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All is moving you forwards in Love

3rd July 2022 0

You may find yourself going back over or rethinking some of your choices, decisions and actions made over the last few weeks, whether verbally or physically expressed. This is healthy as some may have been acted on out of impulsiveness, nothing wrong here as it is your eagerness and desire to create and do, to…

By SoulLee Connected

Stepping Up

30th June 2022 0

Stepping up into our powerful light can be one of the hardest things for us to do, the belief systems we have formed about our worthiness, our value, our abilities, being seen, being judged, the list goes on can muddle so much of what we feel Soul and heart led to step into. At times…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages

28th June 2022 0

We play an important role in each other’s lives as we assist each other through our connectedness on our unique journey to Oneness and Ascension. As came through yesterday’s message before we can play an integral role in helping others we have to first take care of ourselves, take care for this incredible physical vessel…

By SoulLee Connected

Self Care

27th June 2022 0

Today or even stretching throughout this week you may feel a calling into a deeper need to nurture the self, you may be feeling a little tender, tired or both, in need of a little love and care, so make sure especially if you also care for others in any capacity that you reach out…

By SoulLee Connected

Your Authentic Self is Emerging

25th June 2022 0

Lots of old patterning being realised, greater awareness to where we have allowed our beliefs, habits, routines and trauma to hold us back from the opportunities that have been presenting to us, the potential possibilities. The good thing here is we are so much more open and aware of ourselves so we get to choose…

By SoulLee Connected