Allow the Tides

29th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Allow the ebb and flow, allow the rise and (perceived) fall of your energy, your experiences within your life as they present to be seen from the heart, from the higher knowing you have brought greater connection within your life to show you, to allow the wisdom, the love, the learning to be within each experience, each interaction, each communication.

It is perfectly okay and does not mean you have gone off track or gone backwards if you find yourself within experiences and emotions that don’t feel so good. You may ‘allow’ them to make you feel unsettled, scattered or lost but you are far from it Dear Heart. ALL is for reason and divine purpose that unfolds for you. The moments where you feel in that delicious flow, connected and energised high space and the times when you feel all at sea, trust the process as you move with and within it and through.

When things feel stuck or stagnant do your best to flow with it, try not to judge yourself and your experience as wrong, allow it to be for you all you are to experience through it, all you are to learn, let go of, embody and grow from. There is beauty within all it is just hard to see and feel sometimes as the human aspects are submerged within it and cannot see past this now experience, it does not mean that there is no beauty within it. All is perception.

There is particular clearing of old patterns that you have held fast to with respect to people pleasing, doing for others, where you have gone over and beyond what has been healthy for you and the relationship/s. This can be a very emotional learning as you may find that you are presented with things through others that test you on your boundaries, your courage and strength to stand up and be heard through the voice and heart of love as you learn to further honour yourself, your needs and all. All serves to bring you back to love, self-love for from here all stems. Your greater embodied self-awareness may be tested as you learn when to engage, when and where to redefine, when to say no, when to walk away. Big learnings that may bring rise to big wavey emotions, see through to the bigger picture and what is occurring as all is serving you and your greater freedom from within, allowing your true self to shine.

That fire within you, the power that you are is being ignited to step up even more and take responsibility, walk the walk, talk the talk in your life, to be all you can be. Baby steps dear heart if you are travelling through the ‘gifts’, that which needs to be for your evolution. You are rising, expanding and shining no matter what you humanly feel is going on. You are on the path to reclaim your magic, and nothing is more powerful that that, the magic is seeing, knowing that you are Divine Love, that you are a part of the whole, of All.

Much Love, Happy Monday to all as we step into June this week. Lee xx

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