Don’t Rush, Remain in Graceful Flow

28th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

It’s okay if you are feeling not 100% ready or 100% strong and sure, steady  within yourself, or within particular situations and experiences at the present time. The energies are high and fluctuating, they show the waves of light incoming and so are we within them so it is coming through to mention that if you don’t feel sure or secure within your space, your person, business matters or relationships this is normal at the moment.

Taking charge and acting when we are feeling really strong and sure, when your choices or decisions to be made feel really stable and sure is best at this time, if they aren’t we are being guided to just remain within flow, riding the waves and however they feel for you at this time until such a time as things feel more solid, they feel they have a foundation, a strength or structure. We may feel we are in readiness to create, do or act, but check in with your sense of self, is this the mind speaking, the ego and personality wanting to push? What is your inner being feeling what is it really telling you is going on, does your energy at present feel the right space to create or do from?

For some it just needs to settle in a bit more, for you to integrate and embody, feel a little bit more what is occurring individually for you (we are all within our unique experiences, as well as themes as a collective), there is more to drop in before you set out. Hold your patience if this is speaking to you, resist the urge, the human want to rush and push through, push out before time.

Keep your commitment to yourself, commit to trust, trust in yourself and your ability to navigate all within your life, all within and thus all around and outside of you. Trust yourself to make the right and best aligned choices for you, remember there really is no ‘wrong’. We are constantly learning to master ourselves. Greater understanding and realisation coming in about our ability to create our own harmony no matter the experience.

Much Love xxx

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