Heart and Mind Union

23rd June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Just a little check in to nudge you to look at where you are directing your energy, your focus, your thoughts and emotions. Where is your focus and how does it feel within you, what is being stirred by the mind and what is flowing from the heart, what allows flow and what is creating separation and disruption?

The heart calls to work with the head (the brain/mind) so that there is a connection, a union so what we are wanting to achieve, to create, what we are emitting outwards has the energy of the heart within it so we are not trying to push, force, or create from a purely heady space. You can take a moment to stop and consciously connect with your mind, then your heart and ask the mind to flow everything through the heart, incoming and outgoing.

Some of you may be feeling a calling (or a need) to take a bit of time for yourself you may have been feeling this for a few days or more or you will come into this and this is possibly going to be what comes through within July for us. If you are feeling a little fatigued or worn out, where can you ease up a little bit? This is why we are also guided to check in where our focus and mind is and on what as much can be unnecessary gunk that fills us up and needs to be recognised as not holding a harmonic energy so we can let go of it. Those that support others in any form may feel a real push rise up, to step up more into their roles as healer and guides, teachers, carers. Remember to take time to disconnect from the outside, that which is outside of you, take time to go within, switch off and take a pause as we have all been and continue to integrate our unique transformative process. All working to bring about greater flow and harmony within and thus flow outwards within our personal realities.

Much love to all xxx

(Image courtesy of texturex.com)