How I work

Crown Chakra Light Code

Hello and welcome, I’m Lee.

I hope this explains a little bit about how I work and bring through these beautiful, powerful, sacred geometry Light Codes for you.

I am a Light Code Creator, I bring in Light and create a container to hold it so it can be felt and received by others. I am also a Code Transmitter and Transformer, I collect the energies and transmute them for a specific purpose, they penetrate deeply into the energy fields of the receiver, down to the physical DNA to bring about change based on the intent they have been created for.

I co-create through my higher self and higher consciousness as an open channel, working through my heart and solar plexus chakras, to bring through unique and specific energetic Light Codes.

What are Light Codes? They are energy patterns, a sacred geometry of shape, colour and light frequencies. Codes are channelled to assist the receiver with whatever is needed and relevant for them at the time, to assist transformation and growth, always for their highest and greatest good. Whether that purpose be for clearing, releasing, integration, transformation, or something else. It is always what is needed in the moment and brought through with unconditional love and Light.

Some Codes are specifically channeled to assist an individual, at the request of the individual, others coming through are specifically for the Collective, and usually come to assist what many are dealing with at that time energetically. Some come through looking for their Keeper, it may be one person particularly that is drawn to work with it or it may be a chosen amount, the Code advises of this when in its process of creation.

Like a key for unlocking a door, your Code will function as an activator, transmitting the encoded light information and frequencies it holds to the many layers and levels of your body, mind and heart systems.

You may or may not ‘feel’ the energy of the Code, or make sense of it, you do not have to, your Code is not designed for your rational, logical mind. Know it is being perceived, acknowledged and understood by your higher mind and on a cellular level by your physical body.

I ask that if you are new to Light Codes and sacred geometry that you leave the ‘logical mind’ aside and allow yourself to be open to the new ways of healing and self-transformation. All new things seem far out at first!

Lee xx