Trust your Intuition

6th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

If you feel a niggle of doubt, a hesitation or a moment of indecision rise from within your gut, solar plexus, feel a niggle in your throat or your heart space just take a moment to pause before acting, speaking, or agreeing to something as the choice or decision, action you may be about to take may not be aligned with you best way forward and the body is sending you signals that this is so. Take a moment to feel into it so you are making conscious choices that align in all ways. Your intuitive nudges and empathy are really firing at the moment so trust in what you are receiving as you are given further opportunity to practice listening and allowing the guidance within you, and that you are receiving directly through Soul and Source to guide you forward. Try not to doubt yourself or second guess what you are receiving even if it seems to challenge the human mind a little, the ego/the personality, this feels very much connected to old patterns of behaviour, old ways of responding within relationships and friendships. Check in with your heart and see if you are in fact reverting to the ‘old you’, whether the saviour, people pleaser, fixer and choose differently, choose your actions and words so that they serve and honour you and your newly created or strengthened boundaries and all involved in love, connected to your higher wisdom. Any memories that arise at this time connected to your past are coming up to be cleared, allow them to be, they are not to sink into again, just witness and let them flow away as you are shown all you have moved through and processed. They speak of changes taking place on a cellular level for many, physically and energetically in nature. Energetically the healing moving through you is helping to release old cellular memories, as each individual cell has memory. Huge changes occurring within the physical as for many a renewal is occurring after deep purging.

You have expanded and, shifted in huge ways since the beginning of the year, keep choosing to listen to and trust yourself, keep expanding yourself little by little outside of your comfort zones and explore new things., new ways of being that allow you to explore and experience, connect to your creative nature, express your uniqueness..

Much Love xxx

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