Where is your Focus?

26th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are being show how to use our focus in better ways, awareness to our thoughts and the power they hold, the energy they are and thus what we also create from. Some situations you cannot change as they are out of your control, or not yours to try and control. The more you direct your focus to such things the more you draw up the emotions, whether worry, confusion and feelings of anxiety and stress to sit with you. Direct your focus to what makes you feel good, what feels calm, what lights you up, what feeds the heart. See where you allow the things that don’t help you to fill you up, whether gossip, news, old thoughts or patterns of behaviour. What are you feeding yourself or allowing yourself to digest?

New ways are forming so continue to keep stepping down the pathways that your heart and Soul have been guided you, some that are newly opening up so pay attention to all occurring. Keep making conscious choices in each moment, be really self-aware as you step ever closer to what you are ready to expand into. You are creating your life experiences in each moment so check in with yourself, your thoughts and what you agree or disagree to. You are creating your reality in each breath, be mindful of what you are choosing for yourself and what you are choosing to put out there.

Walk in your magic, your power and Light. We are close to entering December and from now the already felt fast pace will pick up. Notice where you feel out of balance in your busyness and bring yourself back to centre, reset back within the heart. Check in with your choices and self-care. Slow it down.

Much Love xxx

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