Hold your Light through All

16th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep holding the Light, the light of love. Its coming in that it is really important at this time to keep holding the light, the love within any situations, experiences, emotions that may come and go. It is a powerful time where you can really make huge steps on your path, so keep practicing what you have been guided to change as you move through this October month. What presents for you is for you to experience for reason, yes, no coincidences, to help yourself move through it whether it feels really big or minor, the best way to move through it is to not avoid, ignore or pretend it’s not valid. All at this time comes with opportunity for you to observer and make new choices, new pathways, close cycles, cancel karmic contracts with others, to keep putting into practice within your life experiences the wisdom you have gained recently, all that which you have become aware of.

The human mind can easily want to fob things off it feels aren’t important or that it feels it doesn’t want to deal with (avoidance/resistance), the ego can come into play here and this is exactly where we are being asked to rise above, we are being called to Remember. To sink into your remembrance, the remembrance of the power of the light you hold. The light of love which can transmute, shift and change your world. Feel all yes, but within this hold your light, sink into light, remember the power of who you are, the power of your light over that which comes to drag you down, or bring you into a place that feels fearful. Feel the fear be present with it and observe, what triggered it, where did it come from, where are its roots? This is for you to learn about you in this moment, this is experiencing what you are here to in that moment not avoiding or resisting it, BUT THEN choose to bring in your light, allow the light and love within you that is ever present to show you, to lift you, to remind you that all is okay. It is all choice, choice in all, choice to sink into it and allow it to take you over, or to remember the light, bring the light into all.

Say the negative comes in, the experience with another that rattles or upsets/angers you, allow the emotions to rise, to be present, to be seen, felt and acknowledged, BUT THEN the light asks you to remember it, to see, feel and allow it to shift and transform, to use your wisdom and higher knowing, all you have learned and mastered to bring the light into the experience. Bring the love into every situation, every emotion, every part of your being and allow it to show you the higher path, the higher wisdom awaiting you within the experience.

Keep letting go, keep trusting that you are within each breath walking the highest pathway for you, each step is guided by love, each breath is guided by love. Remember to bring the Light that you are within all.

Much Love xxx

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