Author: SoulLee Connected

Observe before you React

5th December 2022 0

Irritations and lack of patience within others or yourself may rise, others expressing anger, frustration as their own inner build up bubbles over may be witnessed this week. Again this is where we can come in to put into practice our peaceful flow, our remembering to come back into the heart, consciously focus on the…

By SoulLee Connected

Softly Softly

2nd December 2022 0

A need for a softer approach physically comes through today, so don’t be surprised if you don’t feel as well rested as you would like or ready to jump into things when you wake. Body fatigue may return, that deep tiredness that was felt the other week may show up again. If this is you…

By SoulLee Connected

Expand your Ideas & Be Flexible

29th November 2022 0

Pay attention to your dreams and visions the Lizard brings us today but Spirit expands on this and with almost a little humour at the word ‘expands’ as we connect with yesterday’s message. Your dreams and visions may not look exactly as you envisaged them to, even the best planned out ideas may not take…

By SoulLee Connected