Todays Little Pop-In

19th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

A little pop in to speak on what some of you may have experienced over this weekend, little flutters within the body, energy waves that are felt within the nervous system, perhaps they are felt as fear, anxiety, they can be felt so differently, uniquely for all. Some may have felt it emotionally. This is your body processing the light coming in. Ground, nature, water, REST UP for a few moments if you are feeling a little fatigued if you have been over doing it. Some may feel this in the muscles, the bones, it feels very heady, so the higher chakra centres being mainly impacted by this influx of light, so you may feel it in the crown, third eye, throat.

Stay present and know your body is just processing it, don’t get tied into what is going on around or within you, hold yourself within the heart as this assists you to be centred, be present within yourself. This doesn’t feels specific to us individually but rather as a collective, collective movements or specific collective shifts that this light is working within (best way I can describe it).

The doors to higher dimensions/realities are opening as you choose to stay present with the self within your personal power as your consciousness has been evolving and expanding at a very accelerated pace. So much of this year already now we reach the half way point has felt turbo charged to say the least, so much folding in and collapsing (the old) and clearing and so much being connected to, the newness, but this doesn’t mean that we are to jump ahead and make quick decisions and choices, but rather to master being in flow so when we do choose to act, speak, create, it is aligned and within authenticity.

Much Love xxx

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