Perspective is everything in 2022

10th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The work you have done, the insights, changes and learnings you have embodied this year are all going to assist you greatly as we enter the 2022 year. We have to remember that things do not flick like a switch when the year ticks over to another, we still take within us what we are carrying into the next year. The energies that are being shown to be sweeping through next year are different yes and what we are being called to is greater mastery of that which we have learned, we get to take everything and put it into practice, to walk it within our lives. We have learned what serves us and that which does not, pretty much all has been highlighted for us this year, nothing has been able to hide. The importance of looking after the self and filling our own cup first, greater learnings around self-love will still be something to keep working within next year. We are working within everything that has separated us from ourselves, from love. Continuing to play the martyr, the people pleaser at the expense of the self cannot be sustained, the narcissists are being shown. Everything that has served to block our light, block our passage to greater love and the divine self has been brought forth. It has been another huge year and I cannot express how much love I hold for each and every one of you, how much you are supported and celebrated in the higher realms of light for the truly incredible beings you are for choosing to be here at this time.

This year has been the year of change and we will see change through the next 2022 year however spirits message is about holding your resolve to hold love. Your perspective will (I feel) feature greatly in 2022, greater self-mastery of all we have learned. Remember the power of your perspective and the power that love holds, this will truly help you move through anything that comes your way, and this is in no way saying things are going to be tough but if they feel tough at any point see the part your perspective is playing, is it playing into fear or love? We have been shifting and opening to greater awareness of the self, awareness of the personality (as if looking at ourselves outside of the self, detachment) and all its little ways. We have learned so much so as you step closer to and into 2022 keep choosing to be aware, seeing things from the highest perspective possible so no matter what is occurring around you, you are the one in control of you, in control of how much you allow or don’t allow to enter your personal sacred energy, to infiltrate your mind and that will dictate your experiences within everything. There is nothing to fear as we step into the new year unless you allow the perspective of fear to fill you of course.

“It is time Dear Ones to hold the flame (light) higher, time to rise with your wisdom gained, to walk in remembrance of the power of your Love”.

Flow within all.

Much Love xxx

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(Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay)