Release & Empower

29th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Where are you blocking yourself from flowing with what wants to be, what is ready to be by being resistant, stubborn or fearful of change? When we resist what wants to be for us, universal flow, what is naturally ready and available for us we tend to encounter or feel obstacles in our life coming up. Are you holding on to anger, resentment, blame which keeps you held within certain cycles?

Time to release and let go, let your grip loosen a little on the shape and form you expect things to be. Your perception around the things that you feel haven’t gone your way or produced the experience/s you thought you desired are calling to be let go of with love, forgiveness of the self, whatever helps you to release and welcome in openness, acceptance and let go of anything that is limiting your ability to flow.As we head into the turning of the 2022 year you may feel reflective emotions arise here and there, anything from a little to a big purge, reflecting over where you are now and what you have traversed through this year. This will feel different for everyone as we hold our own unique story. You are being shown where you are in alignment and where a little realignment is going to be beneficial to you. Know there are no mistakes you have made as all empowers you towards where you desire to be.

What comes through is about looking at not what has passed and getting lost in the story of it all that plays within the mind but looking honestly at what is not in alignment, what feels hard, notice where you are coming up against resistance which shows you where things are out of alignment in your now and start to actively let go and refocus your intentions to make change heading forward. Not judging where you are now or judging yourself, a person, situation or space but to be open and honest with what you are not prepared to or wanting to take forward anymore, what you are done with, done repeating. Journal, express, burn, do what you feel serves you to let go and release so you step into the 2022 energies focused, aligned and within your powerful light presence.Choose to step into greater expansion by actively choosing that which serves you, that serves the highest path available to you, that serves you in love. You hold within you all you need, you hold the power, the love and the light.

Much Love xxx

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