Beautiful Humanness

23rd November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Moving with what the human aspect, the personality, the ego may be bringing up, some may feel it in a small way others may feel its density deeply. As we are receive such beautiful high frequency light streaming in it may feel a little intense within the physical body, dense within as the light hits what is within us and highlights it. The fears, doubts, overthinking, just be mindful of where you may feel impatience rise up to the surface, or just below the surface as brewing frustration. Those old stories that really don’t help us, where you sink into judging yourself around the things you haven’t got to or haven’t achieved, the pressures you put on yourself to be and do can sweep you up into feeling you aren’t where you are supposed to be, that you haven’t been ‘successful’ or the work you have been doing isn’t amounting to anything.

LET IT GO – LET IT GO – LET IT GO. Let it all go. See it for what it is your humanness creeping in, all is okay. It just comes to show you where you still attach to old beliefs, nothing is wrong. With awareness we can then choose, catch ourselves when we slip into this way of thinking and make conscious choice to come back to sit within the heart, the loving home of the Soul. To come back to compassion and self-love, it’s all okay, you are doing it, you are moving and evolving and shifting and rising even when you feel you aren’t. Love the humanness that is you and keep stepping forward. Love ALL of you instead of labelling it and see how it shifts.

Some may feel they are being drawn within, many are at this time, listen to this find the time to be still, be with yourself, to breathe. There is guidance awaiting you when you take the time to let the busyness go even for ten minutes, put yourself first, you are being guided to this for reason. It feels for some there are those ah ha moments so close to you just awaiting your connection. If you feel you are missing something, go within and ask.

Much love xxx

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