A new Cycle opens

15th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep your focus ahead. When it comes in as ‘ahead’ it means in the now, in your ‘BEingness’ in the moment, in each moment. What is particularly being referred to is being aware of when you are within the past in your thoughts, emotions, words and actions. Remember the power of your focus and what you are creating and drawing to you.

This week may have had you feeling at times as if in a tumble dryer of emotions, how did you support yourself through this, did you notice you can better put the tools and practices you have learned work for you into practice? Did you practice bringing it back from the mind to the heart when the doubts and fears arose through your thoughts? Did you feel your greater knowing, your wisdom rise up to help empower you to be above all, as best you could, to just BE within your experience to allow you to move through it with greater ease?

You are working within the beauty of your self choosing to break through the patterns and cycles that have kept you within the same experiences and becoming more willing to try new things, for you can see with greater clarity the exact cycles and holding patterns you have been within, you are so much more self aware and your TRUST and BELEIF in yourself that you are able, you are capable, you are worthy of different, of greater adventures grows. The safe spaces, the comfort zones that you have kept yourself within have served you well all for reason at their time of creation but then they become the line you don’t cross, the wall you build higher, the pattern, the stuckness. You are now opening more and more connecting to your inner wants and desires, feeling within the core of your being the Souls readiness to shift, to move, to be free, free to be more you, to feel more you, to connect and BE in your magic and powerful light. The authentic self emerges.

Can you feel the change, a greater calmness sweeping through today as it emerges? There has been another shift one that welcomes a new cycle into being. Perhaps you are able to see today within this newness coming into view just how far you have come. Take time to celebrate you and every little step you have made, every little choice and decision you took that served you to stand in your light, your love. Wave goodbye to the past and turn to face the present, to BE, smile knowing that ALL has served to empower you to stand where you are today. Focus ahead and BE.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of jooinn.com)