Soul Leading the Way

1st December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today’s message speaks of recognising where we are still being/feeling resistance to being fully open, this comes through particularly highlighting around our close relationships. Where we are actually afraid of being seen, being vulnerable, feeling exposed, even within a relationship that is loving, long term, this can be a very uncomfortable space to sit in. We all have little spaces where we are not comfortable to have the inside shown for all to see. It’s not talking about letting every little emotion out in its fullest to be witnessed by all but more about being authentic, being real, being able to be your expression. It’s not that in being real meaning that we are being ‘fake’ but about (as came through within the last week) the faces we put on to mask and protect ourselves or cover over our true feelings, needs, wants and desires. Where we actually shut ourselves off.

The hardest part of opening up is feeling vulnerable, transparent not feeling you can hide away, so when situations arise we can become defensive, angry, avoid, manipulative, all manner of ways that we deflect away from the self so as not to have to be seen for who we are and what is actually going on within us, the truth of how you may be feeling.A lot here is patterned behaviour, they are the coping mechanisms, reactions that are so ingrained and fast to come out that we can have acted and spoken before we have even had conscious awareness of it/ourselves, including shutting down. There are many reasons we do this and where they stem from, the root causes. Spirits message is not about the whys and reasons but again about being/becoming really aware of the personality, how we ‘react’ to another particularly within our close relationships with our partners, family, lovers, husbands/wives. Where do we shut off, shut down for there are little gems held here about the self to be discovered if you are willing to get really honest with yourself. All guiding us so we are able to keep opening into a fuller, freer expression of self.

Again this is not about changing you or saying anything is wrong it is about being more ‘aware’ of yourself, understanding yourself, getting real with yourself and you will find within this greater opening self-awareness things will start to click in, you start to ‘see’ yourself and form greater conscious understanding of how you work, and things inevitably shift within you and flow on around you.

We have all been on such a great inner journey this last half of the year, highlighting all that has been ready to be let go of. As we step into December today really focus on yourself, choose what serves you, what aligns with what you are wanting to be within or step towards, your goals and dreams. Be prepared to flow, each morning as you step out of bed affirm that today you will flow with ease and grace through all experience. So if that means shifting the goal posts or going around them or surrendering how you think it will be doesn’t mean letting go of what you desire but being open to Source delivering the form or the steps in ways you hadn’t anticipated. Let go of resistance as best you can to what is wanting to form and trust the path unfolding for you. Align your thoughts, choices, words with your heart and allow Soul to lead you. Hand/s over your heart and affirm that this December month you allow Soul to lead you for your highest good and highest most benevolent outcomes. Authentically expressing yourself through your heart, taking all you have learned this past half year, feeling into the powerful light within you and stepping forward with a new sense of determined purpose to be heart and Soul led.

Don’t forget how incredible you are, feel into your heart and bring this power, this love forward to radiate through your being.

Much Love xxx

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