Tuesday 23/8 – Pull back in Trust to Refresh & Restore

23rd August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

This message for some first ~ If you feel things stirring within your life, feel in the midst of a bit of shadow rising the message is to go within, reconnect with your light, your heart. You may not feel like it, you may not feel you have the interest the capacity or want to, if you feel in a dim space what is important to remember is it will pass, it will change and you can help yourself whilst you travel it by going within and reconnecting to Divine Love, call forth Divine Light the Divine heart to fill you. Connect with your own light, locate and see, feel, sense the light within you, that is you, expanding from your heart space and filling you up, imagine, sense, feel you are being filled with a brilliant pink and white light and expand this through every part of your being. Pull back into trust (as best you can). It can be very easy to get lost within when things aren’t going well. And as much as you know deep within that this is what we are here to do, to feel, to experience, it can be hard. Please support yourself as best you can, be gentle, be kind, it will pass, come back in to your light and if that feels too hard, call on the light of all, call forth Source Light, Divine Light to full you up. There is reason for all we experience trust the process and go gently if this is you it will pass.

We may all feel a little introverted over the next few days or so, feel like not bouncing around at 100 miles an hour, remember these are deliberate pull backs, integration and times of space for reason. We need to honour how we are feeling and listen, act on our guidance, it doesn’t mean stopping completely unless you feel to but perhaps taking it down a notch, making a bit of space, not overdoing for others lest irritation arise as we aren’t supporting the self. We are always receiving guidance, information coming in for us through the body, the higher self, Soul. The quiet spaces are needed so we can restore, replenish, so then we are ready to actively move forward again, we can’t be all go, go, go, all the time. Some may find the past flitting in, memories are arising, you find yourself revisiting relationships, experiences in the dream space, in day dreams, flashes of thought. You are being shown choices you made what you have moved through, it is a reminder that you have choice in every moment in every experience to let go of the past and open to the new. Those doors are showing up again (as has been coming in the last few days). These doors have always been present for you your awareness just needs to rise to know that you are worthy or opening them and then they become visible to you, conscious connection is made. Let go, restore and open.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Unknown)