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2nd November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we step into this second day of November and head ever closer toward the end of the year we are being lovingly guided to keep ‘exploring’ our inner world, keep exploring ourselves. Keep a sense of openness and wonder, curiosity as you uncover more of what you have been holding within, which includes both the shadow and the light. There is intense beauty even in the dark for all is a gift, spirit sees this and this is one of the things we are being guided to trust in. Keeping ourselves in flow with what is coming up from within our incredible being and being ‘responsible’ they bring in self-responsibility, accountability for how we are conducting ourselves within every aspect of our lives. The days of blame, shame and projecting onto others what is actually ours serves no one it will only create internal chaos and dis-ease. Someone may have acted in a way that isn’t right but in blaming them we hand our power over to that which we blame, what we are guided to do here is to take the steps that serve us, whether removing yourself from the person the situation, or bringing in forgiveness for you them or both. Serve the self in love and healing.

We are lovingly guided to ‘get real’ with ourselves and be honest, yes it may mean opening to parts of the self that aren’t pretty that don’t feel too great to sit within, this is however how you rise as we continue to be within the energies of newness and change, magic that swirl within this moment and the presence of what we haven’t looked at or made move to change so it better serves us. We are guided to look at where we are continuing to hold ourselves back from moving forward, where we are still holding on to limiting beliefs, control, behaviours and patterns, routines, many of which we have been receiving the guidance they no longer serve us for a while now. If you haven’t been paying attention then you likely will be feeling the resistance playing out whether within the body, the mind, your experiences, all is guiding you to better. Know also it is perfectly okay to do nothing, there is absolutely no ‘wrong’ for all is your choice and free will to do as you please, no judgement, making change can only happen successfully when it comes from within you.

There has been a very present story of ‘support’ or feeling a lack of and this feels for many to be deeply rooted in childhood, coming in the last few weeks. This came through the other day around abandonment and the wounding’s from childhood we still carry. Keep bringing in love for yourself, hold yourself in love, compassion and be gentle, let the tears fall, let the body release from the cells, from the heart, from the mind. These are old stories but they can cut very deeply to your core, it is a process of healing and coming back to know that you are and always have been whole even when you have felt shattered and displaced. Be patient, just because you have things come up this in no way means you are not expanding, that you aren’t shifting or you aren’t progressing, in fact this means you most definitely are. Being open and receptive to all the parts of you that come forth takes courage so please know how incredible you are, be kind to you, this is huge and powerful work.

This month is still about continuing to release so you are in each moment opening to more of you. This month is about continuing to step forth, holding yourself, knowing you are held by love as you keep courageously walking your path. You are so loved and supported as you progress through each day of this month and all it brings. One day may feel bright the next different again, ALL is perfect, life is ebb and flow, ride it however it looks and feels knowing that all is perfect.

If you come into moments or days of feeling like the ground is wobbly beneath you or that the mind can’t settle, you feel a little lost, this is again all okay. This isn’t for you to sink into and get further lost in, it is for you to bring all that you have learned and mastered into practice, bring in and draw on that higher wisdom gained to allow yourself to be within all with greater peace, to keep stepping forth instead of getting stuck down the rabbit hole. This is about they say us walking within any experience within love and trust, walking with the soul, and our souls knowing that all is well within all experience. Keep continuing to make choices that serve you and your highest path.

Much Love xxx

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