A shift has Occurred

20th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There has been a massive shift occur some may have felt it in their physical being, some in their knowing, deep within but not knowing exactly what they are feeling or connecting with, some not at all. Regardless know that it has occurred. Yesterday there was an awareness that all was happening at once all was now, there was so much going on, without on the outside anything seeming to occur or shift at all. Past timelines were present, the now present, the future timelines visible but not visible or able to be grasped on any level, all the work and healing done, it was a lot as if on fast forward at light speed, but yet again not. It may for some have had you feeling a little bit strange a little spacey, a little unsure of where your feet were, so much may have changed within you yet not at all. This may not be making much sense to some of you but then human words I find hard to grasp to fully express what is being felt. Huge energetic shift. Many are entering into a completely new space. It feels one that calls us to step up and acknowledge our light, our enormity but things haven’t settled and so this may feel a little discombobulating. We are being called within deeper layers of accountability. Give it time as you adjust. Keep reminding your human self that nothing is wrong in fact everything is so very right.

There may be little sticky bits that we still cling to that may come forth to show us where we are not fully honouring ourselves. Little waves of awareness washing over us to point us in the right direction. Breathe deep and step back if you feel you need to, where possible go gently, flow is important right now to allow things to settle within.I though to ask for a card after typing this and we have the Squirrel come forth for us. As he prepares for the winter and gets his nuts stored, he is in preparation I feel this is what we are also being asked to do but it comes through as “time to get your act together” lol, a time of getting things sorted, cleaning up, preparing all to welcome in the new and as the squirrel reiterates the changes that are present and coming.

Much Love xxx

Add on – If this space has you feeling like you have lost your sense of direction or can’t seem to get to doing things, things feel scrambled, don’t worry this will settle down, we have shifted energetically and allowing time for things to settle is best done by (trying) not to allow the mind to flick to ‘somethings wrong’, remind yourself of the powerful process you are within as you adjust to a new vibration.

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