Acknowledge You & Trust Your Process

12th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The powerful love, strength and peace of the Angelic Realms is very present today. Can you see and acknowledge, can you feel right within the very core of your being, your heart, how much your decision, your choice to hold and embody greater trust and belief in yourself have and are helping you navigate through all your experiences. Working within all your interactions and relationships, your relationship with yourself, so much more gracefully. Yes it may not feel that way ‘all’ the time but give yourself credit where its due and celebrate your newfound and growing desire to live in greater inner and thus outer peace.

Whether it’s not reacting in the same way to that person or family member that drives you nuts, you are able to pause before reacting when you feel triggered. Perhaps you are holding so much more compassion and kindness for yourself and are more aware of when the inner critic rises. Perhaps you notice things don’t feel so harsh within, the triggers and emotional responses don’t feel so chaotic as your growing awareness knows all serves you to take opportunity to see better within yourself, rather than projecting everything outwards or choosing to blame, deflect. You can see with clearer eyes and may be able to now feel where you have been leaking your energy, your love, your time, your heart where it is not serving you. You choose to honour you and thus all within love, at least it’s a work in progress, step by step, breath by breath, choice by choice, you are walking a higher pathway. You aren’t the same, you aren’t vibrationally the same as you were six months ago, a year ago, can you feel the different space you are within?

Keep letting go of old resentments, find forgiveness where possible for all or at least bring in forgiveness for yourself to find some inner peace. Keep being honest with yourself and the part you may be playing or allowing within all that rumbles to the surface as we are walking this year a deeper pathway of owning what is ours individually, letting go of attachments or judgements to that which is not our responsibility. If you have been doing for others or carrying others as you hand back what hasn’t been yours it passes the responsibility back to whom should own it so they can then work through and learn what they are meant to within it. All you are moving within is opening up to greater self-mastery.

You may not be exactly where ‘you’ want to be or feel the space you are in now is everything you desire, but trust that it is right, it is exactly right for you, keep moving towards your dreams, keep walking in each moment with your heart and intuition guiding you.

Trust in the process you are uniquely and individually within this allows you to be open and receptive to the newness present for you in each moment. Keep connecting in with your inner wisdom, your higher knowing as all is working to shift you towards greater love and that love expands out within all your experience. You beautiful Soul are amazing, know it, acknowledge it, feel it, own it. Love the beauty that you are. You are divine, simply Divine starlight.

Much Love xxx

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