Equinox Energies are High

20th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Being aware of the shifts and changes that want to occur and where this is being brought up within your life calling to come into greater alignment. Whatever is arising for you that doesn’t feel comfortable whether within your relationships, your work, yourself is being highlighted for reason and this will only be further illuminated to you within the incoming Equinox energies. Remember what comes up is to assist you, to illuminate and guide you to what wants to be brough within greater harmony for your highest good. Trust more and fear-lessis the message so you can take steps to make those long overdue changes, express those long overdue conversations you have held within, but be mindful of how you allow them to be projected, remember coming from love will always be received better than from fear or anger. Allow your heart to speak and know that no matter how it is received it was what was needed for you, and let it be so. This also means paying attention to what the inner self is saying to you, listen don’t ignore.

Remember what falls down or away what is ready to change will inevitably be so, the resistance and fight to cling to the old in any way at this time will create discord within. We also see this playing out in our lager collective, world scale, stay out of fear and stories that can be created around what you hear and remain in your heart, keep your heart open for this is a powerful time of opportunity to step through and beyond the past. Notice where you still limit yourself, control, avoid, resist, the first step is awareness and it is no small step so be kind to yourself within those revelations and insights that may seem a surprise as they have been right in front of you all along, those awakenings to truth, remember you don’t know until you know and when you know then you can choose to make change. When we are opened up to what we may have been blinded to, what we have been continuing to repeat (beliefs, patterns, habits, perspective) to allow in our lives then it takes commitment and continual awareness of self to choose again and again better, as this is opportunity to step past where we currently are and into a newer way or being.

For Some – If you have been waiting for that perfect opportunity or to feel you are within the perfect version of you to start something, to branch out to be seen, to shine is this just avoidance and old fears arising? Be fear less and take a step, begin. Use these current energies to help you push past those self-worth and good-enough fears and doubts and step through the door that is in front of you, open it wider.

The Light we are receiving as we come into Equinox time is high, connect with it and the support it brings but know within it is the power of transformation and the illumination of what is ripe for transformation. Open your heart to receive and know that all really does come to expand you, not to annoy or disrupt you, if it feels this way it’s what is necessary to make change in your life for the better, it comes to get your attention. Can you see it as the gift it is to propel you to make changes that serve you and your pathway forwards rather than a disruptor or destructor? Let what wants to untangle do so from your life. Try to keep out of the lower thoughts and energies, choose to love yourself more than anything that comes so you are able to move through it still but not sink too deeply within it. Love is the buoy, the power and the truth that will see you through all with greater ease and grace.

This is also a wonderful time for creating and focusing on what you want to bring into form. The Solar Plexus are being highlighted, there is a lot of energy present here so depending on your journey and where you are at (all is perfect for you) you may feel your digestive, gut/stomach, your power centre activated, sensations may be more present if this energy is not able to be directed and channelled through. Notice where you don’t feel in your power. The physical body continues to work to receive and integrate these high frequencies, go gently and give yourself and your body what you need to process.

With Much Love xxx

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