Heart Expansion & Heart-Mind

7th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Sometimes when emotions feel a little challenging or we feel a little ‘soft and tender’ we can feel as if we are ‘off’ the path or going backwards, and whilst it can feel a little overwhelming at times for some, none of this is true, you are actually powering forwards. It is particularly within these spaces that we want to remind ourselves to keep holding a space of love, of compassion and allow ourselves the space to feel without attaching any of our ‘stories’ to it. All is energy you are feeling, no wrong. What is occurring for many as you have been moving through things rather rapidly over the last few months, as you have kept your heart open you have been experiencing further heart expansion, a greater opening of the heart space, a greater connection to love and all its feels. Such beautiful, beautiful expansion has been taking place within the heart as you choose to connect consciously with love in your day, as you bring love to be present more and more within all you experience. This is powerful.

You may be looking back and finding yourself in a reflective space as the past comes in and out, the thoughts and memories of experiences you have travelled wash through. Keep your focus steadily in the now, within the present, remember the tools that help you stay balanced. As all unfolds you may feel you want to speed up the process but it cannot be rushed, patience and connect with that which makes you feel good, keep gently stepping the path of least resistance and love. You are moving at a rapid pace it just doesn’t feel it or seem it on the outer but so much is shifting within you.

Keep creating your way forward with mindfulness and awareness within each choice and decision, is it from fear or love? Keep choosing love as your way forward. Keep bringing your awareness back to your heart within your day, take that moment to pause and place your hands on your heart and go within, take a moment or two to just breathe from your heart space and connect back to love. See the mind being brought down to connect with the heart, holding a space of compassion and understanding of its dedicated service to us for it can be given a hard time for running off, and be labelled as unhelpful at times, but really it only looks to serve us in the way it knows how. So bring a little love to your mind a little reset into love by imagining, sensing, feeling your mind, your brain, your logic centre being held within the heart. Unite the two so they can work together.

If you are finding it hard to find an answer go within, there is information and guidance awaiting you when you are still and in a space to receive. This may take time to come, not just a one time/day thing (again patience) if you are not used to the practice of being still. You don’t have to do it for more than a few minutes, just practice every day to stop or to do an activity, walking in nature and even vacuuming I find is a space (yes ha-ha) that I have things pop in as my mind drifts and floats, find what works for you. Not all are able to meditate and this is okay. Just a space that the head gets lost on something other than thoughts, a drifty floaty space. You may be surprised at the insight that comes to you if you allow yourself to be open.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of flickr.com)