Keep the Heart Open

6th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Feeling a little ‘serious’ or a desire to pull back within, we are being given a loving push to assist us to get things done, perhaps those jobs and mundane things that we put off to another day, a lot, today may be the day to get to a few. It may also be a good way for you to bring in a feeling of a little stability, a little groundedness if you have been a little flighty or overly within the emotional body the last few days. A little tidy up, whether a drawer, a room, paperwork that you have been meaning to get to will help you to feel clearer and more organised for the way ahead. Use this energy while it flows but at the same time don’t feel you have to push yourself to achieve any great milestones here.

These divine expansive energies are flowing all around us through us, you may not feel that way within one day to the next but trust this is so and keep showing up. Which leads to the question, how are you showing up each day, how are you choosing to show up? How are you choosing to shine your radiant light or are you suppressing it? We are always going to have things that come up for us, it is in how we react to and how we make choice to respond, to BE within what arises which is the key to moving through with as little disruption or upset as possible. Keeping up with the practices that you know help you will go a long way to bringing you back into the heart and keeping you grounded within the body. We are learning how to be balanced and present whilst openly operating from an expanded heart space. How to ‘do’ everyday life by practicing all we have learned and making good choices as to what we allow to be within our space, how certain people, places, situations affect us and to make conscious choice to hold light, to hold love for ourselves. This serves all.

We are connecting in greater ways to our physical bodies for we are receiving through all our senses continually, so again notice the sensations, the feelings, the little subtle signs your body is communicating with you. What does it need? We are connecting deeper within the physical aspect of self.

How much can you love yourself? How much can you love and hold love through any experience? This is our learning. Where are you being shown through emotions and feelings rising that you are not giving to yourself, or that love is lacking? This energy supports us as we support ourselves, this is deeper reconnection to ourselves that holds keys to opening some magical doorways.

Much Love xxx

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