The Heart Calls

20th September 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The heart calls today and asks us to take some time to think back over our relationships, it may be an immediate one that pops up ready. The first being with our parents or carer/s at birth which do play such a powerful part in shaping who we are through their beliefs, behaviours, conditioning, truths imprinted when we are so very young. This is a lot of the shadow and healing work we do is to clear what isn’t our belief, truth anymore or in the first place, Ancestral work, DNA clearing and activation so we can come into our own clear knowing and truths, into love.

The heart asks us to sit and spend a while with eyes closed just noticing and feeling into the body, feeling into the emotional body. You may find it easier to do this by imagining you are dropping in through your Crown entering the head and asking the body to show you through knowing, image, sensation where you may be holding on to shame, anger, grief and be guided to where that is sitting within your body. Then go into that part of the body, what does it show you what comes up does it speak, feel? You don’t need to dive into it just observe, rise up and out if the emotion feels overwhelming or raw. See yourself above it not connected to it.

Now call forth the highest unconditional healing frequencies of love, compassion, forgiveness, peace to be present. To sweep through the solar plexus and any other part of your being that you are drawn to, don’t over think it or question it if it seems strange where you are guided to go, it may be your toes, it may be a bone, an organ, a muscle, a chakra. Bring in the frequencies mentioned or that you feel drawn to ask to be brought through and see them entering through the Crown, streaming through from the Divine Heart of All through the Archangelic Realm, streaming within unconditional love, clearing out what you are ready to let go of, any residual energies still stored, not fully processed emotions present. Releasing shame, blame and guilt, grief.

“I (say your name) choose Love in all its power to heal and release me from shame, guilt and grief that no longer serves me”.

“I (say your name) choose of my own free will to release, forgive and grow beyond old patterning held within that holds me back from receiving and living within my fullest joy, abundance and love in this life. I (say your name) choose for this to be sent through all time and space with loving grace, so be it”.

• Place your hands over your heart, right over left and say each wording you choose to aloud with intent, with power and command, feeling the power vibrating within each word as you set it and send it out across all time and space.

• As you finish speaking each one you choose take a nice deep breath into this and see, sense, feel, imagine this intention as light being blasted throughout every cell and fibre of your being. Exhale this slowly out and allow the energies to settle within.

There feels a deep purge playing out for us and yes it can feel all sorts of things but remember it is important to not allow to be aware of the mind if it engages in stories connected to emotional trigger of ‘not this again’, or ‘haven’t I dealt with that,’ ‘will I ever move forward and through this’. What is occurring is opportunity, invitation to assist you to shift more that enables you to move through to the next unfolding chapter, clearer and more open to receive and welcome in all you are ready for. The clearing and what may be arising within dreams again, old people, experiences coming through is about acknowledging where you have come from, what you have been holding still emotionally, probably a lot unconsciously held, you are letting the threads go that are ready. ALL serving your highest good and progression so you can continue to choose with greater ease to walk within freedom, Love.

Much love to all beautiful hearts xxx