”.

“I am a weaver of frequency, colour and light. I pull in specific frequencies to assist those that are ready for inner transformation and awakening in co-creation with the Divine”.