29th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Frid 29/7 – Joyful Peace

You may feel a strong calling from within your heart, your Soul guiding you today, and it may come in and out over the next week or so even stretching through the month of August, to ‘slow it all down’. As the energies are shifting as we come to enter a new month we are propelled forwards within powerful waves to own and be our fullest potential, be our powerful light, love. This month of August feels very much around stepping into your powerful self as insight and higher knowing expands. You have become so much more self-aware, aware of the patterns and habits, the little stories and routines you have stayed within, your awareness expands and is showing you where you are still attached to the past, and you will continue to work with this as you keep striving with the heart leading the way to become lighter, freer, more fluid in your existence.

You are continuing to process a lot so remember to come back into the body, to connect with the earth and ground if you feel spacey, light, off balance. The more we work to be in flow, to trust and let go we access the space, the vibration of peace, this allows our nervous system to relax. It can be so easily overstimulated within the goings on within the outer world and the busyness of the day to day, the adrenals can be also greatly affected and why it is important to listen to your body’s natural instincts if it is telling you to slow down.

Keep holding a space of peace and deep, deep trust that what does show up in your world is all working to bring you back in to the heart so you can find greater balance and your space of peace within. That which isn’t useful, truthful, authentic or aligned puts its hand up for you to make choice around, for you to change the existing foundations and structures so you can create and better exist within a supportive and heart led, joyful space. Let go of the need to know it all, have it all mapped and planned out, relax the mental mind by coming back to the breath to reset. The more we are self-aware and practice just BEing, flowing with what each day brings from a space of love, of peace and deepening trust, we sink into the delicious open, expansive space of allowing all to unfold as it is to. We just BE, and from a space of just being all opens to us, we become acutely aware that all is connected, the synchronicities, the messages, the guidance, the love is all around us, all affects all. Your knowing deepens that you are the master of your life’s directional flow and you start to witness the magic as the creator being you are, see each thought, action, word and how it creates, what it shapes and forms you start to see it all in such detail.

Welcome to your magic beautiful hearts. Welcome in and receive your joyful peace.

With Love xxx

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