Freedom of the Heart

9th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Freedom is the message today which is what we are opening to in greater ways within our hearts as we continue to remove ourselves of the ties within the old stories and patterns, become really aware of our reactive behaviour and the power of our thoughts when repeating situations and experiences arise. We are leaving behind that which hasn’t been serving us for a long while now, for you are ready to step into a more expansive, freer version of you, you are more than ready for this. We are becoming more attuned and aware to how we effect our experience, the way our thoughts either help or hinder us.

Again support is highlighted so anywhere you feel you have lacked support may be presenting within you emotionally or being shown to you within your relationships at this time. All is guiding you and showing you where things are out of balance. Don’t be surprised if you are being shown (over the last week or so and into the next few weeks) where you are handing yourself over to a situation or a person and not considering the self and your needs. Spirit is guiding you so you can see where things are out of balance, literally out of balance within your being, energetically. You are being shown where you can love yourself more by bringing up anywhere you are not supporting and honouring yourself, all to open you to a greater freedom of the heart.

For some – What has been left still unsaid, are you perhaps afraid of rocking the boat in some way, upsetting someone or fearful they won’t like changes being made or who you are becoming? Is the truth of what you feel within calling to be expressed? The inner child, the heart calling you to look at your boundaries with others, what are you allowing and thus creating within your life? You can change things from a space of love, express from a space of love, all done and said in love does not harm. Many have been over giving, over pleasing at the expense of the self, running on empty. This is not to say that giving is wrong, giving from the heart is one of the most beautiful things in life to offer to another, this is about balance and valuing you, giving to the self, knowing you are worthy to be respected, to be loved, and to receive. What are you being shown?

This is a very powerful energetic week so really listening to what you are needing, keep up your practices that feel good and not pushing through if your body is calling you to pull back.

Much Love xxx

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