Todays Messages

17th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today may have you feeling a little tired and they show for many the mental mind connected here. What is rattling around in your thoughts that is seeking resolution, that needs to be expressed or let go of so you can bring in a little peace that can then settle through the whole body. The physical body is being shown as holding the weight or tension of the mind so in acknowledging what is coming up and especially within a loop in your brain and working with it to come to resolution or taking the head into the heart to receive a little love energy and be able to release any fears present connected to your thoughts in love will greatly assist the physical body to let go. The jaw, the shoulders the neck the digestive are being highlighted here. For some this is about moving forward and may actually be showing itself in the physical body through the hips, the sciatic nerve, whether stiffness or pain which connects to fear of taking a step or moving forwards because there is a very real fear of failure, ridicule, judgement, the uncomfortableness of feeling open and vulnerable to be seen is very present.

They are illuminating the base in connection here, this feels very much associated with being anchored and grounded within yourself, being secure within the self, holding a solid sense of self, connection to self. Remember when you step out of your comfort zone its going to feel a little shaky or you will have moments of feeling the uncomfortableness of being open, the unknown, fears and expectations, doubts arise am I doing the right thing, can I really, its normal. Grounding will assist you here, anchor in to the body, the Earth Mother and be present, allow whatever is moving through you, whether sensation, emotion, thought to be without tying it up in knots and more thoughts by attaching the old or creating new stories around it. Breathe and let it go, move forwards anyway, or slow it down a little baby steps so you are sure that all is aligned with the heart.

They are also highlighting the Crown and show the energy flow moving through the crown and through all the energy centres, all the organs, they speak of when we are grounded within ourselves and hold a strong sense of self we are able to receive the flow of Light through the crown with greater ease, the messages and creative ideas that flow through, your higher guidance is more readily received through you as a whole, and all your senses are able to connect and engage.

With Love xxx

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