Its all Okay Trust your Path

30th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Its okay to feel different, its okay to feel you don’t quite fit where you once did, allow yourself the space to settle in and adjust to your newer vibration and as this occurs you will come to gain the clarity you need as and when you are to receive it that guides your way forth. Allow the spaces that you feel different, unsettled or not yourself to be, you don’t have to overthink it, try to control it or assume something is wrong, all is well from one moment to the next. You have done so much work, some have travelled and are still travelling, we all are in our own ways and depths, a path that at times feels really sticky, sluggish and uncomfortable, you haven’t gone backwards there is no such thing, it’s all okay. Allow yourself the space and the grace to be human, to be compassionate, hold a neutral space as best you can so you aren’t comparing or holding yourself within judging or others and where they may be, what their life looks like. You Dear Heart are within your own unique journey and we do this together as One, as a whole as we navigate these times of deep change. As came through yesterday new beginnings, opening, possibilities and breakthroughs are coming. Rest within your heart as much as you can.

If you are finding you are questioning all in your life the path ahead, what once felt sure and solid now feels a little unsure and in doubt, again it’s okay, its actually perfect as we reassess what fits and what doesn’t with who we are now. This is your opportunity to again bring in and draw from that higher wisdom, hold within your heart the remembrance that you are capable, you are divinely guided, you are stronger than you will ever know and you are here to keep reclaiming your powerful light, love, the remembrance of the Soul that you are to rise above as best you can. Allow the fears and the minds questions to have their space but then come back to rest in the heart come back in to the heart and sit in connection with Source, your higher power to align you with the truth of who you are. Go deep and see where you may be holding yourself within limitation, where the mind and the ego, personality bring doubt not only to keep you where you are, what it assumes is safe and familiar and see the opportunity present to expand past this.

Close your eyes, take a moment to follow the breath in and out, breathe deeply, place your left hand over your heart and with your breath feel the love expanding filling your heart space, you may feel the tears rise not only releasing any emotion (energy in motion) within your heart space but tears as you feel the connection to the love that is always present, the love of Soul and the Divine Heart.

Much Love to all xxx

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