A little Pop-In

3rd February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

A little personal pop in that was guided to be shared as a reminder to those that may need it. xx

I was reminded today through my own experience with healing with Archangel Raphael that the process of asking for healing and receiving it can feel anything but light and easy as it releases from the mind, the heart and the body. We have to remember what we ask for and what it brings up may not be what we (humanly) want to feel, but a loving reminder that we can also ask for our healing as it processes through to be easy, we can ask for the weight, or pressure it can feel like of any shadow attached to it to be handed over to Archangel Michael to cut cords with and transmute. A reminder that when you ask for healing and it doesn’t feel all that great that you are not falling apart, healing your wounds take courage, you are anything but weak and broken, you are powerful and courageous, see the powerful being you are, the work you are doing for yourself and on behalf of the lineage in some instances, means you won’t take it with you when your cross over at the completion of this lifetime. Remember you are the powerful light that can ask for anything to support you on your journey. You are never alone, never give up on your commitment to yourself to be the best version of you possible.

Healing is liberation, freedom from what you are not.

With Love xxx