Be Within The Self

8th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Have you been noticing the changes within yourself, have you noticed that you talk to yourself differently, not so harshly or critically, are you softer with yourself? Has your communication changed with others, are you more able to allow others to be, so they can be different to you in action, word or thought and you feel less reactive, less judgemental? Do you feel greater compassion for others, a greater sense of interconnectedness despite the worlds occurrences that can feel heavy with separation? Have you noticed how you have changed in your engagement within your life, what you are more open to now, or more flowing with now and what have you closed a door on?  Do you find your communication is better and importantly feeling safe to do so in an open and honest way, whether in communication with yourself or others, more open to expressing your needs, your desires, your truths. Our hearts guiding us to greater awareness that you are in fact in the driver’s seat with your Soul.

This is the ongoing work we have been very much within this year and sometimes it is really helpful to stop and notice yourself, notice your changes, feel and reflect for a moment at how far you have come. Stop for a moment for a pat on the back and a ‘you are doing great’ for when do you take a second to give yourself credit and acknowledge your triumphs?

All has been guiding us to come back within and reconnect within ourselves for we have journeyed outside of the self for far too long. Been seeking that which we felt would complete us or fill us up, that which we thought we lacked, whether it was love, power, acceptance, insight, it is all within. The love that we felt we wanted or that we felt would complete us was not outside of us within another, it is firstly self-love we seek. The power or acknowledgment we seek, to feel valued or worthy, it is firstly our own sense of self-worth (self-love) we seek. Seeking outside the self for knowledge, insight or wisdom, it is self-trust we seek in our ability to make the right choices, decisions, self-doubt that we already hold the wisdom within. All has been guiding us back to the self, to work on ourselves, our self-love, to fill ourselves up from the inside out.

You hold incredible pure potential, believe in yourself and keep opening to you, keep doing what serves you as the beautiful perfect Soul you are. Serve you on a heart level, a physical level, serve the bodies in love, serve you in love.  Build your connection with self and all will come from that, all will open.

Much Love xxx

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