Grief, Loss and Sadness

20th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There very much feels a sadness, a loss of some form around today, its roots feel within a massive collective and karmic purging. So if you feel grief, a sadness that you can’t explain, just feel a little off centre emotionally just allow it. This feels very deep and very old, ancient and so may be moving through multiple lifetimes and lineages. As always try not to sink into it or try and avoid it, just know that it is always, always, perfect for you nothing is wrong here unless you choose to perceive it that way. Rise above and connect with the love present within, breathe and come back to the heart. Big things are shifting and being cleared the details of which I do not know, mainly because I don’t have the time to feel into them or sit with this to gather any further information that maybe accessible.

As always there is so much going on that we are not aware of and don’t understand, know that all is working for your highest good and letting go of that which you have carried, the loss of self comes in, the disconnection and separation from love, the impact of many experiences and lifetimes. In some form it may also be grief for the ‘old’ you as you are feeling a little lost settling in and stepping into this newer version of yourself, the personality wants to judge it as something is wrong when you are actually connecting to higher aspects of you, the higher self, but this can feel foreign for a while, you aren’t sure how you feel and this can feel as if you are a bit lost (loss). Allow all to be. lovingly welcome, allow the waves, the emotions to roll in and roll out. As this passes through keep reminding yourself of the beauty, your worthiness and that all is moving you into higher vibrations of light. You are always moving forward sometimes it is uncomfortable but it doesn’t mean there isn’t magic within it all, for there is. All is a gift and you are doing so incredible well within it all, this continues to be a powerful time.

Much Love xxx

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