Equinox Frequencies

23rd September 2023 0

Allow, be at peace within and find your balance and centre, embrace the activations that are being brought to you at this time as all is occurring, as it always has, for our highest good. Trust that Soul, your Higher Self have always know what is best for you within this human Earth life experience…

By SoulLee Connected

The Heart Calls

20th September 2023 0

The heart calls today and asks us to take some time to think back over our relationships, it may be an immediate one that pops up ready. The first being with our parents or carer/s at birth which do play such a powerful part in shaping who we are through their beliefs, behaviours, conditioning, truths…

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19th September 2023 0

You may feel the call of the body, of the heart and the want of the mind to come within, to find a little peace and quiet today. Time to receive for the self. Spending a little time in stillness and connection with your heart, the Light within which is always in direct connection with…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow, Open, BE

18th September 2023 0

Be flexible as best you can and if you find some things don’t pan out or move in the way you thought they would just be gently aware of your reactions, trigger and emotions around this. You don’t have to control anything, steer anything a certain way, see it calling you to allow, to just…

By SoulLee Connected

Mastering Emotional Charge

16th September 2023 0

Keep letting go of what wants to be released, what has been illuminated within the current energies at play. Allow your emotions space, the fullness to be no matter what they feel like. Keep the human desire to judge them to a minimum, remind yourself of this again and again for we are learning to…

By SoulLee Connected

You are Enough

11th September 2023 0

Any insecurities or shakiness you may be feeling whether it’s coming up as emotion or within thoughts that are creating story, particularly around your ability and trust to make change, around your forward movement, future plans, or you feel a little stuck at this point, know all is well. Be aware of the situations, people,…

By SoulLee Connected

Go Gently within Love

7th September 2023 0

The love, the support, the Light that is all around you is available to you in every moment for you to draw on, it is ever present, and ever present within you, you are it (love) and love is you remember this in times that feel emotionally and/or mentally challenging. Keep bringing forth the light…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages with Love

6th September 2023 0

Continuing awareness to the emotion-al charge (emotion – energy in motion) as it arises within whether it be from a thought, experience, trigger, memory, person, place, story, and practising our mastery of holding a neutral space, taking a pause, a breath so we are less reactionary and/or judgemental (right, wrong, good, bad) of what we…

By SoulLee Connected

Continue to Choose Love

4th September 2023 0

Trust, when we open and dig deep to trust we have to be willing to embrace vulnerability and authenticity. As you reflect on how far you have come as you triumphantly move through another day, another week and another month, continue to practice discernment, keep really listening and honouring the messages and the knowing of…

By SoulLee Connected

Shine Dear Hearts – TRUST

31st August 2023 0

Allow your focus to be on all that expands you, that opens you, that allows you to move past and move through with greater ease, grace and love. Where is your attention, your focus, your thoughts dear heart, what are you choosing to engage within, hold on to and attract? Realise your expansiveness, your immeasurable…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow Love

30th August 2023 0

Allow love to fill you, with each breath in see, sense, feel, imagine you are opening to receive and welcome the highest vibration of love into your being, you become the highest vibration of love possible, as you exhale see it ripple out to form a cocoon of impenetrable love around you. Open yourself to…

By SoulLee Connected

Be Flexible – Willingness to Flow

28th August 2023 0

Balance is calling, be mindful of where your energy is being put or you may be shown through your physical body what isn’t ‘agreeing’ with you what isn’t any longer serving, supportive or expansive. If you are finding you have been wresting with your sense of personal freedom look at where you are holding on…

By SoulLee Connected

You ARE Enough

25th August 2023 0

“All that is illuminated comes to assist you to dissolve separation. Separation from self, from Source, from love, this is the journey Dear One, and so we see the journey continues as it is to, this is the work that you came here to do”. Keep going forwards dear hearts with your greater awareness of…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow & Follow your Knowing

24th August 2023 0

Allow your inner knowing, your gut feelings to guide you, the more you listen to your internal compass and wisdom the easier it is hear and to make choices from the heart, that’s serve you moving forwards in each moment and that allow you to better be able to remain centred and grounded amongst whatever…

By SoulLee Connected

All is Sacred, Is Love

23rd August 2023 0

“Re-establish and anchor your connection to your sacred(ness) self and the sacredness of All dear Ones. Each time/moment you remember and feel (connect/reconnect in the moment of now) the depth of beauty of the love that you are, and/or you see and recognise the beauty in another whether person, creature, (all) creation you reconnect activate…

By SoulLee Connected

All is Well in the Void Space

22nd August 2023 0

A reminder that it is totally normal to question where you are at especially when you find yourself being brought within to a space of reflection, an introverted state, it is also a very necessary space. Within this space it can be easy to allow or feed the creation of fear-based emotions and thoughts as…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages with Love

21st August 2023 0

Image of illumination of the Base/Root centre (chakra) and the solar plexus being shown today. This speaks of grounding our energy, being present within the body, anchored, and our foundations what we have been creating or working on, what we want to bring in and see exist within our human experience for ourselves and how…

By SoulLee Connected

All Forms from Love

18th August 2023 0

There is much awaiting to form, keep your heart open, keep it open and allow your radiant love to be greater than any resistance that arises, allow love to lead you, to be greater than any (perceived) challenge any bump or obstacle in your path, expand and allow love to dissolve all and see the…

By SoulLee Connected

Time of Reconnection

17th August 2023 0

The space that many have been/are finding themselves within is the inner desire/pull to slow things down, this is the calling into presence, to be more present with/within ourselves more self-aware so we can better make choices, decisions and actions from a space of connection, of presence that which feels right, anchored/grounded, aligned and in…

By SoulLee Connected

You are the Powerful Change

16th August 2023 0

For those that feel or connect consciously with the energies present you may have found the last week or last few days intense at times, and when I speak of intense this doesn’t mean in any way it is a bad experience but the body, the physical may have felt it in the joints, the…

By SoulLee Connected

Little Changes create Big Shifts

15th August 2023 0

All the little changes you have been working on, keep going. Each time you have made a different choice where you once (say) may have reacted to trigger, another’s words from old wounding’s and beliefs but you chose to breathe, pause you have made change that ripples out and has effect. The message today speaks…

By SoulLee Connected

Self Worth

14th August 2023 0

Self-worth, worthiness comes through today connecting with our relationships with others as well as the one with self, speaking of our ability to receive love but also to feel free and able to give love and affection, to be vulnerable and open and feel safe within our own self, feel worthy of. If you are…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages with Love

11th August 2023 0

The mind comes in today and this connects with yesterday’s message of old emotional energy coming forth, revealing, and surfacing, the solar plexus were illuminated but now also the heart and the logical mind as we do as humans tend to analyze and judge, form opinions, seek to have an answer or reason for everything…

By SoulLee Connected

Be True to Your Path

10th August 2023 0

Hello dear hearts what comes through today extends they say from yesterday’s message where it spoke of insights, perspective changes around relationships particularly. This includes the self, your relationship with yourself they are adding so perhaps you feel ready to take better care of yourself, be kinder to yourself or you recognise that you hold…

By SoulLee Connected

Walk in Love

9th August 2023 0

Such support and encouragement coming in for all. Awakenings are being shown in the form of very directed insight coming in that may surprise you, that may be a completely different way of looking at things, a situation, relationship, know that whatever presents is to help ‘awaken’ and open your eyes to further possibility not…

By SoulLee Connected


7th August 2023 0

The head may be feeling and feeding into little trigger points that are being stirred up, at the same time the heart is open, you reside so much more within your heart space but you may feel the struggle of what’s going on for you within the head wanting to take control or hijack your…

By SoulLee Connected

With Love

4th August 2023 0

Today brings awareness to the different energies at play, they show different streams, one stream is moving within through us that is illuminating what is not of love, or what has not been of love (past) whether this be within relationship, particularly past relationships where we haven’t fully processed or healed from our experience of…

By SoulLee Connected


2nd August 2023 0

It’s all about ‘Freedom’ creating the space within our beings and yes we do this by releasing and letting go and this allows us to create for ourselves from a new space of openness. Letting go has been continually coming up we have heard this so many times but the process of releasing, of making…

By SoulLee Connected

Blossom & Bloom Dear Hearts

28th July 2023 0

Continue to create and do, walk and express that which you wish to be and attract in your world, that which is in alignment with your newly formed belief systems, expanded truths and open heart, heightened intuition. So much has opened within you, space being created, this is your freedom from within, so continuing to…

By SoulLee Connected

Subtle Shifts & Openings

27th July 2023 0

Subtle shifts felt again today, it may be subtle, but it brings with it a renewed sense of trust or optimism that things are lightening up a little, at the same time you may feel waves of confusion or better put ‘uncertainty’ as the emotional body may feel a little spent or worn. Go gently…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages with Love

26th July 2023 0

The breakthroughs, the activations, the gifts of wisdom and expansion of consciousness come often after the release, the work, hold that within your heart if you are feeling the intensity of your experiences as you move through what is necessary for you uniquely, although many may be experiencing similar ‘themes/learnings’ your experience is unique. You…

By SoulLee Connected

Continue to Choose You

24th July 2023 0

Taking what feels emotional, uncomfortable, hard to the heart and allowing and embodying the wisdom that is being given to us within the experience or the recurrence of a similar experience/feeling and being able to hold a compassionate space as we transform through it, to come to stand more centred and anchored in our powerful…

By SoulLee Connected

Be the Lighthouse

21st July 2023 0

All at this time has been calling us, and we are receiving this deeply through our experiences no matter whether within work, friendships, surfacing trauma/past, relationships or other, to practice, really put into practice all that we know, the wisdom gained through all you have already travelled with conscious choice, will and courage to walk…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages with Love

17th July 2023 0

Another powerful week energetically a big shift taking place cosmically, but there is a beautiful supportive healing energy also felt flowing through all today. So if you feel a little sensitive or emotional all is well, allow the energies to move through you, flow with them and allow them to assist your processes. All is…

By SoulLee Connected

For those that need this message

14th July 2023 0

Today’s message comes specifically for those that need it, you will know if it resonates or get the aha light bulb around a person or situation you are within. Are you experiencing within your day-to-day interactions with others, whether through your work, family or other relationships and dealings or other that anywhere were you are…

By SoulLee Connected

A Welcome Shift

13th July 2023 0

There is a real shift felt in the energy felt today, a much needed one for many. This very much feels assisting you to move forwards and brings a lift of not only motivation to get to things but a lift in your confidence and knowing that you can, it feels really positive. Even if…

By SoulLee Connected


10th July 2023 0

Todays message was an audio, you can find it below, we pop into the head, the heart and the action centre and then receive a Light bath to cleanse and clear/fill up. As this was uploading a flow of questions came through to illuminate, spark activate within those that read what is relevant for each…

By SoulLee Connected

Take time to Connect

7th July 2023 0

A little pop in – All the sevens today, 7/7 in a 7 year. If you can today spend a little time in connection with your heart and the Divine. The message today brings forth balance of the mind and the heart, so we move, act make choice from love and grounded wisdom. What you…

By SoulLee Connected

One Day at a Time

6th July 2023 0

We have been really asked to look at what is working and what isn’t in our lives, this may have felt a little confronting for some depending on what you have going on and what work you still have to do. Remember it’s not a race or competition it is your journey don’t compare or…

By SoulLee Connected

Just Allow with an Open Heart

5th July 2023 0

A reminder that all stems from within you, if you don’t feel peaceful seek to do what will bring you peace within, if you don’t feel love seek to do what brings love within. Remember your sacred practices that nurture your being, that slow the mind, that bring peace to the body and heart. It…

By SoulLee Connected

Heart/Mind Balance

3rd July 2023 0

The logical mind and the heart seeks greater unity as they come into image joined together, to work as one so we have a sense of greater balance, the ability to make decisions and choices within our current experiences with a good mix of wisdom and love, balancing emotion and logic. It may have felt…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep the Heart Open – Faith

2nd July 2023 0

The image being shown of the heart space holding opportunity for greater opening, so this may mean that for some you find that ‘matters of the heart’ are coming up or have been coming up for you. Try to remembering, keep in mind that all is actually working for you not against you. Try to…

By SoulLee Connected

Continue to BE

23rd June 2023 0

Continue to BE with awareness within your day, check in with yourself where your focus is, your repeated thoughts, Spirit wants us to really understand, know deeply the power of our ability to create with all, for all is energy, all thought has charge that emanates from us and has power to create. It is…

By SoulLee Connected


22nd June 2023 0

Allow some time today even for a few moments to place your hands over your heart, right over left, close your eyes and allow yourself to sink into your heart space. Close your eyes and allow your body to relax, to let go, to be fully present and allow all your senses to be engaged…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow Light to Lead you

21st June 2023 0

The silence, the feeling of nothingness, the void allows you to feel, to listen, to BE. It offers time for reflection and integration dear heart, for insight to drop in. Do not fear if you feel within this space for it is magically perfect, it is your pause before your forward movement again although even…

By SoulLee Connected

Shine Bright

20th June 2023 0

Let your Light shine, allow your love, your strength, your Souls knowing to shine through everything, allow the power of your love, who you are to be greater than anything else, make yourself bigger, your field of love and powerful Light bigger than anything. Keep allowing, surrendering to what is with love and your deepest…

By SoulLee Connected

Trust and Allow

19th June 2023 0

The message of flow continues to be brought forth as we come into what feels a space of not only reflection and pause for many but revaluation of where you sit and what you really feel within aspects of your life. This space can at times bring feelings of being a little lost, uncertain, wishy…

By SoulLee Connected


16th June 2023 0

Flowing, trusting, allowing, hold it within each moment, within each breath. Allow your authentic self to flow forth through your expression whether within words, actions, thoughts, reactions, emotions, allow the fullness of self to be seen, heard, honoured and owned in and across all space time. Through all that arises from within and/or presents in…

By SoulLee Connected

Continual Change

14th June 2023 0

Change seems to have been upon us for a while now, it is our one constant for everything is in constant motion, whether the changes that have been coming up for you over the last six months you have acted on or assisted to be for yourself for better alignment and harmony within your life,…

By SoulLee Connected


12th June 2023 0

Trust. Trust that where you are is perfect for you no matter how you may be humanly judging or assuming it to be. Allow the integration of all that you have travelled to anchor, the learnings, the new beliefs, the new space you are within it may feel a little ungrounded, you may feel a…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays messages with Love

9th June 2023 0

Have you started to notice or with reflection become aware that you have been starting to and/or getting so much better at lighten up a little on yourself, do you notice that you aren’t so hard on yourself, self-critical and judgemental, of others also, and of yourself within your experiences? Do you notice how much…

By SoulLee Connected


6th June 2023 0

This weeks messages may be a bit here and there or not at all, we will see how it goes, as I am still printing and laminating Chakra Codes and information for a Course run by an absolute Divine Angel in the US. It truly fills my heart that the Light they hold is reaching…

By SoulLee Connected

Choices and Alignment

2nd June 2023 0

Choices are being brough front and centre, whether verbal, thought or action creates so be mindful of what you are creating for yourself and take a pause to align yourself with what is right, listening, feeling, following what feels intuitively, and heart guided right for you plays a big part moving through this month of…

By SoulLee Connected

Prioritise the Time to Receive

31st May 2023 0

Remember to find the time or its being recorrected to be ‘prioritise’ the time for it is commitment, to connect in with yourself, to allow yourself the space and peace to ‘receive’. Receive insight, receive what you need to replenish and to still the running mind, allow the body to rest. A space to connect…

By SoulLee Connected


30th May 2023 0

‘Restriction’ comes powering through today, it shakes to get your attention as emotion. Where are you feeling restricted or where do you feel that you want to break out and be more than you have allowed yourself to be? You may find, and this connects to the message and energies of your ‘inner flame/fire’ yesterday,…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow the Tides

29th May 2023 0

Allow the ebb and flow, allow the rise and (perceived) fall of your energy, your experiences within your life as they present to be seen from the heart, from the higher knowing you have brought greater connection within your life to show you, to allow the wisdom, the love, the learning to be within each…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Shining Courageous Heart

25th May 2023 0

Dear hearts call forth and feel the energy of your courageous heart, call forth the compassionate love and power of the higher heart to help you move through any fears that may arise within your current experiences, particularly around your trust in self and your safety and place in the/your world, your ability to move…

By SoulLee Connected


24th May 2023 0

What rises from within what stirs emotional response don’t hold back from it allow it to be expressed, they are talking about what lights you up, what you get excited about what stirs that life force energy within you. Where are you being drawn, do things feel a little flat, a little lacklustre and repetitive?…

By SoulLee Connected

Awareness Expands

22nd May 2023 0

What is starting to really kick in and become more noticeable for many, really heightened for some is your expansion, your greater openness and awareness of self and your ability to feel, know. It is becoming somewhat of an instantaneous awareness for some, quicker for others now to be able to feel when you are…

By SoulLee Connected

You are Emerging

20th May 2023 0

The power held within each intention, choice, expression, action, within each moment is propelling your rapid shift forwards. All that you choose in your now, whether it is a thought, action or expression is vibration, it holds its own vibration. You are becoming more and more aware of the power you hold, the power of…

By SoulLee Connected

Open wider and walk in Trust

15th May 2023 0

Let it go, keep letting go of anything that feels is a disruption of your inner peace and balance. Allow all that you have learned to continue to integrate, allow yourself the space and time, the gentleness within your day, a soft approach rather than a rushed and heady approach to all. Imagine you are…

By SoulLee Connected


9th May 2023 1

Trust. The golden Codes of transformation are working within your being to assist your processes at this time. Continue to sink into trust, to allow trust to comfort you and support you as you continue to move forwards. This week for many may feel a little tight, little irritations may come to the front within…

By SoulLee Connected

Future Creating

8th May 2023 0

Keep making choices that serve you as you continue to move forwards, all is continually working with you and supportive of your efforts to maintain a space of love, joy and peace amongst what has been and felt quite a challenging time for many. If you continue to feel the tension within or through your…

By SoulLee Connected

What a Time! Ease is coming

5th May 2023 0

Getting sick of hearing it’s a potent time? Well that’s because it is, and it’s been quite the rapid ride/rise for many. We are coming to (what feels like) a point, a peak in these energy. There is so much happing on a planetary and cosmic level at this time and it’s a big factor…

By SoulLee Connected

Soften, Allow, Open

4th May 2023 0

This time is not just about releasing what no longer serves, old patterns, beliefs, superseded truths, but about continuing within the process of release to hold faith, hold the Light that you are, to trust the new that is ready and waiting to open, to have form. Not just for you as an individual beacon…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

30th April 2023 0

Continue to be aware of and let go of what is mere distraction from your highest path for when you allow distraction, which is easy when you are not present with yourself and listening to your intuition and heart, we can easily unconsciously step out of alignment with what is truly serving in the highest…

By SoulLee Connected

Stand in Light

28th April 2023 0

It is all the work, the inner digging up and clearing, the beautiful Soul healing that brings you greater awareness, knowing, of Self, of your Beingness and thus we are more sensitive, receptive and open to the energies present, that have always ebbed and flowed through our Universe/s. It has been our greater ability to…

By SoulLee Connected

Listen to the Wisdom within

25th April 2023 0

Listen to the inner wisdom flowing through you. The physical body may be feeling a little sore, tired, muscle tension, join tension (jaw), third eye, eyes, really allow your physical vessel to receive what it needs, give to yourself. You are processing a lot at this time, a lot may be coming up within your…

By SoulLee Connected

Saturday Pop In

22nd April 2023 0

Be patient with yourself, how you are feeling and your energy levels, if they seem up one day and sluggish or body heavy the next all is well. The Eclipse energies have been massive! You are continually processing a lot at this time, a lot is clearing within and so settling into new space takes…

By SoulLee Connected


21st April 2023 0

TRUST that you can step into the unknown fully and completely as exciting and scary as it may feel at times. TRUST your process in all as you continue to expand and open to allow more of your truest self, your truest form of love to express itself through every part of you. Where you…

By SoulLee Connected

Total Solar Eclipse – Let it go

20th April 2023 0

Embrace, surrender and allow the waves of change and transformation to move through you. A powerful time to let go of attachments to old ways, to continue to make commitment to yourself to walk a higher path and continue to choose to align your words, your actions, your intentions with love. The Total Eclipse occurs…

By SoulLee Connected

Where & What are you engaged within?

19th April 2023 0

Being really aware of what you are interacting with/within where your thoughts, emotions, feelings and energy is being directed, what it is engaged with/within at this time. Where may we perhaps be allowing more thought and thus emotion to be given to things that are not serving us, are not aligned with our highest and…

By SoulLee Connected

Trust & Set Intention

18th April 2023 0

Continue dear hearts to really sink into trust and hold faith that all that is opening for you and all that you cant yet grasp, see or hold a sense of clear vision on will drop in for you in right timing. So much has been shifting and releasing preparing and leading you as we…

By SoulLee Connected

Deep Shifts

14th April 2023 0

Deep shifts are continuing to occur, it is felt but the connection to clear awareness of exactly what is occurring is not there, just yet. Just as many things in life at this time, direction, clarity of mind may feel difficult to grasp. Continue to find the pause, the peace within the minds want to…

By SoulLee Connected

Pre-Eclipse Energies Illuminate

13th April 2023 0

There is much occurring energetically as we move closer to the Eclipse, all preparing you for transformation and deeper change from within that will propel you to the (your) next level you are ready for. Many are in what feels ‘preparation’ as the Soul prepares to step into greater service as a new chapter, cycle…

By SoulLee Connected


12th April 2023 0

TRUST in the process and all that is unfolding for you. Some days, hours, moments may feel challenging, some may feel light, it is a dance and one that the more we don’t allow our thoughts, emotions, actions to sink into and expand any stories of ‘something is wrong’ and choose to work within greater…

By SoulLee Connected

Come Back Within

11th April 2023 0

An intensity in energy is felt today so you may find that you really need to bring everything in so you can keep the outer noise and the mental chatter at bay. There is so much going on and swirling around us that a lot of what you may be experiencing emotionally and mentally may…

By SoulLee Connected

Lead with Love

10th April 2023 0

Keep your heart open dear ones as you continue to find peaceful way forward within change, to embrace and open, trust the change that is occurring within us and as a Whole Collective, a Planet. For new pathways are being created and connected to as we surrender deeper to what wants to be, we are…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

7th April 2023 0

The thoughts in your head are showing you especially the recurring ones what learnings you are working within, what is ready to have resolution, release or re-evaluation brought. All is working at this time to highlight where you are not in harmony and peace within. What situations and particularly within your relationships are only serving…

By SoulLee Connected

Full Moon Feels

6th April 2023 0

This last week has been somewhat tiring on the body, you may have felt this as the last remnants of all that has shifted over the last month settles down a little, integrates. It may have and may still do (it will trail off) feel as it you are really dragging yourself around, you may…

By SoulLee Connected

Love Flows through you

5th April 2023 0

You are a sacred vessel for love to flow through. The Divine is Love and in essence so are you. Trust the messages of your heart as they guide you, trust in yourself and your ability to make change, to follow through, to create and shift yourself and your life for the better, know you…

By SoulLee Connected

Self Care & Boundaries

4th April 2023 0

The coming Full moon energies may have you feeling a little inspired or amped up to create and get things done and whilst this is not a negative thing just be mindful of what you are pushing yourself to do as it may effect your inner balance or your sense of stability. Be aware of…

By SoulLee Connected


2nd April 2023 0

Boundaries are being highlighted, watch for irritations that may arise with others. Relationships this April came through in message yesterday (see post) so this may be a ‘theme’ for the month that plays out, what may be highlighted for you this week is where your boundaries with others are out of balance. Sitting put/still within…

By SoulLee Connected

Welcome to April Dear Hearts

1st April 2023 0

Welcome to April, this month’s energies and all they bring will assist us to come into greater harmony, serve to bring us through what we experience opportunity to practice finding and maintaining balance and open to peace as we continue to learn to embrace all aspects of self, allow all parts of us to be…

By SoulLee Connected

Divine Timing ~ Clarity is on the way

28th March 2023 0

Today’s message speaks of Divine timing, letting go of our (human/personalities) agenda and being more flexible and so open to receive what else is possible for us, what is outside the box of possibles we have created for ourselves, outside of our own outcomes, expectations and ideas. To sink into deeper trust and allow universal…

By SoulLee Connected

Openings & Support Abound

24th March 2023 0

You are so supported at this time to step into your power and to take charge, to step out, to finally make moves to get ahead in whatever aspects of your life you feel you have wanted to make progress of any form within, revitalise, resolve, heal/release, bring to alignment. Particularly that which is new…

By SoulLee Connected

A Shift has arrived

23rd March 2023 0

There is a shift today it is deeply felt, there is a peace present and a powerful inner knowing that all is well, and all will be well, always, seeing the path ahead written by Soul long ago for this lifetime. How are you feeling today, what do you feel within? Think about what you…

By SoulLee Connected

Expansion & Transmutation

22nd March 2023 0

Such massive expansion occurring at this time, this space we are within is one that (as has been spoken of before) feels sped up, accelerated within us and in our outer reality, we are feeling it. Our concept and feeling of time has changed from what we knew and felt as children, from five years,…

By SoulLee Connected

Presence – Allow Light to Lead

21st March 2023 0

Being Present, BE. Be aware and present within yourself means being aware of and checking in where you are at in your day, once or multiple times> Checking in where your thoughts are, your focus, is it in the past attached to old stories and experiences, is it running busily so you are actually taken…

By SoulLee Connected

Equinox Energies are High

20th March 2023 0

Being aware of the shifts and changes that want to occur and where this is being brought up within your life calling to come into greater alignment. Whatever is arising for you that doesn’t feel comfortable whether within your relationships, your work, yourself is being highlighted for reason and this will only be further illuminated…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages with Love

17th March 2023 0

Within all keep pulling yourself back to remain conscious of what you are choosing, keep coming back to love, choosing love over fear, choosing love over reaction/projection, choosing love over trigger, frustration, anger, choosing love over and over again within shadow aspects of yourself or another that arise. We do get to choose in each…

By SoulLee Connected

Focus, Awareness & Change

13th March 2023 0

Focus, focus your efforts, your time, energy and love on one thing at a time if you feel you aren’t really making headway or feel you are running in circles around what you want to create, attend to, change. Is it because you are trying to do too much at once, are you spreading yourself…

By SoulLee Connected

You ARE Magnificent

9th March 2023 0

All at this time is helping you, guiding you, nudging you within what arises to break out of the old ways, if it sounds like a broken record that’s because doing so is not a day or week process as we are dealing with ingrained beliefs, habits and the inner critic our self-dialogue that we…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Message with Love

7th March 2023 0

For some of us the body is clearly showing us were we are holding on, whether it be to emotions, unhelpful and toxic stories, the past recycling. The solar plexus being highlighted showing us that the feelings, sensations within our gut, digestive systems are holding and storing emotions here that are not serving us. Particularly…

By SoulLee Connected

Let Love Lead

3rd March 2023 0

The deeper we connect with ourselves, the healthier a relationship we have with the self the better we are able to navigate whatever comes into our lives, we feel more stable and able, strongly held and rooted in our beliefs, truths and knowing. The relationship we have with ourselves IS the most valuable one, the…

By SoulLee Connected

Welcome to March Dear Hearts

1st March 2023 0

“Connect to your heart, enter within, the Light, the Love you seek has always been within”. A shift is occurring this month, welcome to March, this feels a very powerful month for us all in terms of stepping into a new way of being, a higher consciousness, if we choose of course. We have heard…

By SoulLee Connected

Creating Freedom Within

28th February 2023 0

We are all coming into being, we are emerging into grander expressions of ourselves, all takes place from within. We emerge from the inside out as we continue to process and be willing to let go of the mistruths and see, know, feel who we really are underneath. Continue to dissolve and transmute the old…

By SoulLee Connected

Make Space to Go within

27th February 2023 0

A clear message today to regularly go within, this is the space of support, of newfound clarity, of peace, of connection that will help you to centre and reset, to receive. Creating a few moments in the day to be still, to be present with yourself is really going to help you within times you…

By SoulLee Connected

Let Love Permeate All

24th February 2023 0

We are human beings a part of and always connected to the Divine, to the highest love but we are here in human form in body to experience, to feel, to explore and grow through wisdom gained, and this means that we don’t no matter how much work on ourselves we have done, love we…

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Todays Messages with Love

20th February 2023 0

This month feels as if it has been speed up especially as we have moved into the later half. There has been some pretty intense energies that have brought up and allowed us to continue to process what we are ready to acknowledge and clear, deal with, although mentally you may not feel you are…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

17th February 2023 0

Today may have you feeling a little tired and they show for many the mental mind connected here. What is rattling around in your thoughts that is seeking resolution, that needs to be expressed or let go of so you can bring in a little peace that can then settle through the whole body. The…

By SoulLee Connected

You are Supported to Trust

16th February 2023 0

We are reminded of the incredible support we have that is streaming through the Angelic realm, through our Spirit guides, the beings of Light that walk with us on this human journey, through Source as we are encouraged to keep creating with empowerment. To radiate this energy through the heart so all our thoughts, words…

By SoulLee Connected

The Beauty of Reflection

13th February 2023 0

There is great power in reflection for it offers us deeper insight into our patterns, our beliefs what we do and don’t want to carry forwards or continue on with, it shows us what we have moved through, overcome, it shows us our joy, our pain, our courage, our love, what we may have or…

By SoulLee Connected

How are you Feeling?

6th February 2023 0

Emotions may be heightened or feel they are just sitting below the surface ready to break through. Whether it may feel to you like you are on the verge of tears, bubbling over with anger or frustration about things that seem to not find of a way of resolving or changing in your life, particularly…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Pop in with Love

5th February 2023 0

The beauty luminous moon energies may be bringing up for you what is held within your heart that has been ignored or avoided. It may or it may not feel comfortable, mentally, emotionally and/or physically within the chest, the solar plexus, nervous and digestive systems. It is the loving push to step outside of our…

By SoulLee Connected

All IS Love

3rd February 2023 0

Today’s message comes with the image of scales, they are being shown balanced, then they are tipping a little one way then evening up and then tipping a little the other way. The message ‘Balance’ doing our best to keep in balance when that which arises within you or that which you may be connecting…

By SoulLee Connected

A little Pop-In

3rd February 2023 0

A little personal pop in that was guided to be shared as a reminder to those that may need it. xx I was reminded today through my own experience with healing with Archangel Raphael that the process of asking for healing and receiving it can feel anything but light and easy as it releases from…

By SoulLee Connected

The Body Speaks

1st February 2023 0

Happy 1st of Feb. The body speaks today. The amount that is being released from our bodies and the light that is coming through the stars, the Universe at this time can play out in your life as feeling that you are experiencing little ‘hurdles’ in your life. You may at times feel a little…

By SoulLee Connected

Open to ALL your Senses

31st January 2023 0

Today’s message comes speaking of awareness to all the information we are receiving, which is referring to not what is being processed by the logical mind, the brain, we have this in spades, but that which can shut down or we can switch off within busyness and being too much within the mind, that which…

By SoulLee Connected

Trust Yourself

28th January 2023 0

Trust you do know what you need, trust yourself more in all ways and within all aspects of your life. Give to yourself, its all about self-love and appreciation for all you are. Knowing you are enough and you are worthy and deserving. Ease up on yourself and be happy in your skin, you are…

By SoulLee Connected


26th January 2023 0

Surrender any frustrations, irritations and judgements of where you are, what you may be feeling and thinking that arise, let go of it all. This is todays message – Surrender. Hand it over. For you are being shown through rising frustrations and irritations what you are being guided to let go of, to stop trying…

By SoulLee Connected

New Beginnings & Thriving

25th January 2023 0

Keep choosing thoughtfully as you actively create your future, the next now moment that you desire to see and reside within. Your thoughts, words, actions, remember you get to choose. I was guided to ask for a card of support for today and we have received two, New Beginnings which is very much speaking to…

By SoulLee Connected

Hello Hello Dear Hearts

21st January 2023 0

I am back home and enjoying a final weekend of resting with a peaceful heart with family. We continue to learn, to find ways to express and honour ourselves and our own personal power with grace. The words, the frequencies of abundance, of freedom stream through strongly from the higher realms of light as we…

By SoulLee Connected

Present in your Now

7th January 2023 0

Be present, be in presence with yourself so you are aware of where you heart, your mind is. The present that calls you to be still within its now moment, for the past is just that it is past you but may not have been fully processed if there is trauma, grief, loss, sadness still…

By SoulLee Connected

A little pop in

3rd January 2023 0

If you at times feel sluggish, fatigued, not really with it or able to get into actively doing much all is okay. This may be about for many until at least mid-January. Nothing is wrong this is all a part still of bringing us in to slow it down a little, to take time to…

By SoulLee Connected

Welcome in Joy in 2023

23rd December 2022 0

“I (say your name) choose, I magnify in 2023 the creation of Joy” If you feel to ~ Hands on your heart, close your eyes and say the above words, really feeling the depth of your hearts intention within these words. Then when you have said this taking a nice deep breath into this and…

By SoulLee Connected

Rest in the Divine Heart

23rd December 2022 0

Come back within, call all your energy back to you, all parts of you back to yourself. You can do this by sitting quietly and setting your intention to do so. Saying aloud “I call ALL my power back to me now. I call back All my power and all parts of me that I have…

By SoulLee Connected

Flow & Let it Go

20th December 2022 0

Hidden shadow aspects may be arising, do your best with it, see what is repeating what you are being shown you are still moving through, working within healing. Make changes where you are able or feel ready to but most of all go gently with yourself. If someone’s behaviour or something outside of yourself is…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Pop In’s

17th December 2022 0

There are realisations coming in over the next week or two and they are connected to our relationships (in any form) those where we don’t truly feel a sense that we can just be, just be yourself or feel free, a sense of freedom within the relationship, so one that you may not feel honoured…

By SoulLee Connected

Give the Gift of Kindness

16th December 2022 0

Continue dear hearts to observe how you feel, check in with yourself within your day, this assists you to feel where you are out of balance and where you are doing for the sake of it, perhaps running yourself ragged this time of year. Ask your heart “What do you need today?” Ask your body…

By SoulLee Connected

Trust and Balance ~ Panda

14th December 2022 0

No matte how you feel from one moment to the next try your best to keep coming back to trust that all is truly okay, all that you are experiencing, feeling, will not stay as it is as the one constant is change in our lives, we are forever moving and shifting. So if you…

By SoulLee Connected

Freedom, Expansion, Love

12th December 2022 0

The message today comes through with the image of the body, all the bodies, physical, emotional, mental, etheric etc, its shows the mind expanding and opening to new ideas, concepts, understandings, knowledge. The heart opening and expanding allowing love to enter and to flow more freely both ways, within giving and receiving. It shows the…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

8th December 2022 0

Just observing what ‘feels’ good within your body, your heart and what doesn’t as you are being guided to what may not be aligned with your ‘now’ you anymore, who you have now grown to be within your expanded heart consciousness. What are you already all too aware feels old and stagnant in your life,…

By SoulLee Connected

Wednesday 7th December ~ JOY

7th December 2022 0

The energies are heightening and so the message of Joy springs forth today and its nothing to do with the festive season but of our ability to choose, to choose better for ourselves and to make change that is more aligned within joy, happiness, love the most powerful frequencies of all. Look for what fills…

By SoulLee Connected

Observe before you React

5th December 2022 0

Irritations and lack of patience within others or yourself may rise, others expressing anger, frustration as their own inner build up bubbles over may be witnessed this week. Again this is where we can come in to put into practice our peaceful flow, our remembering to come back into the heart, consciously focus on the…

By SoulLee Connected

Softly Softly

2nd December 2022 0

A need for a softer approach physically comes through today, so don’t be surprised if you don’t feel as well rested as you would like or ready to jump into things when you wake. Body fatigue may return, that deep tiredness that was felt the other week may show up again. If this is you…

By SoulLee Connected

Expand your Ideas & Be Flexible

29th November 2022 0

Pay attention to your dreams and visions the Lizard brings us today but Spirit expands on this and with almost a little humour at the word ‘expands’ as we connect with yesterday’s message. Your dreams and visions may not look exactly as you envisaged them to, even the best planned out ideas may not take…

By SoulLee Connected


24th November 2022 0

The message today has been very clear just allow everything to be, to just be. Whatever you are feeling, thinking, walking through that you encounter today, now, whatever it is you are processing through, integrating or having come up in your face, witnessing come up and out through others projections and reactions just find your…

By SoulLee Connected

Sensitivity to Others

22nd November 2022 0

How the days fly by as the weeks seem to roll quickly as we head into the end of the year, they always do. As worthiness came through yesterday todays message ties in to speak of our possibly sensitivity to others at this time, how we choose to be effected by or form beliefs about…

By SoulLee Connected

Heart Expansion

17th November 2022 0

Again the message of the heart and the head (mind/brain) coming in today and it does so to assist us to bring us out of overthinking, away from being too absorbed or feeling stuck within the goings on of that which is outside of us and our own minds busyness, to guide us to come…

By SoulLee Connected

Are you in Resistance?

15th November 2022 0

“You are exactly where you need to be”. We all seem to ‘know’ this on some level but still not feel all that happy about where we may be as our human emotions and thoughts seem to override this knowing more times than not, at certain times particularly the times of struggle. Spirits message today…

By SoulLee Connected

Open to Receive

11th November 2022 0

A very high vibrational day today as the higher frequencies present at this time within November stream through, a perfect day for meditation and connection, creation but then again every day is. If you have been experiencing synchronicities lately, perhaps repeated numbers 11:11 1:11, 2:22 22:22, and all variations through the 3’s onwards you are…

By SoulLee Connected

Opportunity & Clearing

9th November 2022 0

The message that comes in immediately is about the ‘opportunities’ present within change, within that which arises that we may feel rattled by or uncomfortable within, the example being the Full Moon that for many brought up what is still being let go of, worked within, so it can be brought into further acceptance, allowance,…

By SoulLee Connected

Full Moon Feels

8th November 2022 0

As you know I don’t get too ‘into’ the Moons going ons’ but this one feels intense and powerful! So if you feel triggered or wonder why your emotions are a little or a lot all over the place with old stuff coming in, those things that you thought were worked through past resentments, irritations,…

By SoulLee Connected

Stand in your Powerful Light

7th November 2022 0

Being mindful of allowing yourself a little space if things are arising that feel a little uncomfortable or unsettling within your emotional body. Things may be stirring as we come into a Full Moon Eclipse. Try to remember it doesn’t mean anything is wrong rather things are coming to light allowing them the space to…

By SoulLee Connected

Self Expansion & Vibrational Shifts

6th November 2022 0

You have been within so much deep transformation and your understanding of yourself has expanded greatly. Just as your awareness to all that you have involved yourself within, past experiences and choices made, the part you played whether it helped or hindered you, regardless all has been learning, has become so much clearer, such clarity…

By SoulLee Connected

Honour your Needs

4th November 2022 0

The message today slow down, breathe, honour your needs, listen, rest and step back where needed. They show the cocoon, again the message of the butterfly the last few days (reread them) as it feels we are integrating so much at this time and our physical bodies are asking for assistance with inviting a space…

By SoulLee Connected

Butterfly ~ Transformation

3rd November 2022 0

The butterfly comes through today with the message to re-read the message from yesterday. The butterfly coming through confirming as we are well aware of that we are in a time of deep and profound transformation, it can look and feel messy at times, it can look and feel a little scary at times but…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Message Received

2nd November 2022 0

“Dear Hearts, it is a time of intense transformational change, go gently, go Lightly, remember the pause to bring yourself back into the centre of your heart before choosing to speak, react, decide your next move, next step, next comment so you are choosing from a place of love that is centred, grounded and present.…

By SoulLee Connected

Ancestors Come Forth

1st November 2022 0

I sensed my father’s communication around me this morning, he passed 8 years ago on Melbourne Cup day (which is today in Australia) but which was 4/11 eight years ago. I feel his love as he is acknowledging all the healing and work done for myself and the lineage, and all he has as Soul…

By SoulLee Connected

A message from the Buffalo

28th October 2022 0

Stay grounded to the Earth for you are here to experience and learn, grow and evolve from your human life experiences but at the same to awaken to the remembrance that you are eternal love, a part of the All, eternal light that never truly dies but changes form again and again, returning to light,…

By SoulLee Connected

Signs & Rapid Change

27th October 2022 0

Have you been receiving signs, messages, synchronicities that are showing you that you are on the right path? See they come to encourage you onwards, to give you that much needed glimpse that you are indeed supported and guided closely. Trust in your path ahead, trust in yourself, keep your awareness to any negative thoughts,…

By SoulLee Connected

Focus & Release

25th October 2022 0

Mindfulness today of what we are attracting and creating through our thoughts, words, actions and reactions. Remembering that all creates, all is energy. The powerful effect of your thoughts, emotions (energy in motion), words have on shaping and forming your reality. They are powerful creators so check in with yourself often in your day, what…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep your Heart Open through Change

22nd October 2022 0

Where change has been resisted within relationships, the themes within relationships that have been calling for deep change or to be brought into alignment may suddenly become clearer to you, insight received and readiness felt that you are now willing and able, within a space to move forward in whatever way is going to serve…

By SoulLee Connected


20th October 2022 0

Listening to the body your intuition are you being guided to just take your foot off the pedal a little bit to allow yourself to not only slow yourself down a little but also in order to allow yourself to feel into what you are needing, what your being is asking for? For we cannot…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow Love to dissolve Fear

19th October 2022 0

It is coming in that this week it will be helpful for us to really be aware of our negative self-talk and judgements. Aware of what is not ours as well as how we are keeping the past present. Where the minds focus is within limitation and restriction. Whether this is coming up as your…

By SoulLee Connected

Head & Heart Coming Together

18th October 2022 0

Calling your hearts awareness to be present within all your choices at this time, take a moment to engage the heart before acting solely from the head in your choices. Run them through the heart, bring the logical mind/the head into the heart, see, sense, feel, imagine it occurring. Deep breath in set intention and…

By SoulLee Connected

Bask in the Light

17th October 2022 0

As the message comes through today they start by showing a door opening, it is already open but opening wider and from out of the door the light shines brightly, this light is connected with the suns light, the solar rays at this time assisting us within change and to keep our focus and hearts…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages with Love

16th October 2022 0

The way you think, feel and thus now react (decide, choose) has changed so much over the course of this year. Your inner shifts have been massive to say the least, you won’t be aware consciously of the complex depth and magnitude of it all but you will have noticed subtle shifts and changes within…

By SoulLee Connected

You ARE Worthy

13th October 2022 0

“Dear Heart, you do not have to prove your worthiness, this is often a belief that has been conditioned within your human experience. You do not have to earn love in any form to prove you have value, to prove to yourself or another that you deserve to be. Open your heart to the love…

By SoulLee Connected

Release & Invite Peace

12th October 2022 0

“Is your mind overthinking everything at this time Dear Heart, it is natural and is human particularly when so much seems to be occurring, shifting, rearranging and releasing in your world, which it is, to be disconnected from the heart, from love. Slow it all down and come back to being present within your heart,…

By SoulLee Connected

Follow your Inner Light

11th October 2022 0

Your continuing search for truth and empowerment means trusting your inner guidance, it is found as a reflection from within. You are moving through huge Soul growth at this time, navigating situations that perhaps you are very consciously aware of having come around again, and many that have been coming around again and again, repeating…

By SoulLee Connected


10th October 2022 0

Stand in your powerful love, within your peaceful heart as best you can. Big solar plexus activations being shown and many may be feeling either a little pounded by the energies present over the next few days and/or revved up mentally. Sleep may be affected for some. Be mindful of those triggers especially within your…

By SoulLee Connected

Observe & Bring In Peace

7th October 2022 2

Be the observer rather than the reactor, whether it be your own emotions, thoughts or that being displayed and projection from another, remember you get to choose how you react, or don’t, what you engage in and how much you choose to engage in it. Notice the past patterns and how you may have once…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

6th October 2022 0

There is so much we are trying to rise above in our world collectively and within our own individual lives, at times you can feel like the feet of the duck peddling rapidly under the water whilst we try to connect and be present with the beauty and serenity above and within the seeming chaos.…

By SoulLee Connected

Sacred Practices Serve

4th October 2022 0

Being committed to your sacred practices and all things that serve your body, mind and bring a greater sense of wellbeing are really being highlighted for us as important at this time. This is a gentle reminder for some that you made a mental commitment to yourself but you haven’t yet honoured it, you have…

By SoulLee Connected

Message Pop In

2nd October 2022 0

Over the next few weeks ~ Your ability to keep bringing yourself back to centre, to the heart and a neutral space within your thoughts and emotions, keeping your eye on where you fall into a judgmental or overly critical mind especially of yourself or those closest to you, will serve you well at this…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

1st October 2022 0

How you value yourself and your perception of yourself, your self-worth and your place within the dynamics of your relationships with those closest to you may pop in. This is a time to really stand tall in your powerful light and remember who you are, the core of what and who you are, your worth,…

By SoulLee Connected

The Body

28th September 2022 0

Whilst yesterday may have had you feeling a need to slow down or a lack of energy or desire to do too much, tiredness, this also aligns with the energies of the Full Moon stirring, it was a big one for many, whether you were conscious of it or not does not matter, we feel…

By SoulLee Connected

Balanced & Open

26th September 2022 0

Being able to keep yourself within a space of grounded balance at this time will help you to remain in an open and receptive space of flow, feel a greater sense of harmony present within as you allow all the shifting and changing you have been within this month to settle deeply within. There is…

By SoulLee Connected

BE Present in the Present

23rd September 2022 0

Two words entwined coming through today. Present-moment, present-moment, present-moment this is the only space/time you are fully able to make choice, decision, action. This is where you are creating your future from. Be present now, the past is behind you, the future not yet here for you are creating it now within each breath, thought,…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages with Love

21st September 2022 0

Rest and reflect , allow, pause, take stock of where you are and listen to what you are needing at this time. Try not to attach yourself to unnecessary drama, so if you find yourself around someone that is expressing, projecting outward their judgements either of their or another’s life, habits, behaviour be mindful of…

By SoulLee Connected

Connect to your Creator Being

19th September 2022 0

Love, love the beauty and power of your creative nature for you are a creative being at heart. Can you open your heart and allow what wants to be created within your life, that nurtures, supports and expands you to come forth? Can you give yourself permission to act on what you have been holding…

By SoulLee Connected

Your Intuition is speaking to you

17th September 2022 0

Our connect with our already present knowing, our intuition is lighting up at present. Make space to step back from the busyness and listen, feel, connect. This is a natural ability we all have the more we can shut out the noise and ‘disconnect’ from the outer world the more we open to our true…

By SoulLee Connected

Balance & Grounding

16th September 2022 0

As we come into a deeper awareness of what within our lives is looking for change, what is unbalanced rattles within and through our being, remember all comes to serve you to propel you towards greater harmony within life, within your systems, your heart, your mind. Balance and flow the heart is seeking, all aspects…

By SoulLee Connected

Connect to Love

15th September 2022 0

“Sit within your sacred heart for a moment Dear One, rest here a while as you consciously connect with the presence of your own powerful light, your love which is eternally connected with the Divine Light of All”. Feel into the supportive energies present as they shift to bring in a flow that assists us…

By SoulLee Connected

Trust, Commit & Open Wider

13th September 2022 0

Trust those intuitive nudges and insights be open to receive through the higher realms of Light, your Higher Self and your own knowing, open your heart which creates a soft space to receive. Keep taking those steps forward as you are guided to, check in with yourself and your reasons for ‘not’ following through not…

By SoulLee Connected

All IS supporting you

12th September 2022 0

“Trust Dear Hearts, trust the timing in all things. Allow yourself to release the push, the pull the fight within your minds, your hearts for all that you are to connect with you will, you will not miss out or be passed by, what is meant to be for you will be. Trust all supports…

By SoulLee Connected

Let go to Open & Communicate

10th September 2022 0

Letting go of those old emotional attachments is what is coming up as the energies at this time are ‘huge’, with the Full Moon and lots of things planetary wise going on, there is a lot of energy swirling about. I don’t go into all of that deeply as we are going to feel what…

By SoulLee Connected

Reflect & Let Go with Love

9th September 2022 0

This may be a day where you find yourself in reflection of all you have travelled recently. As you let go of what has been, as this further trails out of the emotional body, all the bodies in their ways, come into a space of gratitude and love for yourself and all you have moved…

By SoulLee Connected

Heart Expansion & Heart-Mind

7th September 2022 0

Sometimes when emotions feel a little challenging or we feel a little ‘soft and tender’ we can feel as if we are ‘off’ the path or going backwards, and whilst it can feel a little overwhelming at times for some, none of this is true, you are actually powering forwards. It is particularly within these…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep the Heart Open

6th September 2022 0

Feeling a little ‘serious’ or a desire to pull back within, we are being given a loving push to assist us to get things done, perhaps those jobs and mundane things that we put off to another day, a lot, today may be the day to get to a few. It may also be a…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages, with Love

5th September 2022 0

Allow, allow, allow, relax your resistance to change, let go dear heart and trust that all will be okay. Our beliefs, routines and habits that we have stuck with for so long are coming up for review this month, decisions and choices to be made, if you choose to of course you can always ignore…

By SoulLee Connected


2nd September 2022 0

As August unfolded to be a month of letting go and detaching from the old, so much shifting and rearranging within relationships to serve us in higher more authentic ways, the message today, and it feels very much a message for this month, is one of continuing to practice being the master of our emotions.…

By SoulLee Connected

New Expansion is Felt

1st September 2022 0

This first day of September brings such a feeling of expansion that we are being give opportunity to step into. This doesn’t mean that we have finish with what we are transmuting but that we have opportunity to move into higher vibration. Real expansion is possible and felt, again the doors come in, the pathways…

By SoulLee Connected

August comes to completion

31st August 2022 0

This last day of August take a moment to look back over this month and acknowledge all you have moved through as you will likely see that what has been occurring for you what has been coming up for you through experiences, emotions, situations, thoughts has been moving you towards resolution, endings, bringing completion to…

By SoulLee Connected


30th August 2022 0

Openings and pathways appearing, yes those doors we have talked about are becoming more visible and you may be feeling the inner pull as they continue to beckon you to enter in to what you are next ready for, the opportunities start to become visible as a result of all the work you have put…

By SoulLee Connected

Loving Support

29th August 2022 0

Gratitude for those present within our life regardless of the journey or space we are travelling with them at this time, for we all teach and learn so much from each other. We as the human feelers we are can get soo tied up within the experience, the emotions that we cant see the underlying…

By SoulLee Connected

Supported Change

25th August 2022 0

Our change is so very lovingly supported we are deeply embraced as we continue to make steps forward and bring into our own embrace and love all the parts of us that have been left behind unseen, unheard, unloved for so long. As our self-awareness expands which has been occurring at a rapid rate this…

By SoulLee Connected

Freedom & Joy

24th August 2022 0

Your awareness has expanded so much you may now be able to see with sharper clarity the part you played in the unfolding of certain situations in your past experiences, perhaps you are now able to embrace and own the choices you made as you hold greater insight into why all unfolded from those choices…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow & Open

22nd August 2022 0

If you are feeling a little tender, soft and within your emotions today all is okay just allow it all to move through you, be present with it but know you don’t have to sink into it all. Be gentle to your body, gentle movements, stretching, walking, nature time, nurture yourself time. Be patient with…

By SoulLee Connected

New Openings

18th August 2022 0

What new openings can you feel within you and what openings are you starting to see becoming very real and visible in your reality? The work you have been doing as you have been moving through and applying as best you can your wisdom gained, your new ways of being to all within your life,…

By SoulLee Connected

Expanding Trust

16th August 2022 0

The upper chakras are being shown as illuminated, activation of the crown and third eye particularly as we are receiving a beautiful influx of light, a stream of higher consciousness flooding in. So don’t be surprised if you find you receive little insights and aha moments occurring, greater understanding and clarity forming as well as…

By SoulLee Connected

Release & Receive

12th August 2022 1

There is a drawing up and out of old emotions taking place, those particularly that have been attached to old stories and programs you have been actively working on changing and releasing. This is highlighted by the Full Moons light today. So if you are feeling this physically overflow in the body or too intensely…

By SoulLee Connected


11th August 2022 0

The more you are able to consciously keep choosing to open your heart and really sink into trust, keep bringing yourself, your mind, your thoughts, your heart back to holding absolute trust in the process you are within, and it’s all unique for each of us, TRUST ALL of the process unfolding for you, the…

By SoulLee Connected

Gratitude & Magic

10th August 2022 0

Finding space to sink into gratitude for all you have, all you have experienced, the good and the not so pleasant as all has served you, yes the human can struggle with this knowing, but Soul knows all has served to bring you closer to love, who you are beneath. Gratitude for all of the…

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5th August 2022 0

As has been coming in for a few weeks now we are again reminded of the importance of just Being, being present with yourself in the moment. For this is the space that you are going to best travel whatever you are within at this time. Pull it all back in to yourself and just…

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Where is your focus and energy?

3rd August 2022 1

What little insights and realisations are you receiving, are you paying attention? Find time even for five minutes to again pause and bring your focus back to your back into the heart space, breathe and allow the body and the mind to release on the exhale and let it all drop away. Cut cords with…

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August Emerges with a Shake

1st August 2022 0

Good morning beautiful hearts on this rainy winters day. It’s the first day of August and some of you may be feeling your inner being is a little shaken or unsteady as you move within the energies present. Remember all serves to move us to be within a more authentic express of our truest selves…

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29th July 2022 0

Frid 29/7 – Joyful Peace You may feel a strong calling from within your heart, your Soul guiding you today, and it may come in and out over the next week or so even stretching through the month of August, to ‘slow it all down’. As the energies are shifting as we come to enter…

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Simply BE

28th July 2022 0

A big part of our being here, of our purpose, is to find the joy in simply BEing human. We experience the full spectrum of human emotions of feeling, both the perceived ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and we can only do this in human form, in human embodiment, this is why we are here in human form,…

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Our Triggers are Gifts

27th July 2022 0

Our awareness to what triggers us, especially that which brings up agitation when we feel the energetic charge surge through the body and the nervous system in response. This is where we are called to dive deeper and be our own healer, our own sleuth, to notice all the parts of us, the thoughts, the…

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Slow Down & Connect with Love

22nd July 2022 0

The message today is to slow it down, we are integrating a lot that we have moved through the last week and are guided to keep our focus ahead, being aware when this flicks back into the past, the thoughts, habits, actions, words that we react with that we are working on changing, it’s always…

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The Light Shines

20th July 2022 0

As the light shines through us, shines deeply on all the unloved parts within us, as the emotions flood to the surface how you react or not to them, how you either internalise or project them outwards is always your choosing. All the choices we made that we question if we said or did, chose…

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Heightened Emotions

19th July 2022 0

Things may feel heightened today, your emotions, whether you are feeling withdrawn, wanting to be alone, or you are feeling frustration boil over, feel a little agitated or irritated by things in your personal world, things you have to do, the people around you, this always comes in with those closest to us. Perhaps it…

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A new Cycle opens

15th July 2022 0

Keep your focus ahead. When it comes in as ‘ahead’ it means in the now, in your ‘BEingness’ in the moment, in each moment. What is particularly being referred to is being aware of when you are within the past in your thoughts, emotions, words and actions. Remember the power of your focus and what…

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Flow & Allow all to Integrate

11th July 2022 0

Ah there’s a little bit of rocking and rolling going on within these there energies today. Many may be feeling scattered, full mentally, wiped out, as if there are many things coming at them at once but at the same time can’t really identify what a lot of them actually are, you feel it and…

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9th July 2022 0

The stirrings of impatience may be rising up today the feeling you just want to get on with something but may not even connect with what that actually is, its an itching to burst out in some way. Be patient as these energies are stirring up much within and may have you feeling scattered or…

By SoulLee Connected

Trust your Intuition

6th July 2022 0

If you feel a niggle of doubt, a hesitation or a moment of indecision rise from within your gut, solar plexus, feel a niggle in your throat or your heart space just take a moment to pause before acting, speaking, or agreeing to something as the choice or decision, action you may be about to…

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All is moving you forwards in Love

3rd July 2022 0

You may find yourself going back over or rethinking some of your choices, decisions and actions made over the last few weeks, whether verbally or physically expressed. This is healthy as some may have been acted on out of impulsiveness, nothing wrong here as it is your eagerness and desire to create and do, to…

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Stepping Up

30th June 2022 0

Stepping up into our powerful light can be one of the hardest things for us to do, the belief systems we have formed about our worthiness, our value, our abilities, being seen, being judged, the list goes on can muddle so much of what we feel Soul and heart led to step into. At times…

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Todays Messages

28th June 2022 0

We play an important role in each other’s lives as we assist each other through our connectedness on our unique journey to Oneness and Ascension. As came through yesterday’s message before we can play an integral role in helping others we have to first take care of ourselves, take care for this incredible physical vessel…

By SoulLee Connected

Self Care

27th June 2022 0

Today or even stretching throughout this week you may feel a calling into a deeper need to nurture the self, you may be feeling a little tender, tired or both, in need of a little love and care, so make sure especially if you also care for others in any capacity that you reach out…

By SoulLee Connected

Your Authentic Self is Emerging

25th June 2022 0

Lots of old patterning being realised, greater awareness to where we have allowed our beliefs, habits, routines and trauma to hold us back from the opportunities that have been presenting to us, the potential possibilities. The good thing here is we are so much more open and aware of ourselves so we get to choose…

By SoulLee Connected

Connect with the Soul Self

24th June 2022 0

Take a deep breath in, all the way to fill your lungs expanding your chest close your eyes and exhale deeply. Make a deep audible sigh as you do and relax your whole body, allow your shoulders to drop, sink your weight into the earth. Drop into your heart space and just breathe. Take a…

By SoulLee Connected

Heart and Mind Union

23rd June 2022 0

Just a little check in to nudge you to look at where you are directing your energy, your focus, your thoughts and emotions. Where is your focus and how does it feel within you, what is being stirred by the mind and what is flowing from the heart, what allows flow and what is creating…

By SoulLee Connected

Grief, Loss and Sadness

20th June 2022 0

There very much feels a sadness, a loss of some form around today, its roots feel within a massive collective and karmic purging. So if you feel grief, a sadness that you can’t explain, just feel a little off centre emotionally just allow it. This feels very deep and very old, ancient and so may…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Little Pop-In

19th June 2022 0

A little pop in to speak on what some of you may have experienced over this weekend, little flutters within the body, energy waves that are felt within the nervous system, perhaps they are felt as fear, anxiety, they can be felt so differently, uniquely for all. Some may have felt it emotionally. This is…

By SoulLee Connected

Be within Flow

16th June 2022 0

It feels we are coming into a space that asks us to slow it all down a bit, particularly the mind to again, as came in yesterday not buy into others erratic or chaotic behaviours (actions, words, projections) and keep ourselves firmly within our own peace. Some may be experiencing a feeling of wanting so…

By SoulLee Connected

Ease and Grace

15th June 2022 0

Feel the light within you, keep making positive choices that align with your intentions for yourself and your future creating. Keep coming from the heart space as many at this time are purely operating from the mental and this is creating quite an unstable or chopping environment for them. Perhaps this is something to keep…

By SoulLee Connected

Further Gifts of Expansion

14th June 2022 0

All that is surfacing at this time comes to highlight where you are not fully aligning. All comes as a gift to unfold and return you to greater levels of love and authenticity, self-awareness, and as this occurs you vibrate at higher levels as your consciousness moves more in alignment with your Higher Self. Your…

By SoulLee Connected

Super Full Moon Feels

13th June 2022 0

Busyness comes through, the energies moving quickly and in all directions, this feels directly related to the head and so it may serve to a few ties in the day just check in and be aware of the stories your mind is playing, if you are allowing the mind to take you down a rabbit…

By SoulLee Connected

You ARE already Complete.

9th June 2022 0

You are already complete, already whole, already enough it is just your human perception created through experiences and beliefs that erode this sense of knowing. Hands over your heart, close your eyes and take a moment to connect to your breath, just breathing, slow it all down. Feel into the love that is ever present…

By SoulLee Connected

Fill Yourself Up

8th June 2022 0

You hold the Universe inside of you, you hold all you need within your heart, within the light that is you. Let go of forcing things you desire to be for when it is ready it will form, allow what is within you to emerge in Divine timing, Soul timing, when your heart and entire…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

6th June 2022 0

Its a public holiday here in Western Australia so today has been one of new plants in pots and the garden and cleaning up which always feels good. All day there has been the sense that there is so much going on with so many, all trying to navigate their lives as best they can…

By SoulLee Connected

Relationships and Responsibility

5th June 2022 0

Responsibility is coming through. Self-responsibility for our energy and where we choose to place it, what we invite into it and get involved within, who/what we share it with, accountability. You may be witnessing things arise within your relationships so you can gained better understanding about yourself and the part you play in the dynamic.…

By SoulLee Connected

You are doing it!

3rd June 2022 0

We are so supported at this time that we literally have waves of powerful energy lifting us up so we can better connect with our dreams, our ideas and the higher visions we have for ourselves. Again the message of just how much you have learned about yourself and how much the work you have…

By SoulLee Connected

Welcome to June

1st June 2022 0

This month will see some intense energies but overall will (I feel) be a welcome change from what May brought forth for us all as we continue to integrate all we have recently travelled. Our relationships have been at the front of all coming up for some time and the message that comes today is…

By SoulLee Connected

You are Emerging

31st May 2022 0

Awareness to any negativity that creeps into your mind as we experience the last day of this month of May and enter into the half way point of the year. Focus on how far you have come and all that you have worked with and moved through especially through the eclipse period. We are integrating…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Expanding

29th May 2022 0

Keep allowing yourself to be in a space of openness, receptivity, fully focused and present with yourself as you on moving ahead. The energies at this time are working to assist and support you to connect with a greater depth of confidence so you fee inspired and more able to act on those new beginnings…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Message with Love

27th May 2022 0

There feels a shift, it’s a little lighter and brighter today so you may find you come into greater clarity particularly around ‘seeing’ what is occurring, the root causes and illuminations within relationships that may have been coming up for you. This was also talked about in yesterdays message. It’s a time to possibly find…

By SoulLee Connected

Let it Go and Hold Love

26th May 2022 0

Let the old ways go, let them shift is the message today as we are asked to further detach from the routines, habits and ways of being that we have been doing many on auto pilot with no conscious awareness. That which we have been working on to bring all into higher alignment, into love…

By SoulLee Connected

Intention to Flow

25th May 2022 0

Really holding strong to the intention to be within flow today, to flow with and within whatever is arising within you or whatever is presenting outside of the self. Hands on your heart, close your eyes and smile as you feel the support streaming through Source through your body filling your heart. All is and…

By SoulLee Connected

You’ve Come So Far

24th May 2022 0

Your capability coming in strongly again today and a reminder that all the work you have done, the uncomfortable that you have been within, and this has varied greatly for many, in bringing the shadows into consciousness you have been able to access the treasures it holds rather than avoiding or repressing it. The power…

By SoulLee Connected

A shift has Occurred

20th May 2022 0

There has been a massive shift occur some may have felt it in their physical being, some in their knowing, deep within but not knowing exactly what they are feeling or connecting with, some not at all. Regardless know that it has occurred. Yesterday there was an awareness that all was happening at once all…

By SoulLee Connected

Ease & Communication

18th May 2022 0

Keep finding ways to simplify and create greater ease within your life, continue to work on bringing in balance and calm wherever you can so you can better flow and keep out of those resistance energies and emotions that arise when we feel pushed and pulled in all directions. Really bring in your higher mind…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

17th May 2022 0

It today feels a reset and renewal is taking place as the intensity of the energies being felt will subside over the next few days. Hold the wisdom within your heart, the knowing that everything happens for a reason, many that we cannot fathom with our human understanding or are able to see the reason…

By SoulLee Connected

Drop into the Heart

14th May 2022 0

Being aware of when the mind seems to be filling up and keep your focus heart centred at this time as we come into the full blood moon total lunar eclipse on 15/16 it may feel like your brain is buzzing from all directions. Remember to be patient and kind with yourself if you are…

By SoulLee Connected

Let go of Distraction

6th May 2022 0

We are learning how to let go of all that distracts us from being more present that doesn’t fit anymore with who we are, who we are becoming, what we are working towards and drawing into our field of experience. So much in our lives has taken from and stopped our ability to really connect…

By SoulLee Connected

Another Portal Opens

5th May 2022 0

There is a lot still trying to settle within, to integrate within the body at this time. What you have let go of and actively worked to make changes within over the last few months has enable a shift to take place, a vibrational change has occurred or is occurring, whether minor or major. And…

By SoulLee Connected

A Little Shift

3rd May 2022 0

There feels a slight shifting today a brighter and lighter presence, one that reminds us of the opportunities that are always present for us, the ever present magic and potentials if we just believe they are there. This feels very much connected to the message of balance and how much you may feel this may…

By SoulLee Connected

Judgement and Movement

2nd May 2022 0

The messages that came through yesterday are wanting to still be read and seen today so you can re-read and I feel this will be this way for the entire week if not the next. But with the addition of two things, the importance of staying out of judgement, whether its how you are feeling,…

By SoulLee Connected


28th April 2022 0

Changes are calling many of us especially where we may have become complacent, overly familiar and too deeply set all snuggled into our comfort zones that are not allowing for those changes, or any change, movement and thus growth and expansion to what wants to be, what is ready for you. Its understandable of course…

By SoulLee Connected


27th April 2022 0

We are again being guided so it feels very important this week to be aware of what your mind and thoughts are being drawn to? Is it the past, past events, past relationships and interactions, situations with others that you feel haven’t been fully resolved or healed within? Again this is coming up to show…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep your Focus Ahead

26th April 2022 0

The past may be coming up for reflection what you may have held down for years if not decades and with this the emotions attached to some of these recollections can feel strongly present with you, just as real as the moment of occurrence. Know this is not for you to sink back into this…

By SoulLee Connected

Repeating Stories

25th April 2022 0

Pay attention to what seem to be the repeating themes, the reoccurring particularly within relationships in your life, that familiar I’ve been here before or felt or thought this way before, possibly too many times to count, that which is recurring within present situations as they are coming up for us to review. All offers…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Honouring Your Path

24th April 2022 0

As you honour your path your sense of self-worth is expanding, you are feeling with greater awareness on a levels and layers that you are capable and able to create for yourself that which you are working towards. Your abilities and your unique gifts, the beauty that you are is becoming more apparent as you…

By SoulLee Connected

A Little Pop in

20th April 2022 0

Try not to be discouraged if things don’t seem to be working out or you ‘feel’ things aren’t right or as you had hoped for, as your heart wants them to be. Know ALL is right for you try not to be discouraged or feel you are off track or things are crumbling, for this…

By SoulLee Connected

All is Working FOR you

14th April 2022 0

When the energies feel a bit scattered and deep as they do I do look to see if there is a ‘moon’ influence at play, I don’t tend to follow the moons cycles but do most certainly feel the energies of such. If you have been experiencing a scattered feeling, mentally and even within things…

By SoulLee Connected

Dive Deep and Expand

12th April 2022 0

Taking a deep dive into the self is how it is being shown at this time, so don’t be surprised if things from long ago are coming up for reflection, no need to get involved mentally within them. ALL comes to show you how far you have shifted in your sense of self, your worthiness,…

By SoulLee Connected

Creating Greater Inner Freedom

11th April 2022 0

Keep focusing on working to expand your freedom from within. This is the process we are working within in the releasing and clearing out that is occurring. We are making space as we let go of what is restricting, holding us in a particular pattern, or feeling stagnant and opening up from the inside out.Be…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

8th April 2022 0

You have most likely noticed that a lot has been coming over the last few weeks that has particularly centered around your relationships. Within all of this you are being reminded on a deep level of the infinite potential that you have brought forth into this lifetime. To allow your creativity and your true natural…

By SoulLee Connected


7th April 2022 1

The cards called strongly today as there was a message that Spirit was really wanting to express. Your ability to connect or even be aware of the beauty and blessings already present within your life, being able to see and feel with gratitude and love what you already have may feel blocked in a way…

By SoulLee Connected


5th April 2022 0

You ARE a beautiful, magical, spectacular being of light, a limitless and infinite Divine creation. Know this, feel this, embody and fully embrace this through every fibre of your being, every cell, every space. No matter what comes, no matter what you feel you are within, no matter how immersive it may feel at times…

By SoulLee Connected

Welcome to April

1st April 2022 0

What is no longer ‘you’ what is no longer in alignment with your new beingness will feel increasingly uncomfortable as you are continuously guided to change aspects of your life to come into alignment with where you are now, that align with your newly discovered truths, your renewed resolve to exist in your life in…

By SoulLee Connected

The Blossoming Continues

31st March 2022 0

All that you may be experiencing now rise up within emotionally and mentally through your heart, the inner self, held within memories or playing out in external experiences, all is showing you or allowing you to reflect on the incredible strength, courage and light you hold within, that you are able to access and work…

By SoulLee Connected

The Tail Energies of March

28th March 2022 0

What you need and what you have been either holding back, denying yourself, where you have not been allowing yourself to receive, or allowing yourself to fully express that has been sitting just below the surface for so long may feel it is ready to burst forth. Emotions may be heightened and feel very present…

By SoulLee Connected

Allowing the Settling Within

25th March 2022 0

There is a lot that is ‘solidifying’ and finding its place within us, it’s still grounding within us and within the physical plane. It very much feels more of the pieces coming together and being now able to fit as you have made the space to now be able to embody them, they can fully…

By SoulLee Connected


24th March 2022 0

Our ‘allowance’ is what is coming through today, our ability to greater allow ourselves to flow within all, to be aware of ourselves in new ways, a more open and self realised way. As we move within our day we are walking in closer connection with ourselves not detached from ourselves, more connected to and…

By SoulLee Connected

The Seasons & Our Own Cycles

21st March 2022 0

As we have shifting into new seasons and cycles it feels we are very much shifting within our own individual cycles. There is a shift occurring where you are moving out of the deep inner work so many have been immersed within to come into an awareness of a new stirring within, bringing a newness,…

By SoulLee Connected

Love is Gaining

20th March 2022 0

The heart is shown as opening wide, expanding in love and so it may be a day where you feel reflective and in a soft space. You are more able to look back over many experiences within your life and see the value, the wisdom gained through the challenging and uncomfortable but also the immense…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Aligning

17th March 2022 0

Keep being aware of yourself within your day, check in at times, remind yourself to do a quick feel into your body, take a breath, see if you are holding tension, clenching your jaw, holding your shoulders high, breathing shallow from just the top part of the lungs. Relax, exhale. Take a moment to relax…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow yourself to Feel

16th March 2022 0

The deepest of truths may be rising and with this message I have been drawn to check what is going on ‘moon’ wise as I feel this is connected and yes indeed there is a Full Moon on the 18th. So what is occurring for many, whether you are aware of the moon energetic affects…

By SoulLee Connected

Stirring from Within

14th March 2022 0

It is being shown that the current energies may be felt strongly in the gut, its stirring up the solar plexus and the sacral and it may make you feel something is not right but you don’t know what or you can’t find your way within it to make sense of it, yet. The uncomfortableness…

By SoulLee Connected

Current Energies

13th March 2022 0

There is a lot coming in right now, it may feel a lot and it may not through you systems, heightened intensity of energies hitting the planet. There is so much being activated and our body integrating at this time. To best support yourself through this try not to perceive anything as wrong, to label…

By SoulLee Connected

Release & Confidence

10th March 2022 0

“Dear Ones, you are at a pivotal time in your personal growth as you are becoming more aware that you alone must decide what is best for you. The opinions of others are merely that ‘other opinions’ for it is you that must look within the heart, listen to the whispers of your Soul self,…

By SoulLee Connected

Peaceful You

9th March 2022 0

As so much is going on outside of ourselves within what the world is experiencing it is important that you hold your peace, hold your love, your light within. Keep coming back to yourself, to centre within your heart in each day. Notice where you find yourself caught up and engaging in the ‘drama’ outside…

By SoulLee Connected

Trust & Flow

8th March 2022 0

Understanding the power you have to create and working with this is the theme of 2022 it feels as we are guided to really explore the power of our thoughts, words, emotions and actions and the impact they have on creating our reality, now and ahead of us (well everything is ‘now’ really however we…

By SoulLee Connected

Destiny Calls

2nd March 2022 0

Hands over your heart today, feel into the power of you, the love, the peace, the light that is present there, allow it to fill you up, to renew and uplift you. Feel your connection with all, as one with the Divine Source, know your connection is real as you are an infinite Sou, there…

By SoulLee Connected


1st March 2022 0

The image of thousands and thousands of, the word comes through as ‘guardians’, angels, beings of light in the higher realms all around as today, I feel this is so as there is so much occurring on the planet at this time. They surround us, there are masses and masses of them all holding love…

By SoulLee Connected

Changes ~ Hold Peace

28th February 2022 0

As we move through this last day of February and prepare to welcome in March the energies of change are very present, so obviously present. Things are shifting at such a rapid pace as we watch the unfolding in our world from the little shifts to the extremes. The Earth Mother is joining in, all…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Choosing You

27th February 2022 0

Remain committed to you, to standing tall in your power, own it. You may have become aware or have been shown where you may need to pull it back in, claim it back, put your boundaries in place or firm them up from anything, anyone you have given it away to. You are stronger, more…

By SoulLee Connected

All is Shifting In The Right Direction

24th February 2022 0

The messages of being more aware of the self, being accountable and taking greater honest responsibility within all thoughts, actions and words has been coming through for quite some time now, but this is what we are stepping into in greater and greater more profound ways, real awareness of the self, self-mastery. All is bringing…

By SoulLee Connected

Be Present

23rd February 2022 0

Looking at your now moment where is your mind, where is your heart? What are you choosing for yourself in this moment and thus where you are creating from and attracting back to you.What are you ‘choosing’ to carry with you, whats come along for the ride within your mind that is not helpful or…

By SoulLee Connected

Trust and Hold Peace

21st February 2022 0

Renewing our trust in ourselves is coming through as a ‘theme’ this week. We can get so caught up at times in the human dramas of life that we can start to doubt many things in our world, about our world and ourselves. What we are wanting to bring in is the renewal of old…

By SoulLee Connected

Your are Starlight

17th February 2022 0

Stepping into our Divine presence, being present within the self. Presence comes through today, its energy feels solid, grounded, still and calm, there is peace and great knowing, a feeling of such immeasurable love and such surety streaming within. We are truly becoming so much more aware of ourselves and all the different parts, aspects…

By SoulLee Connected

Release and Heal

16th February 2022 0

Its all about letting go and releasing anywhere you feel resistance to change, the need to fight, yourself, another, or your life’s divine flow and direction. Soften your push and welcome in sweet peace, come back within for you are being shown a better way and if you continue to fight and push again the…

By SoulLee Connected

The Expanding Self

15th February 2022 0

Trust in your ability to stay aligned and true to yourself no matter what you are experiencing and feeling is starting to become something that is easier to connect with, bit by bit day by day you are allowing your heart to lead you, you are coming back to your truth faster and not allowing…

By SoulLee Connected

Love and Navigating Dimensions

14th February 2022 0

Today’s message comes through in two parts, the first a question which will speak to the heart of some here – “Where are you not allowing love to flow freely within and through you, where are you resisting or not opening to love?” This all comes back to self-love for if we are not open…

By SoulLee Connected


11th February 2022 0

Belief and trust came through strongly yesterday and again today we are reminded of the power of trust and the importance of it within our lives especially within such shifting times. Trust in what you are creating, what you are capable of creating, and so to your greater awareness of what you are involving yourself…

By SoulLee Connected

Belief and Trust

10th February 2022 0

Your belief, and interestingly the word belief came out as ‘beef’ so I also feel to mention this as for some it may be the little things you have a ‘beef’ with, even yourself over things that are limiting you, that are ready to be let go of, are they really necessary? Perhaps you feel…

By SoulLee Connected

Listening to the Inner Child

7th February 2022 0

Guidance to do a little check in with ourselves, our inner child is calling us to go within, connect and see what will serve us in love at this time. How have you been throughout last week or two as you have entered February, within all the energies that are swirling around us and all…

By SoulLee Connected

Observe don’t Engage

6th February 2022 0

Be the observer if you find that the old, particularly old memories are surfacing within the mind, whether they are being activated by another, or triggered from a familiar moment, this is for you to just observe not to get tied up or lost in. Practice your mastery of just witnessing, feeling, experiencing yourself and…

By SoulLee Connected

Flow, Expand, Shine in Love

2nd February 2022 1

Again the message loud and clear to keep practicing letting go, particularly from within the mind, and yes it is a practice to keep recognising when/where your thoughts are taking over your presence, your peace, your flow and to lovingly send them on their way, but with practice is becomes habit and with time something…

By SoulLee Connected

Welcome to February

1st February 2022 0

Hold your visions, hold on to your dreams, all is still around you that is meant for you, the unlimited possibilities present have not left you, and I say this as many of you may be feeling today, as we enter February, a sense of quiet, a need or feel that you want to withdraw…

By SoulLee Connected

Heading into February

31st January 2022 0

As we head into February this being the last day of January, the energies (I feel) will still be as powerful and potent as they have been over this month. Its coming through very clearly that what we focus on and give our minds to, and thus our emotions to is creating at a very…

By SoulLee Connected

A little message pop in

30th January 2022 0

The message received today is about the insights being received, some of which may not make sense to you yet, some may in part form a bit of understanding but not wholly, the bigger picture is still forming, patience here as the rest will drop in in time and all will be shown to you,…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow and Make Space

27th January 2022 0

Finding a sense of peace or acceptance around whatever has changed for you, whatever has been removed or shifted out of your life, either by your own choice or the decision being made for you in some way, as we are guided to keep letting go and really trying to find some inner sense of…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Choosing with your Newer Awarness

26th January 2022 0

The mental mind, the thoughts may be running away here and there throughout the day, your ‘vibe’ shifting throughout the day, know this is all normal and perfect as we are continuing to keep practicing what we have learned and keep bringing ourselves back to centre, recognising where we feel out of control, swept up…

By SoulLee Connected

Claim who you are Becoming

25th January 2022 1

What is seeking expression from within you? For many especially those that work with or have started to work with others in some way you are being called up, called to really step into who you are becoming, the next level of you. What is it you are being called to create, do, change? Some…

By SoulLee Connected

The Power of Belief

22nd January 2022 0

Powerful energies to create with today and to dream big, see all as possible, look to the beauty around and within you and create and be within that. Continue to trust in your dreams, your ideas, your visions, trust and believe in yourself. Keep standing strongly as the sovereign being you are, being present and…

By SoulLee Connected

The Physical Body Speaks

21st January 2022 0

The physical body comes through strongly today to speak and this message is speaking directly to the physical body quite strongly energetically for some to receive this message.If you are feeling pain or discomfort, whether muscle ache, stiffness, headache, tension in the temples or neck/shoulders the physical body is showing you it is holding tension.…

By SoulLee Connected

Opening to Your True Self

19th January 2022 0

Keep sinking into you, keep allowing the peeling of the layers that are restricting you (some of which you are not consciously aware are restriction, or want to be aware of, depending on what it is) away as those that are surfacing and coming up for release are that which are covering who you truly…

By SoulLee Connected

Emotions & Change

18th January 2022 0

Lots of emotional energy present and most of us are experiencing the shadow coming up in some form. All as you have heard many times before that is not in alignment will rise to show you what you can change, release and transmute, to propel you towards living in greater connection and authenticity within your…

By SoulLee Connected

 Release, Let go and Flow

17th January 2022 0

All that is trying to, or seemingly moving away from you at this time is for reason, trust this, I say trust this as some of what you may be experiencing shifts occurring around within your world, particularly relationships, may not feel very pleasant or you may not feel ready for and so in ‘unreadiness’…

By SoulLee Connected

Flow & Peace

14th January 2022 0

The flow of life comes through, flow and its part in inner peace. We are asked to take all we have learned throughout our processes within 2021 and bring it all in to our day to day. Walk within the wisdom learned, the power gained, stepping within the self-love learned. Flow is very strongly coming…

By SoulLee Connected

2022 Consciousness Expanding

9th January 2022 0

We are being called to and many may already be feeling the Souls yearning to deepen your spiritual practices, your connection with your ‘spiritual self’ your authentic self. Some may be feeling or becoming aware of this stirring rising from deep within with more purpose, others feel drawn to engage within deeper more expressive ways…

By SoulLee Connected

Pause & Flow

30th December 2021 0

Today’s message speaks of slowing it down and become particularly aware of where you are speaking, reacting and creating from over today and tomorrow as we are guided to be within a space of gentleness and flow as we see out the last few days of this year. Check where you want to react is…

By SoulLee Connected

Code Share – Use freely

29th December 2021 0

This came through yesterday within the Code group but it wants to be shared here also as it aligns with today’s message – see post prior. It is assisting balance and stability within your physical, mental and emotional bodies whilst you keep consciously choosing to let go of the old and take steps towards the…

By SoulLee Connected

Release & Empower

29th December 2021 0

Where are you blocking yourself from flowing with what wants to be, what is ready to be by being resistant, stubborn or fearful of change? When we resist what wants to be for us, universal flow, what is naturally ready and available for us we tend to encounter or feel obstacles in our life coming…

By SoulLee Connected

Forming Greater Head & Heart Unity

27th December 2021 0

There may be for some an undercurrent, a feeling of what feels like a little resentment  bubbling close to the surface, for some it may feel ready to pop and this is being shown as not feeling seen or heard, honoured or supported within your relationships with others. The holiday period does have a way…

By SoulLee Connected

The Heart is Ready

23rd December 2021 0

Nurture the flame within, the spark that is you, which is within every living thing, all connected, all One. Listen to your heart and what it needs, what is it calling for? Are you blocking it out and pushing through in your busyness and human need that feels getting things done is more important that…

By SoulLee Connected

Let go & Do you

21st December 2021 0

Nurture yourself, love yourself, all the parts of you, especially the ones that you haven’t been able to find love within, that you haven’t grown to love and may see as needing to change. Take time today to go within, five minutes to bring in love. Centre yourself, come into the body with a few…

By SoulLee Connected

Let go with Love

18th December 2021 0

You may be trying to get things done today but keep finding yourself distracted so just watch any frustrations that may rise up around this. If it does, help yourself by going with the flow perhaps it is not the day to get it all done. Go with the flow and how it is unfolding…

By SoulLee Connected

Look back in Love

17th December 2021 0

Let all that is behind you go with love, you are stepping ever forward, if you find yourself looking back, look back with love for all that is behind you, it is not your now, for all has served a purpose to allow you to stand where you are. Stand in your strength, your courage,…

By SoulLee Connected

Self Love

16th December 2021 0

The message of self-love that flowed through yesterday is also very much present with us today. As you step purposefully forward and choose to create and act from within the newer, wiser self, aware that the Soul is leading you, the heart guiding you, you may be feeling this shift amplified, this connection with your…

By SoulLee Connected

Light & Self-love

15th December 2021 0

Your knowing and your ability to see beyond that which is illusion, that which is a creation of the mind, past programs and stories, experiences, or that which is within the outside world that you take within to interfere with your inner harmony, has been enhanced. Your ability to see/know beyond what is occurring outside…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Stepping Forward

14th December 2021 0

Again the message of being really aware of your choices, what you are allowing to enter your life and be within in your life. Where you are spending your time, your emotions, your energy and does it feel right, does it feel the right space to be within? If not are there old patterns and…

By SoulLee Connected

12/12 ~ Be Open

12th December 2021 0

The ‘personal responsibility’ message coming in today again loud and clear, with love, asking you to notice anywhere you find yourself forming judgement, criticising or blaming, either yourself or another, a certain situation. Observe yourself within this and ask yourself what is this actually trying to teach me about myself? Can you go deep within…

By SoulLee Connected

All is okay ~ You are evolving

9th December 2021 0

A reminder of your beauty, of your power, of your love, of your incredible magic. A reminder of your courage, your strength you determination. A reminder that every little part of you every aspect that makes you, you, is perfect, is magical, is a part of Divine love.Keep honouring you, keep listening to Souls guidance,…

By SoulLee Connected

Observe and Allow

8th December 2021 0

Be the observer of what is coming in to you over the next few days as ideas may be forming more connections, becoming more solid within your being, in feeling and thought/awareness. Allow them to ripen, remember you don’t have to jump to it and react to everything as soon as you receive it, there…

By SoulLee Connected

Connect to the Heart

7th December 2021 0

Keep connecting within to the heart, this connection to the heart is going to assist you within each day to come back to yourself, especially if you find you are starting to get swept up into the festive energies and feel the ‘rush’ and busyness of others, or the stress and anxiety of others, starting…

By SoulLee Connected

Density Lifts as a Reset arrive

3rd December 2021 0

A sense of lightness, an easing or denseness may be felt within you today as todays energies bring a sense of peace, calm and exhale for those that have been in the thick of it. Many may find themselves in a space of heart reflection of recent experiences and possibly even flashes of old memories…

By SoulLee Connected

Soul Leading the Way

1st December 2021 0

Today’s message speaks of recognising where we are still being/feeling resistance to being fully open, this comes through particularly highlighting around our close relationships. Where we are actually afraid of being seen, being vulnerable, feeling exposed, even within a relationship that is loving, long term, this can be a very uncomfortable space to sit in.…

By SoulLee Connected

Maintain your Peace ~ All is Choice

30th November 2021 0

Creating more peace where we can within our hearts and letting go of those things that create mind chatter and frustration come through today. We can feel and witness this rise within ourselves and others especially as the festive holiday season approaches and many feel pushed and pulled in all ways. What is highlighted today…

By SoulLee Connected

Beautiful Star Souls you are Magic

29th November 2021 0

Within each day we are asked to walk with our heart leading the way, walking in our power, feeling a greater sense of strength and accomplishment becoming more apparent for all you have risen through, all you have walked within this year. The past limitations are ready to further fall away and it is like…

By SoulLee Connected

You are what you have been waiting for

28th November 2021 1

Honour the sacredness within you. Keep bringing yourself back to centre, bringing yourself back into balance whenever you feel a sense of scatteredness rise. We are still within this beautiful expanded self-awareness energy. The message today comes with love but at the same time comes with a real sense of purpose and push. It speaks…

By SoulLee Connected

Where is your Focus?

26th November 2021 0

We are being show how to use our focus in better ways, awareness to our thoughts and the power they hold, the energy they are and thus what we also create from. Some situations you cannot change as they are out of your control, or not yours to try and control. The more you direct…

By SoulLee Connected

You are Magic

24th November 2021 0

Today I will describe what I am being shown is occurring for many, I feel this within myself also, its like the little last strands are clinging on, hesitant to leave as we haven’t quite let go, or aren’t quite there yet, that are still attached to the old ways of being, the thoughts, emotional…

By SoulLee Connected

Beautiful Humanness

23rd November 2021 0

Moving with what the human aspect, the personality, the ego may be bringing up, some may feel it in a small way others may feel its density deeply. As we are receive such beautiful high frequency light streaming in it may feel a little intense within the physical body, dense within as the light hits…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Message with Love

22nd November 2021 0

The message coming in strongly but lovingly again today to be conscious of all our choices, thoughts, actions within the day, it is a practice that becomes second nature as you start to move and act from the heart not the mind, react from the heart not the ego or the mind in the moment,…

By SoulLee Connected

Authentic Self

20th November 2021 0

Being connected to your authentic self, being present within you. Let go of anywhere you feel you are not living up to someone else’s expectations, that either who you are isn’t enough, what you feel think or act is not right in some way. Be who you need yourself to be for you, no one…

By SoulLee Connected

Patience and Love

19th November 2021 0

Patience with yourself through times that feel a little heavy is the key to making positive transformation possible for you. Love and honour what arises, be kind to your mind if it brings up a rush of thoughts from out of nowhere, you will notice if you dive into it and engage in it, it…

By SoulLee Connected


18th November 2021 0

Feed the good stuff, don’t put your precious time and energy into things that are not serving your soul path, your heart and sanity. This is not a time to be stubborn and keep persisting with things that aren’t working or that aren’t fulfilling you. Some need to see check in where the routines and…

By SoulLee Connected

Forgiveness Release

16th November 2021 0

Release and forgiveness comes through today, letting go of the past especially that which you feel you made mistakes within, or wish you had done, said or acted/reacted differently. As you know we are guided to see anything we perceive as a mistake as opportunity for learning, growth and expansion of our wisdom, for there…

By SoulLee Connected

Serving the Self

15th November 2021 0

What do you have on your plate today, is it filled up or do you have freedom to move a bit? Have you set a plan and list of things to do without feeling into yourselves and whether you actually feel in a space to do them or if they are aligning with you? Opportunity…

By SoulLee Connected


13th November 2021 0

However you are showing up today, no matter your ‘mood’, the energy levels you feel know that whatever version of you presents in any moment that exactly how you are is perfect for that moment, no need to judge yourself, engage the overthinking mind, no need to analyse yourself, your emotions, judge nothing, just flow.…

By SoulLee Connected

You are always Blossoming

12th November 2021 0

Today they show the  image of the flower within all of us, in all its beauty. They show the petals slowing unfurling representing the heart opening little by little as we keep moving through whatever comes our way, whatever rises. “Dear hearts hold on to the love ever present within and around you in each…

By SoulLee Connected

11:11:201 Gateway Code

11th November 2021 0

Blessed Ones we connect with you today, a day you recognise as the 11th day of the 11th month within the Earth year 2021. The gateway opens inviting you to step into expanded states of consciousness. Plant the seeds of your powerful intentions that lay within your hearts. Close your eyes and bring your focus…

By SoulLee Connected

Remember the Light you are

11th November 2021 0

Keep connecting and being present within your heart, allow your hearts energy to expand around you, then below you above you, radiate love from within, love that nurtures and expands through every cell and space of your being first, then expanding out to touch those you come into contact with, whether person, tree, animal or…

By SoulLee Connected

Self Love

10th November 2021 0

Self-love has been brought to our attention for a while now and todays message speaks of finding balance with this, for we can all swing too far one way or the other, to an extreme, when we are working on changing or implementing something into our lives. We can get carried away and allow our…

By SoulLee Connected

Freedom of the Heart

9th November 2021 0

Freedom is the message today which is what we are opening to in greater ways within our hearts as we continue to remove ourselves of the ties within the old stories and patterns, become really aware of our reactive behaviour and the power of our thoughts when repeating situations and experiences arise. We are leaving…

By SoulLee Connected

Go Gently

8th November 2021 0

If you are feeling a need to, or receiving the call to go within, maybe feeling a little soft today sink into those practices that help you, connect in with yourself, meditate, be within the beauty of the earth, nature, be and do gently. Engage within things that feel good to you and that serve…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Letting Go

4th November 2021 0

The little strands of energy they are being shown as that attach to situations that aren’t yet fully tied up, resolved or forgiven you may find coming up this week and possibly throughout the next three weeks to the end of the month for your attention. As we are guided to attend to further releasing,…

By SoulLee Connected

Opportunity and Trust

3rd November 2021 0

Opportunities present, present in each moment as we choose to keep stepping forward from within our hearts, really listening and being guided by our own knowing. Remember you hold so much within yourself, you hold everything you need and our journey is to come back to this knowing underneath all the conditioning and experiences that…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Message

2nd November 2021 0

As we step into this second day of November and head ever closer toward the end of the year we are being lovingly guided to keep ‘exploring’ our inner world, keep exploring ourselves. Keep a sense of openness and wonder, curiosity as you uncover more of what you have been holding within, which includes both…

By SoulLee Connected

Head and Heart – Compassion

31st October 2021 0

The message of the Head and the Heart comes through again today but with focus being on bringing in compassion and kindness to the mind when it races, bring the softness and understanding, compassion of the heart to the mind so you can be gentler on yourself. Some may have experienced the mind drawing up…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Trusting, Keep Shining

27th October 2021 0

This message comes through first for some that need it at this time to ease the mental toing and froing. – If you aren’t sure what to do with regard to a current situation it may be best to do nothing at present, return to the void space and wait until clarity forms, it will.…

By SoulLee Connected

Walking in Presence

26th October 2021 0

The image that is being given this morning is one of the human, the personality working closely connected with the Soul. And of course it is always connected however this is about bringing in your souls wisdom to walk hand in hand throughout your day, to walk within greater awareness and open connection to your…

By SoulLee Connected

Head vs Heart ~ Awareness

25th October 2021 0

The mind comes through today, it wants to speak of all the ways it helps us within our day, its logical and rational side that helps us within our life. It feels it gets a bad rap at times, accused of overthinking and leading away from the heart, it just wants to have its say…

By SoulLee Connected

Acknowledge, Release, Let Go, Anchor

23rd October 2021 0

Keep allowing yourself to release that which is falling away, you may be feeling this emotionally, physically or both, in big or little ways. If you are remember to allow yourself to keep grounding into trust, grounding into your strength, using what you know works for you. You are not going backwards, nothing is wrong,…

By SoulLee Connected

Resolution and your Personal Truth

22nd October 2021 0

You may be feeling drawn to find resolution within anything that feels unfinished, unresolved. If you allow yourself space and a little peace from the busyness you may be able to receive that resolution in the form of a higher perspective being given around what is really going on and you are able to see…

By SoulLee Connected

Sinking into Deeper Trust

21st October 2021 0

Everything you have been through, worked towards and experienced has led you to this point now, but can you really see the beauty in the space you are in, the beauty within you in this moment or do you feel dissatisfied? Do you still hold attachment to outcomes, attachment to wanting to keep things the…

By SoulLee Connected

Open and Flow

20th October 2021 0

Keeping yourself open especially being open minded and flowing within and in all that is your experience, regardless of however it ‘feels’ for you, is how to best navigate the current energies. Ease up, do what supports and nurtures you and your body, remember the physical vessel is what houses your beautiful soul, your light,…

By SoulLee Connected


19th October 2021 0

Communication came through yesterday and again it flows through but particularly in respect to information that you are being given. It’s coming in in many forms whether through your internal knowing, your intuition, your own wisdom shining in as well as that of your higher self, your soul self and that of the Divine. They…

By SoulLee Connected

Hold your Light through All

16th October 2021 0

Keep holding the Light, the light of love. Its coming in that it is really important at this time to keep holding the light, the love within any situations, experiences, emotions that may come and go. It is a powerful time where you can really make huge steps on your path, so keep practicing what…

By SoulLee Connected

Shine Beautiful Light

15th October 2021 0

Shine. Shine and let your beauty be seen, you in all your wisdom, your passion, your creativity, allow the grandest expression of self to be seen, to step forth, for you are not here to be hidden, to feel anything less than the incredible being you are. You are here to Live in fullness, in…

By SoulLee Connected

Its all within you Already

14th October 2021 0

The message that came through this morning is that your new is already here, already present within you around you, you already walk within it. You will get a glimpse, a feeling, sensation, moment of awareness, greater clarity of it, you ‘feel’ it and make connection, it sits in a higher vibration. Maybe it’s an…

By SoulLee Connected

Creation & Focus

13th October 2021 0

How are you setting up your day, what are you getting out of bed with or noticing is slowly creeping up within you as the morning hours pass? This is speaking directly to your thoughts, your self-talk, and thus which your emotions flow from. The upper chakras are receiving higher levels of light at this…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Stepping with the Heart

12th October 2021 0

We are experiencing such deep personal change, the energy centres of the body particularly the upper chakras are changing or is it charging with more light I feel they show me, coming online more, activating in higher levels of light. The physical body is being effected and has been made big connections with many around…

By SoulLee Connected

Rest Within the Heart

9th October 2021 0

“Whether you feel within a space of joy, peace, love, we guide you to make choice to come back within, to be present within the self and more of your joy, peace and love will unfold.  Whether you feel within a space of dis-ease, sadness, hopelessness, choose to come back within, to be present within…

By SoulLee Connected

Be Within The Self

8th October 2021 0

Have you been noticing the changes within yourself, have you noticed that you talk to yourself differently, not so harshly or critically, are you softer with yourself? Has your communication changed with others, are you more able to allow others to be, so they can be different to you in action, word or thought and…

By SoulLee Connected

Mental Release

7th October 2021 0

The image of the brain comes in and it zooms in in particular to the mind and the power it has, if allowed, over us, to dictate to us and direct us. There is a beautiful, loving energy coming through this message today about allowing our mind space, openness, expansiveness and flexibility within our thoughts…

By SoulLee Connected

Peace and Flow

6th October 2021 0

Peace is seeking you; love is seeking you came through yesterday and Peace flows through to us today also. We are in the midst of some very powerful shifts at this time, many of us are literally transforming into whole new ways of being as we have made choice to drop the bags we carry…

By SoulLee Connected

Bloom where you are Planted

5th October 2021 0

Peace is seeking you; love is seeking you. Give thanks and gratitude to all in this moment, see how far you have indeed travelled through this year, it has been a massive year of change, upheaval, shadow and inner work, most of it coming up without being ‘invited’ as it was all ‘due’ for you…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Message

1st October 2021 0

A powerful message felt strongly within the solar plexus, sacral and root, it feels we really want to ground this into our being as we are guided to see beyond ourselves, to see beyond that which is currently in front of you, which requires trust and faith, to see the truth of who we are…

By SoulLee Connected


30th September 2021 1

Trust, trust, trust. Trust yourself and your visions for the future.  Ground and trust deeply within yourself and that of the Universe, all IS working out for your greater good and that of the collective as a whole. Where you may be now and where you feel you would like to be may not match…

By SoulLee Connected

Focus on what you wish to Create

25th September 2021 0

If you are feeling a little tired, for whatever the reason whether your sleep has been disturbed latterly, constant waking, you have overdone it and not listened to your body, or you are feeling with the physical body the integrating of so much of what has been shifting within you. Self-love and care comes through…

By SoulLee Connected

Flow in Love

24th September 2021 0

Feeling into your own natural rhythm are you moving at the pace you want to or that you are being guided to, or still steamrolling, pushing through? So many of us have been programmed to believe that ‘doing’ being busy means we are useful, we are worthy, we have purpose and so the hardest thing…

By SoulLee Connected

The Self Connection

23rd September 2021 0

Our relationship with ourselves comes through today, how we are supporting ourselves, or not really, loving ourselves, many may feel instantly ‘what does that feel like’, nurturing ourselves and assisting our own growth and expansion. What you do within your day tells you a lot about where you are, how are you feeling, how is…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Message

22nd September 2021 0

Before I sat to type this morning my Mum rang from Melbourne, they have just had an earthquake, for Australia this is unheard of and was felt across half the country. The last thing that the most locked down place on earth needs right now as there is much unrest amongst the people and the…

By SoulLee Connected

Balance & Blessings

21st September 2021 0

What is wanting to end and what is forming, what are you wanting to bring in, create more of or set intention to? This is a powerful time this week for letting go and for consciously powering your way forward. As always be aware of what is presenting for you, what are you emotions showing…

By SoulLee Connected

All the Feels – Full Moon

20th September 2021 0

Well phewww is it just me, no its not, these moon energies are intense. I am not one to dwell or play into the moon energies too much but at the same time I am consciously aware that I feel them deeply, this is through observing the patterns of my emotions, thoughts, and physical body…

By SoulLee Connected

Control or Flow?

19th September 2021 1

We are being guided to see where we may be still trying to control, trying to hold on to or direct the outcome of a situation, another person within a relationship, a plan, to be what we want, how we think it should be rather than how it is wanting to flow and appear naturally…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep the Dream Alive

17th September 2021 0

A strong profound flow of love sweeps around us today, and when I feel in to it its message is not give up, lose hope or feel into despair within all that is occurring within the world, for that would be easy to do at times, yes?! This is the exact message today that what…

By SoulLee Connected

Choosing the Heart

15th September 2021 0

Keep consciously stepping along your path holding greater awareness to your choices, actions, thoughts and words so they can best align with your heart. Bringing your conscious awareness to your choices in each moment to pause and feel into the reactions and thoughts that come up within you in your day within certain situations, people,…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Feels

13th September 2021 0

There is opportunity to really see how far you have come, where you don’t engage as you would have before, where you are able to be within a non-reactionary space as you either can take a breath before engaging in word or action, or you notice that the trigger isn’t there any more, you simply…

By SoulLee Connected

Heightened Energies

11th September 2021 0

There is an emotional stirring being felt today, it may be felt from very deep within and it may rise to the surface, or just below it, enough that you be aware of it and feel it. Another release occurring and its feel old, this is around really old aspects of the self we have…

By SoulLee Connected

Trust & Flow

10th September 2021 0

Step by step in each day in each hour just allowing yourself to flow, flow within all gracefully, with awareness and love. Being more aware of the self and for many it feels as if we are at times watching ourselves in our experiences as if from a higher place, our higher perspective is felt,…

By SoulLee Connected

Responsibility & Reflection

8th September 2021 0

Reflection today. Is there something you are needing for either from yourself or from another? How are you choosing to be in this day? What are you doing that supports you, what are you doing that moves you forward towards what you are wanting to attract or obtain in your life? How are you showing…

By SoulLee Connected

Fathers Day

5th September 2021 0

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia so this can be a day of really varying emotions. Celebration for some that spend the day with their fathers in love, those not being able to celebrate and see their father due to our lockdowns at present, those that no longer like me have their fathers walking the…

By SoulLee Connected

Love is at the core of ALL

2nd September 2021 0

Today some of you may be feeling as if you have been thrown into the washing machine, some within a heavy duty wash cycle and some a gentle wash. A sea of rising and mixed emotions, old stuff surfacing, the old stuff you yes yet again thought you had dealt with. BUT and there is…

By SoulLee Connected

Head over Trust?

30th August 2021 0

’Brain/head feeling a bit full today, got a lot running around in the mental mind? Take a step back and ease up on yourself don’t push to get all the things done you feel obligated to do or at least look at what is really necessary and what can actually be left to another day.…

By SoulLee Connected


28th August 2021 0

The image of the waves washing up onto the shore and then being taken back out again. This is what we are being guided to do with our emotions, our inner realm. To allow things to arise and present themselves whether joy, peace, anger, doubt, allow them to wash in and rise up to our…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Trusting – Todays Message

27th August 2021 0

Responsibility for how our life is in the present and how it is unfolding, radical acceptance of the self just as it is, without judgement. If you have been mentally held within a voice of doubt lately around your abilities, your ability to bring forth and follow your souls light then prepare for this to…

By SoulLee Connected


26th August 2021 0

Freedom, a word that holds so very much around it at present. I am not going to play into talking about the current issues that have tested our own meaning of freedom deep within, and that which has played both in our inner and outer worlds. The message today is about continuing to find your…

By SoulLee Connected

Compassion as you Let Go

25th August 2021 1

What is rising from within asking to be let go of? When we are willing to let go and allow what is surfacing to really be felt, witnessed, welcomed (as hard as that may be) we open up space, the room to receive what is ready for us. This allows us to open and connect…

By SoulLee Connected

Tues 24/8 – ‘Worthy’

24th August 2021 0

Yesterday’s Card of Head vs Heart flows through today as you may feel that you yourself want to ‘fix’ things, whether for another or the planet as a whole, want to create change. However we are being asked to just hold space, space within the heart, hold compassion particularly for the self and others at…

By SoulLee Connected


10th July 2019 Off

Be open, release control, patience and acceptance. This message has been coming through the cards over the last week. With Mercury retrograde it is the clearing and shifting, the purging of the old. Whatever you are feeling, know that it is all part of clearing a more open path to unconditional love of self, opening…

By SoulLee Connected