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Prioritise the Time to Receive

31st May 2023 0

Remember to find the time or its being recorrected to be ‘prioritise’ the time for it is commitment, to connect in with yourself, to allow yourself the space and peace to ‘receive’. Receive insight, receive what you need to replenish and to still the running mind, allow the body to rest. A space to connect…

By SoulLee Connected


30th May 2023 0

‘Restriction’ comes powering through today, it shakes to get your attention as emotion. Where are you feeling restricted or where do you feel that you want to break out and be more than you have allowed yourself to be? You may find, and this connects to the message and energies of your ‘inner flame/fire’ yesterday,…

By SoulLee Connected

Allow the Tides

29th May 2023 0

Allow the ebb and flow, allow the rise and (perceived) fall of your energy, your experiences within your life as they present to be seen from the heart, from the higher knowing you have brought greater connection within your life to show you, to allow the wisdom, the love, the learning to be within each…

By SoulLee Connected

Observe & Choose

26th May 2023 0

Keep observing and practicing keeping judgement at bay, notice when it arises and catch yourself, it is so easy for the mind to slip into being critical or judgemental without you realising it but you are becoming more Intune with the energy of judgement and so are able to recognise it and make choice from…

By SoulLee Connected

Keep Shining Courageous Heart

25th May 2023 0

Dear hearts call forth and feel the energy of your courageous heart, call forth the compassionate love and power of the higher heart to help you move through any fears that may arise within your current experiences, particularly around your trust in self and your safety and place in the/your world, your ability to move…

By SoulLee Connected