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Presence – Allow Light to Lead

21st March 2023 0

Being Present, BE. Be aware and present within yourself means being aware of and checking in where you are at in your day, once or multiple times> Checking in where your thoughts are, your focus, is it in the past attached to old stories and experiences, is it running busily so you are actually taken…

By SoulLee Connected

Equinox Energies are High

20th March 2023 0

Being aware of the shifts and changes that want to occur and where this is being brought up within your life calling to come into greater alignment. Whatever is arising for you that doesn’t feel comfortable whether within your relationships, your work, yourself is being highlighted for reason and this will only be further illuminated…

By SoulLee Connected

Todays Messages with Love

17th March 2023 0

Within all keep pulling yourself back to remain conscious of what you are choosing, keep coming back to love, choosing love over fear, choosing love over reaction/projection, choosing love over trigger, frustration, anger, choosing love over and over again within shadow aspects of yourself or another that arise. We do get to choose in each…

By SoulLee Connected