Continue to BE

23rd June 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Continue to BE with awareness within your day, check in with yourself where your focus is, your repeated thoughts, Spirit wants us to really understand, know deeply the power of our ability to create with all, for all is energy, all thought has charge that emanates from us and has power to create. It is invisible yes the power of thought, not given a second thought as you go about your day, check in and do not ignore the powerful force that it is to weave and create in your life, the power you hold.

The power of your choice. The power you hold within your words expressed, the power you hold within your thoughts that you are weaving and creating from, remember. You are not just ‘human’ you are a Divine Human here to reconnect and know your divinity within, that you are of, it is your Souls mission for you to remember your absolute worthiness, your absolute love, your absolute uniqueness. Continue to not (try) allow the stories of old belief, the mind, the ego to dissolve or erode your belief in self, your ability, your courageousness, strength and determination to keep expanding, unfolding, opening to more of you. To explore all possibilities, to give things a go, to say yes rather than allow fear and past memory to dissuade or distract you. Shine Bright dear heart for you are so worthy and more able than you give yourself credit for or allow yourself to believe. Be your own champion.

Continue to allow space for reflection, allow space to flow, allow yourself space to just be however that feels or looks like, all is well. Allow the endings and that which is being finalised within you to be, allow without judgement without critic.

What do you need to attend to or get done, clean up before June ends? Completing odd jobs and clearing or tidying things up, putting away get to the tasks you want to finish with will help the sense of completion and moving on that comes as you step into July next week. Do it mindfully, do it with ease and grace, with flow.
Be soft, Be Light, Be Love. Fill your Heart.

Much Love xxx

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